Thursday, June 28, 2012

Review: Skin79 The Prestige BB Cream Diamond Collection

Good morning ladies!!!

How's your day so far?  The weather is quite unsettled here in Ilocos and good thing I don't have to drag myself to work.  I love spending rainy days at home with family. =)
In fact, I am having a few minutes break from my new addiction, Fifty Shades of Grey, to drop a quick post. =)

It's my first time to check out BB cream from Skin79.  I got myself, The Prestige BB Cream Diamond Collection.
Product Description
Skin79 is another well-known Korean cosmetics and make up brand and they present a wide range of blemish balm creams which they prefer to call "BEBLESH BALM"...fairly interesting.

I have here a travel size Skin79 The Prestige BB Cream from their Diamond Collection.  It is a 3-effects-functional beblesh balm that...
  • has whitening properties
  • smooths aways lines making it more bright and resilient
  • has SPF25 PA++ to protect the skin from harmful UV ray
Key ingredients:
  1. Adenosine and arbutin - best in whitening and wrinkle improvement
  2. Caviar extract - skin firming
  3. Aloe vera - softens the skin
  4. Mineral Powder - keeps the skin radiant and supple
Retail size 40ml
I got mine in cute travel size, 5g
Availability - It is not sold locally.  But I got mine from ebay, Gailygirl.

  1. skincare routine
  2. pat evenly on face
(I had been a fan of bb creams ever since I first laid my eyes on them...trying just excites me. )
I have read a lot of good reviews on this one so I thought of giving myself a chance. (Note:  Again, when I buy something, I see to it that it is worth all my precious money and time, so most reviews I post on my site were favored.)  

The cream is quite thick but surprisingly very seamless to blend. It gives me the not so dewy almost matte finish which is befitting in my country's temperature.

It gives a reasonable coverage... I mean not too sheer not too full.  You can build it though depending on your skin condition.  I had been breakin' out lately and I need to cover up a bit.  I need extra concealing on the bumps though.  

The color is quite pale but it sets and adjusts to skin tone after few minutes. =)

This beblesh balm feels very very light on skin.  I needed something not suffocating to give my skin some air to breathe especially at its circumstance.

Below are my swatches... hehehe please bear with my grainy photos =(
thick and creamy =)
almost not there look
Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
I love this because...
  • it feels light
  • it is mildly scented
  • it didn't irritate my troubled skin further
  • it didn't cake on the oozing treated zits
  • it kept the skin moisturized - my somewhat dry skin (from acne treatment) loves it 
What I don't love much
  • oil control
  • quite sheer for my skin condition
  • not sold locally
  • retail size (40ml) is kinda pricey =)
Overall, this beblesh balm will be very much appreciated by ladies with flawless skin. Well, I'm still curious to try Skin79's other variants. 

Till here!!! =)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Curious: Fifty Shades of Grey

Hey ladies!!!

This novel has been takin' the world by storm and out of curiosity I jumped in to check what's the fuzz all about.  Oh my... Christian Grey is just smokin' is so addictive. =) has been makin' me "DYS-FUNCTIONAL" lately. =)  (exaggerating: I've been reading like mad - ceasing my other stuff.) 

What can I say... I can't wait for the movie too (so curious who would be CTG)!!!
Photo credits:  Google
Good night!!! See you my Christian Grey =)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balm in Sweet Mint

Good afternoon ladies!!!

Any plans this Saturday night?  If you're planning on going out, be sure to "pucker up, smooth on and smile."  Who knows...prince charming is just close at hand okay? =)

I'll just share my current addiction and again this has been makin' a fuzz for quite some time.  I know... I know...  I just can't resist writing about it...lip balm that makes you smile, EOS Sphere Smooth Lip Balm.

Product Description
EOS (Evolution of Smooth) Smooth Sphere Lip Balms are basically 95% organic and 100% natural filled with Shea butter and Vitamin E to keep the lips moisturized, soft, and smooth all day.  It is also free from harmful chemicals like Gluten, Paraben and Petrolatum.  

Here are the available flavors for your appreciation (Photo credits to EOS).  I just want to get them all (I only got the sweet Mint BTW)!!!

