Sunday, July 29, 2012

Review: Etude House It's Real Mask Sheet Broccoli

Good morning Sunday!!!

How did your week go?  Mine was demanding for eternity hehehe.  I am nonetheless thankful though, I still got a job to persevere with (paydays are always highly anticipated which means self-treat hahaha).  Along an uberly occupied week comes pressure and stress which means dull unhappy skin, so weekend is at all times family moment and self-pampering instance.
In which, I am delighted to present another new skincare line from Etude House, their It's Real collection.  

It's Real is a line up of wash-off packs, mask sheets and dry gauze sheets explicitly formulated with home made and most genuine ingredients for an exceedingly nourished and softened skin.
I am ecstatic to try one of the new skincare line, the mask sheet in Broccoli which was part of the kit I received last month.  Thanks Etude!!!

Product Description
Etude House It's Real Mask Sheets are all in natural ingredient that is also void of paraben, mineral oils, tar coloring and talc.  Each variant is distinctly and specifically formulated in all-natural and home made ingredients.

The sheet mask has four (4) choices, designed for each skin's essentials.
  • Sweet Pumpkin - for Elasticity Care
  • Carrot - for Brightening Care
  • Broccoli - for Antioxidant Care
  • Chestnut Shell - for Exfoliating Care
Price:  PhP128.00 per sheet
Volume: 22ml (0.74  fl. oz.) 
Availability:  all Etude House Branches

As I have cited a while ago, I got the variant with real Broccoli for Antioxidant Care.
Broccoli is well-known to have a plentiful beauty benefits.  It contains a lot of nutrients that is incredibly decent in fighting skin fatigue and aids in slowing down the aging process.  It is definitely an overwhelming treat for the skin frequently exposed to harmful radicals like, pollution, stress, UV rays and unhealthy lifestyle that causes it to become flat, lifeless, rough, dry and breaking out.
The back part of the foil shows a brief description, list of ingredients and instructions both in Korean and English.

How to use:
  1. cleanse and tone the skin
  2. open foil pack and carefully peel off the sheet mask from the protective film
  3. put mask unto face for 15 to 20 minutes
  4. pat and massage face after removing the mask and let left essences absorbed by the skin
The sheet mask is abundantly soaking in real Broccoli extract, love love love!!!  I find it rich and a bit slimy at the same time.  It actually feels gooey as soon as it hits my face but  I like my mask this way.  As I age, my skin thirst for a lot of pampering (combi of super oily and dry patches) and superb infused mask is much much appreciated.
By the way, the mask is carefully packed with a plastic lining to keep it well drenched.  It looks and feels gelatin-y as I unfold it.  I was a bit confused on which side should go unto my face hehehe.  I decided to go for the protected layer since it was the side soaking more with essences. =)
Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
My skin has been literally in  bad shape lately caused by  another skincare brand plus PMS.  The zits and the marks are quite depressing aside from the oiliness and patches of dryness.  It's a hell of reddish and raw bumps, some are healing and drying, dark marks are agitating, some parts are flaking...My goodness!!!  At least, make ups are created to keep these secrets lol but then again I am thankful for instant soothing effects I get from face masks.  For those who had been reading my posts, I have posted a few mask reviews.  I am a fan of this skincare treat that is why.  I call it an instant savior coz for only 20 minutes I get an instant doze of nourishment and relaxation.  

I love this mask because...
  • it instantly soothed my overly irritated skin
  • it eased the red and swelling bumps
  • it moisturized my under-eye area
  • it moisturized the cracking surface that surrounds the healing pimps
  • it brightened the skin in an instant
  • i feel relaxed and refreshed
  • it is super rich and soaked in abundant extract
  • it has real broccoli
  • it is free from harmful contents like paraben, mineral oils, tar coloring and talc
  • smells really good, very refreshing =)
  • it is available and sold locally
I honestly don't have any complaints on this mask and I highly recommend it.
I will definitely repurchase and try the other variants as well.

That's it for Sunday!!!  

For updates and product information, visit Etude House Philippines Official Website and like Etude House Philippines official Facebook Fan Page.


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