Monday, July 30, 2012

Kpopped: Sorry Sorry taken by Bench


Certified KPOPPED!!!  What a fluky day to get a hold of this limited edition Super Junior tshirts at 10% off at Bench...yep, without second thoughts I grabbed the last Sorry Sorry tees for-him and for-her lol.  Instant couple's shirts!!!  I know it will drive the old-school hubby mad lol.  Well, he has to wear it for the love of the wifey =) or else...hehehe
since I gained weight, my shirt is now my boy's shirt (the couple shirt turned into daddy n son shirt)
Donghae and Choi Siwon's billboard at EDSA.  
Credits:  Orange Magazine TV
I love Siwon of Super Junior but I prefer this Sorry Sorry design worn by Donghae.  It reminded me of their hit song SORRY SORRY which I used to dance every morning (after waking up) in Vigan way back 2009 lol.


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Review: Etude House It's Real Mask Sheet Broccoli

Good morning Sunday!!!

How did your week go?  Mine was demanding for eternity hehehe.  I am nonetheless thankful though, I still got a job to persevere with (paydays are always highly anticipated which means self-treat hahaha).  Along an uberly occupied week comes pressure and stress which means dull unhappy skin, so weekend is at all times family moment and self-pampering instance.
In which, I am delighted to present another new skincare line from Etude House, their It's Real collection.  

It's Real is a line up of wash-off packs, mask sheets and dry gauze sheets explicitly formulated with home made and most genuine ingredients for an exceedingly nourished and softened skin.
I am ecstatic to try one of the new skincare line, the mask sheet in Broccoli which was part of the kit I received last month.  Thanks Etude!!!

Product Description
Etude House It's Real Mask Sheets are all in natural ingredient that is also void of paraben, mineral oils, tar coloring and talc.  Each variant is distinctly and specifically formulated in all-natural and home made ingredients.

The sheet mask has four (4) choices, designed for each skin's essentials.
  • Sweet Pumpkin - for Elasticity Care
  • Carrot - for Brightening Care
  • Broccoli - for Antioxidant Care
  • Chestnut Shell - for Exfoliating Care
Price:  PhP128.00 per sheet
Volume: 22ml (0.74  fl. oz.) 
Availability:  all Etude House Branches

As I have cited a while ago, I got the variant with real Broccoli for Antioxidant Care.
Broccoli is well-known to have a plentiful beauty benefits.  It contains a lot of nutrients that is incredibly decent in fighting skin fatigue and aids in slowing down the aging process.  It is definitely an overwhelming treat for the skin frequently exposed to harmful radicals like, pollution, stress, UV rays and unhealthy lifestyle that causes it to become flat, lifeless, rough, dry and breaking out.
The back part of the foil shows a brief description, list of ingredients and instructions both in Korean and English.

How to use:
  1. cleanse and tone the skin
  2. open foil pack and carefully peel off the sheet mask from the protective film
  3. put mask unto face for 15 to 20 minutes
  4. pat and massage face after removing the mask and let left essences absorbed by the skin
The sheet mask is abundantly soaking in real Broccoli extract, love love love!!!  I find it rich and a bit slimy at the same time.  It actually feels gooey as soon as it hits my face but  I like my mask this way.  As I age, my skin thirst for a lot of pampering (combi of super oily and dry patches) and superb infused mask is much much appreciated.
By the way, the mask is carefully packed with a plastic lining to keep it well drenched.  It looks and feels gelatin-y as I unfold it.  I was a bit confused on which side should go unto my face hehehe.  I decided to go for the protected layer since it was the side soaking more with essences. =)
Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
My skin has been literally in  bad shape lately caused by  another skincare brand plus PMS.  The zits and the marks are quite depressing aside from the oiliness and patches of dryness.  It's a hell of reddish and raw bumps, some are healing and drying, dark marks are agitating, some parts are flaking...My goodness!!!  At least, make ups are created to keep these secrets lol but then again I am thankful for instant soothing effects I get from face masks.  For those who had been reading my posts, I have posted a few mask reviews.  I am a fan of this skincare treat that is why.  I call it an instant savior coz for only 20 minutes I get an instant doze of nourishment and relaxation.  

