Monday, June 18, 2012

Review: TheFaceShop Face It Power Perfection BB Cream #2

Hello ladies!!!

My skin has been on its worst condition lately,  it's quite depressing hayyysss.  So, I always take advantage of BB creams with good coverage to conceal present imperfections I am battling (so far, the few zits from my PMS are healing).  So, for tonight's review,  I will be sharing another good find from TheFaceShop.  I stumbled on this line during Kim Hyun Joong's visit last year.  This BB cream has been in the market for quite some time but it is only now that I got a hand of it.
Product Description
TheFaceShop Face It Power Perfection BB Cream...
from THEFACESHOP official website
  • is a 3-in-1 bb cream with perfect coverage.  It claims to be an anti-wrinkle, skin whitening and with sun protection (SPF37/PA++).
  • is a Total Skin Treatment BB Cream which is specifically formulated to address skin worries like dryness, uneven skin tone, stressed out skin and loss of firmness.
Variants - it is available in two shades  (I got mine in #2):
#1  -  Light Beige
#2  -  Natural Beige

Retail Sizes:
20 ml
40 ml
I got mine in 10ml the travel size that goes with the Face It Power Perfection Make Up Kit (Php500.00).

Availability - all TheFaceshop branches, Korean Cosmetics online shops.  I got my set at the Red Dot during an event which I was lucky enough to join.
This bb cream is surprisingly runny.  I had no trouble blending it with my fingers (I am always in a hurry and I find it more convenient hehehe).
As promised by this product, coverage is exceptional and quite dewy.  I love how it concealed my blemishes on my jawline, below my lip / chin area and forehead without making my skin feeling suffocated.  Its airy / light feeling makes this BB really lovable and the staying power is a bonus.  Thanks goodness I can still look decent despite the zits.  
please pardon my very poor snapshots =)
This bb cream keeps my skin moisturized all through out. So, I usually skip my moisturizer and my sunblock to avoid gettin' really greasy (it's SPF37 anyways).  If you're more into matte make up then this BB is not suited for you since it is really dewy and really moist-full.
atleast I looked presentable with this BB on...;)
The oil control is acceptable. I oil up fast a bit but a few blots will make it okay.

Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
I like this because...
  • it has a full coverage
  • it feels light on skin
  • SPF37/PA++ - no need for a separate sunscreen
  • quite dewy
  • mild scent
  • it keeps the skin moisturized
  • long lasting - it does not come off when blotting the oil with face paper
  • no additional zits =)
  • evens out my skin tone especially on oozing red areas
  • doesn't cake or flake
  • just the oil control - can be solved by setting it with a loose powder though
So that's it for tonight...Anneong!!!


  1. great review sis! i actually have my eyes on this bb cream but im not too sure if i'm going to like it! :D but now i think i do! hehe

  2. galleryibu.blogspot.comJune 19, 2012 at 6:33 PM

    presentable? i think you look fresh and glowing with this bb cream! nice review... interesting product..temped :)

  3. Hi sis, thank you so much, you are very kind... i am breakin out badly lately... any skincare you wanna suggest? =) for pimps

  4. omg.. i think this looks super good!

  5. hey, among precious bright fit, Moistfull Collagen BB Cream of etufe and this bb cream, which one you like most? could you pls compare a little bit, about the coverage, long lasting, and feel light for face?
    hix i'm so confused about choosing among those bb cream. luckily you've tried all these. thanks a lot :D