Sunday, July 15, 2012

Review: Etude House Drawing Show Creamy Liner (BK802)

Good evening ladies!!!

I had been sweetly lost in thought for the Kdrama, Love Rain lately (talking about being carried away by the  heartrending hustles and bustles).  So true, I cried till 4:30 in the morning and I have to get up in the early hours to gear up for another day in the office. Hence, you can just imagine how swell-y my eyes were (can't even open them). Good thing,  Etude House Philippines gave me this Drawing Show Cream Liner (June Press Kit)  to perk up my puffy almost closed eyes. Thanks Etude!!!
Product Description
Etude House Drawing Show Cream Liner is a further brilliant creation to bring feelings and vivacity to the eyes.  It is a creamy formula to give a clear-cut line, similar to the precision of a liquid liner but with a smooth finish.
  • BK801 - Black Quick One Shot (Quick Dry)
  • BK802 - Black Double-Shot
  • BK803 - Gray Double-Shot
  • BR401 - Brown Double-Shot
Net Weight - All three variants namely BK802, BK803 and BR401 come in 4grams except for BK801 which comes in 3.5grams.
I got mine in BK802, Black Double-Shot.

Price - PhP498.00
Availability - all Etude House branches
Exquisitely enveloped in a graceful pink packaging which makes it very delightful  and princess-y.  I find pink very very adorable and lass-y and it never failed to make my heart flutter, certainly a huge factor why Etude House is a phenomenon to all ladies. =)
The cream liner is carefully tucked in a sturdy cute tub that is very very handy.  I personally fancy anything that I can neatly slip into my make up purse.
The cream is in jet-black...very intense for a dramatically awake and big eyes. =)  
Black eyeliners are the staples to attain effortlessly huge animated eyes.
The texture is creamy that smoothly glides unto the eyelids giving a soft smudge-free finish that lasts long all through the day. It is resilient to oil and touch... no worries of gettin' those unattractive dark tinges all over the lower eyelids.
It has a free fine tipped brush for an accurate and easy-control application to attain a clean and clear line.  This one is so ideal for anyone who had just started putting on eyeliners. 
I have a shaky hand but I find it easy to apply with the free brush and the nicely textured cream.
The cover of the brush can be used to extend the handle for a more comfortable application.
Swatches:  I have below how vivid this cream liner is. It looks like something hot when beaching in Boracay... Henna tattoo hehehe.  The upper pic shows the freshly painted pitch black cream while the lower pic shows a rubbed swatch.  I actually rubbed it around 3 seconds after application.  It had not dried out completely but I was pretty impressed by how minimal (almost none) the smudges are.  
Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
My eyes had been pretty strained from my Kdrama marathon but this cream liner positively made them spirited and looking awake.  As for the puffiness, please excuse them, even eye concealers failed to do their duty from all the crying I did hehehe.
Zap!!! And the eyelashes are gone =)
Eye cream badly neaded =)
To wrap up... I simply adore this because - 
  • it instantly gives life to dreadful tired-looking  and sleepless eyes
  • it makes the eyes look big and awake
  • it makes the eyes more vibrant even without falsies or mascaras
  • minimal smudging
  • smooth texture for easy application
  • easy to correct
  • intense black
  • defined and clear cut line - even for a beginner like me
  • handy packaging
  • fine tipped brush for precised application
I guess that's all for tonight... sleep well!!!

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  1. the creamy liner seems so good :)
    feel like buying it soon lol
    it looks good on you!