Summer Fruit in Sexy Red
Lemon Drop in Cool Yellow
Honeysuckle Honeydew in Refreshing Green

Medicated Tangerine in Cheerful Orange
Strawberry Sorbet in Dainty Pink

Sweet Mint in Heavenly Mint Green

Frozen Blossoms' thoughts...
Honestly, by just seeing these spheres make me smile BIG time.  They are just so cute!  The design is simply brilliant!!!  Sphere-shaped balm?!!! get outta (just kiddin').
my sweet mint...the sweetest =)
The balm is much loved as well... I got the Sweet Mint.  BTW... the sphere-shaped balm is the most precise way to moisturize the lips all over hahaha. Lipsticks should be shaped like this to avoid breaking or messing it (I am very relaxed gliding this all over my lips, sometimes with added pressure lol). 
Please don't mind the liptick stained sphere balm hehehe
Aside from keeping the lips chap / crack free all day,  Sweet Mint also gives a cooling sensation right after applying it, plus the faint mint scent is just so refreshing.  I am just in love with this balm and I just wanna get all the other flavors, it's only PhP220.00 (USD5.00) after all.
I will definitely buy EOS again!!!

Till here...mwah =)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Review: Etude House Aloha Glittering Sherbet Eyes #01

Good morning ladies!!!

I hope the weather in your place is not as crazy as it is here in Ilocos.  It  has been pretty unpredictable lately hehehe...rainy for few hours and then the next, it's sunny. That's the reason perhaps why I had this bad colds and cough plus my body is beginning to feel sore...sounds like I am goin' to catch a flu so I called in sick yesterday to give myself a good rest (I am officially on sick leave). I am taking advantage of the situation though, hehehe to sleep, to read, and to write.

I had been eyeing on Etude House's limited summer collection last year, their Aloha line, but it is only now that I got a hand of it.  Hahaha I know this is super late but still I love it, so I am droppin' a really quick post. 
Product Description
Etude House Aloha Glittering Sherbet Eyes are creamy eye shadows that provide gorgeous glitter / sparkle to the eyes.  

Shades available:
#01 Pear Luster  -  more on shimmery light pink
#02 Golden Sands  -  glimmery gold
#03 Brown Hula - bronzy

I actually got all available variants but 2 of my office mates loved it, so they bought the two other shades ( #02 and #03).  I am left with #01 Pink Luster  (I love pink BTW).

Content: 6 grams
Availability:  all Etude House branches

Etude House is indeed an expert when it comes to packaging, talking about cuteness overload.  I like their Aloha concept which is more of the tan and bronzy touches.  I think this line suits best the Filipina skin ("morena").

The Aloha Sherbet Eyes is packaged in a tiny vial with a tip applicator to gather the eye shadow...very very pretty =).
My swatches below show how conservative the shades are,  I am not a fan of overly pigmented eye shadows that's why I like this line.  I love its subtleness and its lovely sparkles.  The eye shadow is also creamy so application and blending is quite easy for me. 
The picture below shows the blended cream eye shadow.  The sparkles are visible and pretty when the sun hit it.  I actually took this on a natural lighting so I can capture or simulate how this thing sparkles when you're under the sun. 
I now know why they had this line in laid back's for summer =)! Instead of going to the beach in a dreary bare unmade look, why not enjoy it with stuff to enhance your features but not overly done right?  

Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
I love this because...
  • it is Etude House =)
  • it has pretty shimmers
  • it gives my eyes subtle glow
  • it doesn't make me look overly done
  • it can be used as brow bone highlighter 
  • it can be used as a base for powder eye shadows 
  • it can be used as teardrop make up =)
  • it is limited edition
  • it has super handy  and cute packaging
  • it has tip applicator
I simply adore this tiny thing...PERIOD =)

Have a nice day ladies...mwah!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Review: Etude House Aloha Two Two Kiss #2

Good afternoon ladies!!!

How's your rainy afternoon?  I actually spent my day sleeping coz of my uber bad colds and fever.  I am feeling better after I got up though, but my head is kinda heavy still. =( A quick post won't hurt right? hehehe

I'll just share my swatches on this lip product I got on an online sale.  It's from Etude House's limited edition Aloha line for summer 2011 (late post). =)

Product Description
Etude House Aloha Two Two Kiss is a duo lip pencil that includes lip tint and lip gloss to keep the lips soft, to provide moisture, and to protect it from harmful UV rays.

Available variants:
#1 Hawaii Lei Pink
#2 Hula Hula Sandy Pink
#3 Tropical Lime Red
#4 Honolulu Shine Red
I got mine in  shade #2 for half the price. =)

Net weight 2 grams x 2.
Etude House Aloha Two Two Kiss #2 Hula Hula Sandy Pink
Packaging is pretty handy, stylish and new.  It is dual sided with the tint and gloss in one.  

