Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Review: Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow SPF25 PA+++ (Champagne)

Good morning Tuesday!!!

My raging hormones appear to be unruly lately and these break outs are very appalling.  I know I should take a break from liquid foundies, but who would want to parade an unsightly skin right?  This post will be very timely for this dilemma ladies. (BTW...pictures that were taken at my cubicle were snapped at break time<s> and all my posts were composed at home...short disclosure).
Product Description
Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow is an oil-free hydrating liquid foundation formulated 
for a luminous healthy build-able coverage. 
Key Features
  • SPF25 PA+++ - it provides the highest PA grade rating (three-star PA rating)  for an optimum protection against the harmful UV rays
  • Oil-free formula - it is free from the pore-clogging content that can aggravate present acne
  • Hydrating Complex - it is specially created to keep the skin moist  and to give a plumped up effect
  • Vitamin C and E - it contains these derivatives famous for preventing premature aging
Content: 30ml / 1.0 US fl. oz.
Price: USD34.00 (from Benefit Cosmetics Official Site and Online Store)
Availability:  available in the Philippines
Packaging is conveniently designed with a functional pump.  You can impressively control the amount of liquid foundation dispensed by the weight of how you press it (more weight will dispense more).
Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow is available in 9 shades (ranging from lightest to deepest) to match your skin color.
  1. Ivory (I'm pure 4 sure) 
  2. Petal (I'm plush and precious)
  3. Champagne (Cheers to me)
  4. Honey (I'm so money)
  5. Beige (I'm all the rage)
  6. Toasted Beige (Warm me up)
  7. Amber (I'm so glamber)
  8. Hazelnut (I'm hopelessly hot)
  9. Nutmeg (Gotta know me)
I got the shade of CHAMPAGNE... Cheers to me!!!  Thanks to my friend  for all the love. 
The shade fits ladies with light to medium complexion.  The tone is quite orange-y which made me a bit doubtful at first.  The swatches on my hands show that the color is a bit off at first glance.  I have rather paler skin tone (pictures taken under natural lighting), but mind you, it complements my tone well after blending. 
The texture of the foundation is somewhat runny which makes blending effortless and trouble-free.  You can either use your brush or your finger tips to apply it evenly unto face.
The coverage is build-able from light to medium coverage.  This foundation is actually very very sheer and it will suit the ladies with good skin well, but then again, for skin with mild blemishes and problems, you can add up for a better finish.  For worst cases of scar-ing, a separate concealer is required though.

Additionally, this feels fairly lightweight on skin.  It does not give the sticky, heavy and suffocating feeling which I adore much on any foundation.
It is also dewy.  It actually sets well with the skin producing a plumped up effect.  If you're a fan of matte make up, then I guess you need to skip this one. 

The oil control is a bit disappointing,  I oil up faster than I thought.  I usually retouch my make up on mid day but this needs blotting before I reach my lunch break.  I find it tolerable though since my skin is innately oily. =)

However, you can control the oiliness or you can matte-ify though by setting it with your favorite loose powder, by blotting it with your face paper once in a while, by priming your skin first with Benefit That GAL or any oil-cut primer.
It comes with a leaflet, like a quick guide in different languages =).
The whole package also includes a sample of the "the POREfessional".  You may check out the link for my short review on the pore minimize-r primer.
The "the POREfessional" is the suggested primer to achieve an almost pore-less finish, an even coverage,  and long lasting make up. 
the POREfessional sample
Frozen Blossoms' Thoughts:
Again, thanks to my "kumadre" for unselfishly sharing stuff which I am lucky enough to try. This piece was a part of the fourth loot she sent me a month ago if I am not mistaken =).
To wrap up, I love Hello Flawless because...
  • it brightens the dull and lifeless skin
  • it gives a dewy and plumped up finish
  • no additional zits
  • it has zero-oil
  • it has vitamin c and e
  • it is lightweight
  • it has a wide range of tone variants
  • it is sold locally / available in the Philippines
  • it is SPF25 with a PA of +++
  • first rate quality
  • it keeps the skin hydrated all day
  • it doesn't cake or flake on the treated and drying zits
2 reasons why I am hesitant... =)
  • it is very expensive, it is a high end make up anyways =)
  • oil control, my skin is very oily though =(
So, I guess that's it for Tuesday!!!
Enjoy the rest of your day!!!


  1. I love the Benefit Hello Flawless! :) It's the best foundation I've tried by far!

    1. It is skin fit sis ayt? Thanks for visiting =)