I love this mask because...
  • it instantly soothed my overly irritated skin
  • it eased the red and swelling bumps
  • it moisturized my under-eye area
  • it moisturized the cracking surface that surrounds the healing pimps
  • it brightened the skin in an instant
  • i feel relaxed and refreshed
  • it is super rich and soaked in abundant extract
  • it has real broccoli
  • it is free from harmful contents like paraben, mineral oils, tar coloring and talc
  • smells really good, very refreshing =)
  • it is available and sold locally
I honestly don't have any complaints on this mask and I highly recommend it.
I will definitely repurchase and try the other variants as well.

That's it for Sunday!!!  

For updates and product information, visit Etude House Philippines Official Website and like Etude House Philippines official Facebook Fan Page.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Review: Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow SPF25 PA+++ (Champagne)

Good morning Tuesday!!!

My raging hormones appear to be unruly lately and these break outs are very appalling.  I know I should take a break from liquid foundies, but who would want to parade an unsightly skin right?  This post will be very timely for this dilemma ladies. ( that were taken at my cubicle were snapped at break time<s> and all my posts were composed at home...short disclosure).
Product Description
Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow is an oil-free hydrating liquid foundation formulated 
for a luminous healthy build-able coverage. 
Key Features
  • SPF25 PA+++ - it provides the highest PA grade rating (three-star PA rating)  for an optimum protection against the harmful UV rays
  • Oil-free formula - it is free from the pore-clogging content that can aggravate present acne
  • Hydrating Complex - it is specially created to keep the skin moist  and to give a plumped up effect
  • Vitamin C and E - it contains these derivatives famous for preventing premature aging
Content: 30ml / 1.0 US fl. oz.
Price: USD34.00 (from Benefit Cosmetics Official Site and Online Store)
Availability:  available in the Philippines
Packaging is conveniently designed with a functional pump.  You can impressively control the amount of liquid foundation dispensed by the weight of how you press it (more weight will dispense more).
Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow is available in 9 shades (ranging from lightest to deepest) to match your skin color.
  1. Ivory (I'm pure 4 sure) 
  2. Petal (I'm plush and precious)
  3. Champagne (Cheers to me)
  4. Honey (I'm so money)
  5. Beige (I'm all the rage)
  6. Toasted Beige (Warm me up)
  7. Amber (I'm so glamber)
  8. Hazelnut (I'm hopelessly hot)
  9. Nutmeg (Gotta know me)
I got the shade of CHAMPAGNE... Cheers to me!!!  Thanks to my friend  for all the love. 
The shade fits ladies with light to medium complexion.  The tone is quite orange-y which made me a bit doubtful at first.  The swatches on my hands show that the color is a bit off at first glance.  I have rather paler skin tone (pictures taken under natural lighting), but mind you, it complements my tone well after blending. 
The texture of the foundation is somewhat runny which makes blending effortless and trouble-free.  You can either use your brush or your finger tips to apply it evenly unto face.
The coverage is build-able from light to medium coverage.  This foundation is actually very very sheer and it will suit the ladies with good skin well, but then again, for skin with mild blemishes and problems, you can add up for a better finish.  For worst cases of scar-ing, a separate concealer is required though.

Additionally, this feels fairly lightweight on skin.  It does not give the sticky, heavy and suffocating feeling which I adore much on any foundation.
It is also dewy.  It actually sets well with the skin producing a plumped up effect.  If you're a fan of matte make up, then I guess you need to skip this one. 

