Thursday, June 21, 2012

Review: Etude House Aloha Glittering Sherbet Eyes #01

Good morning ladies!!!

I hope the weather in your place is not as crazy as it is here in Ilocos.  It  has been pretty unpredictable lately hehehe...rainy for few hours and then the next, it's sunny. That's the reason perhaps why I had this bad colds and cough plus my body is beginning to feel sore...sounds like I am goin' to catch a flu so I called in sick yesterday to give myself a good rest (I am officially on sick leave). I am taking advantage of the situation though, hehehe to sleep, to read, and to write.

I had been eyeing on Etude House's limited summer collection last year, their Aloha line, but it is only now that I got a hand of it.  Hahaha I know this is super late but still I love it, so I am droppin' a really quick post. 
Product Description
Etude House Aloha Glittering Sherbet Eyes are creamy eye shadows that provide gorgeous glitter / sparkle to the eyes.  

Shades available:
#01 Pear Luster  -  more on shimmery light pink
#02 Golden Sands  -  glimmery gold
#03 Brown Hula - bronzy

I actually got all available variants but 2 of my office mates loved it, so they bought the two other shades ( #02 and #03).  I am left with #01 Pink Luster  (I love pink BTW).

Content: 6 grams
Availability:  all Etude House branches

Etude House is indeed an expert when it comes to packaging, talking about cuteness overload.  I like their Aloha concept which is more of the tan and bronzy touches.  I think this line suits best the Filipina skin ("morena").

The Aloha Sherbet Eyes is packaged in a tiny vial with a tip applicator to gather the eye shadow...very very pretty =).
My swatches below show how conservative the shades are,  I am not a fan of overly pigmented eye shadows that's why I like this line.  I love its subtleness and its lovely sparkles.  The eye shadow is also creamy so application and blending is quite easy for me. 
The picture below shows the blended cream eye shadow.  The sparkles are visible and pretty when the sun hit it.  I actually took this on a natural lighting so I can capture or simulate how this thing sparkles when you're under the sun. 
I now know why they had this line in laid back's for summer =)! Instead of going to the beach in a dreary bare unmade look, why not enjoy it with stuff to enhance your features but not overly done right?  

Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
I love this because...
  • it is Etude House =)
  • it has pretty shimmers
  • it gives my eyes subtle glow
  • it doesn't make me look overly done
  • it can be used as brow bone highlighter 
  • it can be used as a base for powder eye shadows 
  • it can be used as teardrop make up =)
  • it is limited edition
  • it has super handy  and cute packaging
  • it has tip applicator
I simply adore this tiny thing...PERIOD =)

Have a nice day ladies...mwah!!!


  1. hmm...i think I'll try this product next time. thanks for sharing :)

  2. It looks pretty! Love the shimmers! :)

  3. great review!! i need to try this product now, the packaging is super cute :)