Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Review: Etude House Drawing Show Creamy Pencil in Wild Khaki

Hi ladies!!!

Just a nippy late-night post before I doze off... I got this Etude House Drawing Show in Wild Khaki (GR701) from the June press kit which I was so fortunate enough to have.

Product Description
These cream pencil type eye liners are from the Etude House Drawing Show collection which aims to give a precise artistic line and finish.
from left to right: GR701, BE101, BK801, BK802
from left to right: BK803, BR401,PK101, RD301
  • GR701 - Wild Khaki
  • BE101 - Moonlight Vanilla
  • BK801 - Starry Night Black
  • BK802 - Monster Black
  • BK803 - Battle Grey
  • BR401 - Chocolat Chaud
  • Pk101 - Starlight Pink
  • RD301 - Vin Chaud
  1. Sliding Cream Type -  glides smoothly to eyelids which gives a vibrant color and defined line.
  2. Fast Dry Waterproof  -  dries quickly (15-20 seconds) upon application and it is resistant to water, oil and "sweat" =).
  3. Rolling-fit Method  - Pressurized powder for an intense / dense texture
  4. Multi-shadow Liner - Provides adjustable line (depending on the density of your application) and sultry and smoky eye shadow (blend it before it dries).
Price Php348.00
Net Weight 2 grams
Availability all Etude House branches.
This thing is very very handy and it is designed in a plastic material (kinda soft) which makes sharpening easier. I personally don't favor the sharpening part since smudges or  residues on the sharpener usually spoil the stuff inside the make up kit (although cleaning it after will address this concern). 
I got the Wild Khaki (GR701) choice and I find it almost pitch black. The intense vividness of the shade makes the eyes more animated and dramatic. =)
Instead of swatching it, I tried to inscribe "Etude" on my arm and the cream pencil glided smoothly on it (no need of re-tracing the letters to get the outcome desired). Yes, single and light stroke =).  You can add pressure or density to make it darker though.

The other picture (just below with the Etude still) was captured after I tried to rub it with my hand (after it had dried of course) and it won't just come off.  I was pretty impressed by how it stayed on my arm without smudging... Very ideal for a long long day indeed. =)
Frozen Blossom's thoughts:
I adore this because...
  • it doesn't smudge
  • its color is so intense and vivid
  • it lasts long 
  • it is so creamy 
  • it glides well 
  • it is resistant to sweat, oil and water
  • it is very affordable
  • it is very handy
  • it doesn't worry me gettin' the "panda eyes"
  • brings life to my dull and swollen eyese
  • it's Etude House
I dislike this because... (I wonder how these things <negative> happened after a month of my first usage.
  • the lead honestly dries out pretty quick after you first opened it (after a month)
  • when the lead dries out, it won't glide on the eyelids as smoothly as the first time it was opened =(
left pic (taken after office hours) shows how my eye shadow caked on the crease of my eye but the pencil liner stayed there the way I had  applied it in the morning...

So that's it for tonight (yawn).... Goodnight!!!


  1. Wow! Is it the one on your upper lids sis? It looks black and looks good on you! Pretty!

    Btw, what pencil liner did you use for your lower lash line, the gray one? I want! It looks pretty on your eyes too! :) You also applied it on the upper lids?

  2. This looks pretty! I'll check it out when I go to one of their branches! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Looks great! Thanks for the review... I'll be sure to try this! =)

  4. I've seen this in the boutiques already~ I want to try them out! Hoping they're really that awesome!

  5. Wow the color is pretty intense! ^^, I love how it makes your eyes pop. ^^, Very nice! I'll be trying this ^^,

  6. Thanks sis...
    For the lower lash sis... I used the Lioele Stick eyeshadow #6 white =)

  7. Thanks sis...=) you will love it too =)

  8. Thanks sweetie... it's worth d' penny =)

  9. Hi Mika... i hope you will love them... =)

  10. Hi Lora dear... yep color is pretty intense =) you will love it =)

  11. it's indeed pigmented!! would love to try this :)

  12. Nice! It looks good on your eyes! :) Where did you buy it? :D

  13. I really love this eye pencil! But, i don't know how to sharpening it since it blunt already. Do you know how to sharpening it?

  14. Hi Regina, just twist the bottom cap...ty

  15. hi sis. I tried using the cream eyeliner pero nag smudge sya when I blinked. I applied BB cream and primer then eyeshadow tapos last and eyeliner. Do you think may Mali sa way mag apply ko ng eye make up kaya nag smudge sya?

  16. Hi Katie, thanks for your feedback. I wonder how it happened because this pencil liner has a really dry formula...basing on my experience it wont smudge unless you rub it (black tinges fall off including mascara).

  17. Do you think applying BB cream on the eyelids affects the density of the liner? Can't redo makeup now kasi I don't have makeup tissue here in the office : ( I just smudged it all the way para maging eyeshadow ang liner.

  18. I don't think so coz I personally cannot leave the house without any bb cream on my face before I put any make up like eyeliners etc. Awww it's quite hard to fix it or remove it coz it's waterproof. You'll be needing cleansing oil or make up remover tissue. =(