The oil control is a bit disappointing,  I oil up faster than I thought.  I usually retouch my make up on mid day but this needs blotting before I reach my lunch break.  I find it tolerable though since my skin is innately oily. =)

However, you can control the oiliness or you can matte-ify though by setting it with your favorite loose powder, by blotting it with your face paper once in a while, by priming your skin first with Benefit That GAL or any oil-cut primer.
It comes with a leaflet, like a quick guide in different languages =).
The whole package also includes a sample of the "the POREfessional".  You may check out the link for my short review on the pore minimize-r primer.
The "the POREfessional" is the suggested primer to achieve an almost pore-less finish, an even coverage,  and long lasting make up. 
the POREfessional sample
Frozen Blossoms' Thoughts:
Again, thanks to my "kumadre" for unselfishly sharing stuff which I am lucky enough to try. This piece was a part of the fourth loot she sent me a month ago if I am not mistaken =).
To wrap up, I love Hello Flawless because...
  • it brightens the dull and lifeless skin
  • it gives a dewy and plumped up finish
  • no additional zits
  • it has zero-oil
  • it has vitamin c and e
  • it is lightweight
  • it has a wide range of tone variants
  • it is sold locally / available in the Philippines
  • it is SPF25 with a PA of +++
  • first rate quality
  • it keeps the skin hydrated all day
  • it doesn't cake or flake on the treated and drying zits
2 reasons why I am hesitant... =)
  • it is very expensive, it is a high end make up anyways =)
  • oil control, my skin is very oily though =(
So, I guess that's it for Tuesday!!!
Enjoy the rest of your day!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Review: Etude House Missing U, Bee Happy Hand Cream #2

Hello Sunday!!! I hope we get to enjoy more flowers on every family day.  I am droppin' another nippy post before my two boys rise from bed =).  Behold an A+ product from Etude House... Missing U, Bee happy hand Cream.  Happy reading =).
Picture from Etude House Press Kit
"Missing U, Be Happy line" is launched by Etude House to boost consciousness, to raise proceeds for bee related issues and to rally round UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) on its campaign to protect the bees, one percent (1%) of the total sales will be conferred to UNEP.

Product Description
Etude House Missing U Hand Cream is a...
  • hypoallergenic hand care that is free of Paraben, Ethanol, Sulfate or Color dyes
  • cream organically formulated with 6 certified ingredients
  • formula enriched with Honey and Shea Butter keep our working hands nourished and moisturized.  

Variants Available - Missing U hand Cream is designed in four characters to identify the scents.
  1. Queen Bee - (pink) Rose scent
  2. Honey Bee - (yellow) Acacia scent
  3. Lady Bug - (red) Chestnut Blossom scent
  4. Baby Bee - (pale green) Citrus Baby Powder scent
Content: Vol. 30 ml (1.01 fl. oz. )
Price: PhP278.00 (around USD6.00)
Availability: all Etude House branches
from left to righ: Queen Bee, Honey Bee, Lady Bug and Baby Bee
Picture from Press Kit
I got mine in #2, the Honey Bee variant.  This was actually part of the Etude House Play House 2012 press kit which was given  to the supporters of the brand and the event. Thanks Etude House!!!
Aside from the fact that proceeds will help fund Bee-related issues through UNEP's campaign,  the packaging is crafted 100% recycled paper, the doodles were printed with SOY INK, and the honey bee shaped container is reusable.  Undeniably, this product is uberly ECO-friendly.  Consider yourself helping our mother nature when you reward yourself with one of the Missing U hand creams. =)
the cartoon and the character =)
This hand cream is jam-packed with cuteness.  Once emptied, the container can be used in countless ways.  You can refill it with any lotion or cream since it is super handy, you can use it as paper clip holder, paper weight, or you can add it to your decors.  I have this cabinet at home filled with souvenirs I got from friend's parties, collectibles and empty perfume bottles... my honey bee will definitely join this family. =)
Honestly, I was uncertain of the imprinted scent, Acacia Fragrance, as I scan the packaging at first.  I grew up here in Ilocos province where freakin' old Acacia trees rise along the lazy streets but I can't recall it blossoming hahaha (ooopppss excuse my ignorance on fragrances).  Surprisingly, the scent surpassed my expectations,  I never imagined Acacia scent can be  very appealing.  I like it!!! It is mild and almost baby-ish.
The box has also Korean and English list of the the contents.  I'll just rant a bit of the key ingredients included on the press kit for your appreciation of what's in store.
  • Organic Herbs - moisture and anti-inflammatory care
  • Organic Olive Oil - great skin conditioner
  • Organic Shea Butter - great for its deep moisturizing, skin regeneration and healing properties
  • Organic Honey - great in retaining moisture and keeping the skin elastic
The cream sits perfectly on the tub.  It won't run or spill itself even if you turn the tub (open) facing down.  I find the texture somewhat balmy and matte (almost like the stick-type deos hehehe).
Since texture is not runny, this will quite last compared to the lotion-type hand creams and you will get to enjoy comparable nourishment and save some penny for it. =)
Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
I work in a company where I get to touch clients' cellphones and also a lot of cash handling, so I frequently sanitize my hands with alcohol-based solutions and from time to time I go wash my hands with anti-bacterial based liquid soaps (oh my, now that I counted, I honestly do that 10 times max everyday, call me freak hehehe). Along with this sanitation going on, I can never skip applying lotion to my hands hahaha, such an OC girl.  It is only now that I realize how obsessed I am.

