Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Review: Etude House Aloha Two Two Kiss #2

Good afternoon ladies!!!

How's your rainy afternoon?  I actually spent my day sleeping coz of my uber bad colds and fever.  I am feeling better after I got up though, but my head is kinda heavy still. =( A quick post won't hurt right? hehehe

I'll just share my swatches on this lip product I got on an online sale.  It's from Etude House's limited edition Aloha line for summer 2011 (late post). =)

Product Description
Etude House Aloha Two Two Kiss is a duo lip pencil that includes lip tint and lip gloss to keep the lips soft, to provide moisture, and to protect it from harmful UV rays.

Available variants:
#1 Hawaii Lei Pink
#2 Hula Hula Sandy Pink
#3 Tropical Lime Red
#4 Honolulu Shine Red
I got mine in  shade #2 for half the price. =)

Net weight 2 grams x 2.
Etude House Aloha Two Two Kiss #2 Hula Hula Sandy Pink
Packaging is pretty handy, stylish and new.  It is dual sided with the tint and gloss in one.  

The tint...cute baby / light pink
It is very very light, almost like a gloss actually =).  It is ideal in my country since the weather is overwhelmingly humid. 
The tint though is not very pigmented. It can't cover / conceal dark lip pigments.  
It provides the natural pinkish tint  (for girls with pink toned lips). 
It keeps the lips moisturized without the sticky and heavy feeling.
The gloss... refreshingly more on the peachy / orangy tone.
The gloss is my favorite =). It is surprisingly creamy!!!  It can actually cover the dark pigments of my lips.  Amazing indeed for a lip gloss =).  It looks like a nude lipstick when used alone =).
Below are my swatches... pink tint and the peach gloss.  This product says to use the tint as your base then top it off with the gloss but honestly both can be used separately depending on your color preference. 
Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:  
I think for lips with natural pinkish tone this thing is surely a hit since it provides a faint-just enough color.

why I like it...
  • handy
  • dual ended with a tint and gloss
  • super light
  • moisturizing without giving the sticky feeling
  • it doesn't chap my lips
  • sun protection - super needed
  • no worries of breaking it like any traditional lipstick
  • you can sharpen it - i don't have any violent reaction on this hehehe, just use a separate sharpener =)
  • the gloss gives me the nude look
  • the gloss is creamy
  • limited edition
why i dislike it
  • the cap / covers don't fit well
  • the tint is not so pigmented - sowi my lips are dark toned that's why, but I'm good with it when used with a lip concealer underneath. =)
So that's it for today...  I hope you had fun reading.  For comments and suggestions please feel free  to drop me some, okay?



  1. The colors are very light and fresh! Thanks for the swatches but I guess I'll skip this one. I prefer the more pigmented ones. :)