Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Review: Benefit Stay Don't Stray

Good evening ladies,

I will be dropping another speedy post tonight.  I am trying my best to doze off timely these previous days mainly because I am getting sick more often, my eyes are swollen and "baggy" for eternity; as well as my under-eye circles are depressingly lifeless and almost black.  Thanks heavens my friend from Benefit overseas sent me this Stay Don't Stray eye primer along with other Benefit stuff which I posted here.  Without further blabbings...here is my review. 
Product Description
Benefit Stay Don't Stray is a 360 stay put eye primer to keep concealers and
eye shadows stay fresh and endure a long day.

Key Ingredients (from Benefit Official Website)
Sodium Hyaluronate - hydrates and fills in fine lines around the eye area
Vitamin C and E - helps fight signs of aging
Net Weight: 10ml / 0.33 US fl.oz.
Price: USD26.00 (got it from the Benefit website)
very handy tube
pocket size =)
I find the packaging straightforward  and very Benefit-ish... high end. =)
back part where you can see the instructions and contents 
It has a pump which makes it outstandingly hygienic. I like it that I don't have to dip my bare fingers to gather the primer every time I need to apply it, anyway this goes around the eye area so extra sanitation is really appreciated. We want something germ-free right? =)  The picture below shows the pump after dispensing.  I suggest to wipe it off with a tissue (wet or regular) every after use.
The only thing I would prolly' dislike is that I am surprised by how much the nozzle dispenses the cream.  I mean it gives a small speck of the product (pea-sized) but that is still too much for both eye areas. 
The primer is overwhelmingly thick, creamy and matte. So, I have to work fast in blending it all over my eye area. As instructed, just dot tiny amount and let it set before applying your eye make up.
It comes in nude shade which makes it a great base.  Again, don't put too much to attain the translucent finish we want to achieve, plus too much will make it look thick.
if applied more than what is needed
just apply a thin layer and blend it thoroughly
The primer will not only keep the eye shadow fresh and stay put but it will make it more vibrant all through the day.  Below shows a swatch of same eye shadow applied on different areas.  The left swatch is applied without the eye primer while the right swatch is applied with the Stay Don't Stray primer.  See how the color pops out...true bronzy. =)

Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
I am not an eye make up junkie that much but as I have said on my past posts, it is a class I am trying to delve into.  I am more into concealing my dark under-eye circles and i find this primer really helpful to keep it last long (not the signature <eye> "bags" though lol, nothing seems to work for them).

I like it because...
  • it keeps the eye shadow color vivid
  • it is good to work with cream-type eye shadows - prevents them from creasing
  • it is a good base for my under-eye brightener and concealer
  • it comes in a pocket-sized container
  • I cannot control the pump - I end up dispensing too much everyday.  
  • It is very expensive in my country, it is benefit though.
So I guess that's all for tonight... mwahhh!!!


  1. I've been wanting to try a new primer for ages so thanks for this review!
    I'm a new follower, found you through randomly surfing the internet!

  2. Thanks for droppin by Kay...indeed Benefit has great prods =)