It is lovable because...
  • you can bring it anywhere
  • it will keep the hands moisturized and hydrated
  • you will contribute to the fund for saving the helpless bees from extinction
  • it is environment friendly
  • the cute container is reusable in many ways
  • the cream is hypoallergenic
  • the cream is made of organic ingredients
  • it is very affordable
  • it is Etude House
Happy Sunday morning everyone!!!

For updates and more product information, check out Etude House Philippines official website and follow Etude House Philippines official Facebook fan page.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Review: Etude House (Belle Dress / Dress Room) Lovely Look

Hello ladies!!!

How's your day? I bet you wished you're safe home, enjoying the warm and comfy bed with your oppa right?  It has been raining relentlessly and all I wanted is a bit of heartening to get through the day.  Thankfully,  I brought my Etude House Belle Dress Lovely Look shower Cologne.  I believe that scents make a difference on one's stance. 
This cologne was a part of the Etude House Pink Fair press kit which I was lucky enough to receive.  In fact,  I had been a fan of their fragrances and had posted my musings on the other scent, Etude House Dress Room Sweet Look Shower Cologne way back then.  So let's get it on

Dress Room is a complete body care layering line that includes body wash, body lotion and shower cologne.  It has two scents, the Sweet Look collection which is more on the fruity side while Lovely Look collection is more on the floral facet.
pic from Etude House press kit
Product Overview
Etude House Belle Dress Lovely Look Shower Cologne is a refreshing floral perfume that is composed of three notes that makes it lasting and appealing.  
(Contents from Etude House kit)
  • Top Note (first scents that influence the senses) - Citrus Fruity: Orange, Peach and Mandarin)
  • Middle Note (spirit of the fragrance, the foremost scents) - Delicate Jasmine Rose and Geranium Green-note
  • Base Note (makes the scent lasting) - Warm Amber and Musk
I suppose that Belle Dress is the old fragrance line that offered 5 variants though.  (Please correct me on this matter ladies.)  The Belle Dress Lovely Look's scent was retained and now a part of the Dress Room Lovely Look collection.
Available Variants:
  1. Sweet Look
  2. Lovely Look
Content: 100 ml
Price: PhP378.00
Availability:  all Etude House branches

Packaging reminds me of a pretty frilly delicate prom dress .  It is exquisitely designed in purpl-y or lavender-ish young, so Etude.  Prolly' it could have been better if it was made of same-shape-glass container right? (But I guess, if that was the case then the price would be fairly higher though.)

Frozen Blossoms' thoughs:
I just love the combination of simplicity, girlish twist, and a hint of sophistication on this scent.  With its lasting and very appealing effect, it can definitely compete with more expensive western brands.  

Without doubt, this fragrance is a good buy!!!

That's it for tonight.... mwah

For updates and other products, visit Etude House Philippines Website and follow Etude House Philippines Official Facebook Fan Page.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Indulge with Zalora!!!

Good morning ladies!!!

