Friday, July 20, 2012

Review: Etude House (Belle Dress / Dress Room) Lovely Look

Hello ladies!!!

How's your day? I bet you wished you're safe home, enjoying the warm and comfy bed with your oppa right?  It has been raining relentlessly and all I wanted is a bit of heartening to get through the day.  Thankfully,  I brought my Etude House Belle Dress Lovely Look shower Cologne.  I believe that scents make a difference on one's stance. 
This cologne was a part of the Etude House Pink Fair press kit which I was lucky enough to receive.  In fact,  I had been a fan of their fragrances and had posted my musings on the other scent, Etude House Dress Room Sweet Look Shower Cologne way back then.  So let's get it on

Dress Room is a complete body care layering line that includes body wash, body lotion and shower cologne.  It has two scents, the Sweet Look collection which is more on the fruity side while Lovely Look collection is more on the floral facet.
pic from Etude House press kit
Product Overview
Etude House Belle Dress Lovely Look Shower Cologne is a refreshing floral perfume that is composed of three notes that makes it lasting and appealing.  
(Contents from Etude House kit)
  • Top Note (first scents that influence the senses) - Citrus Fruity: Orange, Peach and Mandarin)
  • Middle Note (spirit of the fragrance, the foremost scents) - Delicate Jasmine Rose and Geranium Green-note
  • Base Note (makes the scent lasting) - Warm Amber and Musk
I suppose that Belle Dress is the old fragrance line that offered 5 variants though.  (Please correct me on this matter ladies.)  The Belle Dress Lovely Look's scent was retained and now a part of the Dress Room Lovely Look collection.
Available Variants:
  1. Sweet Look
  2. Lovely Look
Content: 100 ml
Price: PhP378.00
Availability:  all Etude House branches

Packaging reminds me of a pretty frilly delicate prom dress .  It is exquisitely designed in purpl-y or lavender-ish young, so Etude.  Prolly' it could have been better if it was made of same-shape-glass container right? (But I guess, if that was the case then the price would be fairly higher though.)

Frozen Blossoms' thoughs:
I just love the combination of simplicity, girlish twist, and a hint of sophistication on this scent.  With its lasting and very appealing effect, it can definitely compete with more expensive western brands.  

Without doubt, this fragrance is a good buy!!!

That's it for tonight.... mwah

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