Shopping has been made incredibly convenient now a days.  I, having been situated in a laid back province, personally take pleasure from this trend.  
Zalora Philippines - Beauty Corner presents an all-embracing collection of cosmetics, fragrances, tools and accessories, skincare, hair care, bath and body care of eminent and trusted-quality brands.  
Coincidentally,  I stumbled on the website and found myself skimming through the pages and signing up in that instant. Who wouldn't if you get an introductory gift of PhP250.00 voucher after enlisting right?  Definitely a good discount for a minimum purchase of PhP500.00!!!

Additionally,  you can enjoy other perks like 30 days return policy,  free shipping nationwide, same day delivery, option for cash on delivery and call Zalora for free at 02-858-0777.
Indeed, their foremost objective is to absolutely delight their shoppers!!!

To those who had been visiting my site, they know that I don't own a decent make up brush set.  So, look what I found here... Suesh Blush 8pc make up brush set in adorable pink for only PhP850.00 less PhP250.00 (introductory gift from signing up).  Absolutely an offer I shouldn't miss right?
photo from Zalora  Website
Finally, as one of the chosen  Zalora Brand Ambassadors, which I am most thrilled of course, I happily share a 5% off with you ladies when you make a minimum purchase of PhP500.00 from any items under the beauty section.  Just don't forget to use my voucher code FrozenBlossoms12q upon checkout.

That's it ladies...indulge with Zalora!!!  Happy Shopping!!!

For updates...please like Zalora Philippines on Facebook. =)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Review: Benefit Stay Don't Stray

Good evening ladies,

I will be dropping another speedy post tonight.  I am trying my best to doze off timely these previous days mainly because I am getting sick more often, my eyes are swollen and "baggy" for eternity; as well as my under-eye circles are depressingly lifeless and almost black.  Thanks heavens my friend from Benefit overseas sent me this Stay Don't Stray eye primer along with other Benefit stuff which I posted here.  Without further is my review. 
Product Description
Benefit Stay Don't Stray is a 360 stay put eye primer to keep concealers and
eye shadows stay fresh and endure a long day.

Key Ingredients (from Benefit Official Website)
Sodium Hyaluronate - hydrates and fills in fine lines around the eye area
Vitamin C and E - helps fight signs of aging
Net Weight: 10ml / 0.33 US fl.oz.
Price: USD26.00 (got it from the Benefit website)
very handy tube
pocket size =)
I find the packaging straightforward  and very Benefit-ish... high end. =)
back part where you can see the instructions and contents 
It has a pump which makes it outstandingly hygienic. I like it that I don't have to dip my bare fingers to gather the primer every time I need to apply it, anyway this goes around the eye area so extra sanitation is really appreciated. We want something germ-free right? =)  The picture below shows the pump after dispensing.  I suggest to wipe it off with a tissue (wet or regular) every after use.
The only thing I would prolly' dislike is that I am surprised by how much the nozzle dispenses the cream.  I mean it gives a small speck of the product (pea-sized) but that is still too much for both eye areas. 
The primer is overwhelmingly thick, creamy and matte. So, I have to work fast in blending it all over my eye area. As instructed, just dot tiny amount and let it set before applying your eye make up.
It comes in nude shade which makes it a great base.  Again, don't put too much to attain the translucent finish we want to achieve, plus too much will make it look thick.
if applied more than what is needed
just apply a thin layer and blend it thoroughly
The primer will not only keep the eye shadow fresh and stay put but it will make it more vibrant all through the day.  Below shows a swatch of same eye shadow applied on different areas.  The left swatch is applied without the eye primer while the right swatch is applied with the Stay Don't Stray primer.  See how the color pops out...true bronzy. =)

Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
I am not an eye make up junkie that much but as I have said on my past posts, it is a class I am trying to delve into.  I am more into concealing my dark under-eye circles and i find this primer really helpful to keep it last long (not the signature <eye> "bags" though lol, nothing seems to work for them).

I like it because...
  • it keeps the eye shadow color vivid
  • it is good to work with cream-type eye shadows - prevents them from creasing
  • it is a good base for my under-eye brightener and concealer
  • it comes in a pocket-sized container
  • I cannot control the pump - I end up dispensing too much everyday.  
  • It is very expensive in my country, it is benefit though.
So I guess that's all for tonight... mwahhh!!!