The tint...cute baby / light pink
It is very very light, almost like a gloss actually =).  It is ideal in my country since the weather is overwhelmingly humid. 
The tint though is not very pigmented. It can't cover / conceal dark lip pigments.  
It provides the natural pinkish tint  (for girls with pink toned lips). 
It keeps the lips moisturized without the sticky and heavy feeling.
The gloss... refreshingly more on the peachy / orangy tone.
The gloss is my favorite =). It is surprisingly creamy!!!  It can actually cover the dark pigments of my lips.  Amazing indeed for a lip gloss =).  It looks like a nude lipstick when used alone =).
Below are my swatches... pink tint and the peach gloss.  This product says to use the tint as your base then top it off with the gloss but honestly both can be used separately depending on your color preference. 
Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:  
I think for lips with natural pinkish tone this thing is surely a hit since it provides a faint-just enough color.

why I like it...
  • handy
  • dual ended with a tint and gloss
  • super light
  • moisturizing without giving the sticky feeling
  • it doesn't chap my lips
  • sun protection - super needed
  • no worries of breaking it like any traditional lipstick
  • you can sharpen it - i don't have any violent reaction on this hehehe, just use a separate sharpener =)
  • the gloss gives me the nude look
  • the gloss is creamy
  • limited edition
why i dislike it
  • the cap / covers don't fit well
  • the tint is not so pigmented - sowi my lips are dark toned that's why, but I'm good with it when used with a lip concealer underneath. =)
So that's it for today...  I hope you had fun reading.  For comments and suggestions please feel free  to drop me some, okay?


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Review: Tony Moly Simply Style Slim Mascara - Volume

Hello ladies!!!

I haven't done any mascara review for quite some time, though I have tried a lot in my life time hehehe.  I usually get the nice one at around PhP 500.00 (USD12.00) or more to get the eyelash length and volume that I want.   I was in Manila some time in February when I ran out of my mascara.  Since it was the love month and I need to have a sexy eyelash hahaha I hurriedly went lookin' for something good below PhP 500.00 and there I stumbled on Tony Moly Simply Style Slim Mascara - Volume at the Mega Mall branch.
Product Description
A mascara designed to make the eyelashes  naturally longer and thicker.

Available variants:
1.  Curling
2.  Volume
I got the volume option to give my short fine eyelashes some life. 

Net weight 8 grams
Price Php198.00 (almost USD5.00)  Imagine how affordable this thing is right?
Availablity :  all Tony Moly branches

How to use:
1.  Curl your eyelashes first.
2.  Apply mascara.  Just one coat will make a big difference actually but I do prefer maximum of two coats. =)

Packaging is really really handy and the applicator's size is just right to keep the eyelashes covered without touching the eyelids.  It is pretty slim so you can actually comb the lashes at the corners of the eyes and the lower lashes too without smudging it.

The formula is quite damp but dries really quick which I love so much.  I get to coat my lashes evenly without having  too much risk ruining it.
I got really short and fine eyelashes as seen at the lower left box (below).  Aigoo almost not visible hahaha. The upper box shows how much my lashes improved  and the lower right box is an up close picture.  I am pretty pleased with this mascara considering that its very very affordable and I have been using it for almost 4 months now.  

It stays for 8 hours without falling off.  I don't actually fear getting the panda eyes (dark under eye circles).
please don't mind my eyebags and red eyes (genetics - I get them every morning)
Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
I super love this thing because...
  • it is super affordable
  • it lasts long, 1 bottle for 4 months now
  • no panda eyes
  • no black eyes hahaha
  • it doesn't smudge
  • it is so easy to take it off
  • is is super handy
  • keeps my eyelashes long and thick
I honestly have no complaints against this product and I will definitely buy it again.

So there goes my review... good night!!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Review: TheFaceShop Face It Power Perfection BB Cream #2

Hello ladies!!!

My skin has been on its worst condition lately,  it's quite depressing hayyysss.  So, I always take advantage of BB creams with good coverage to conceal present imperfections I am battling (so far, the few zits from my PMS are healing).  So, for tonight's review,  I will be sharing another good find from TheFaceShop.  I stumbled on this line during Kim Hyun Joong's visit last year.  This BB cream has been in the market for quite some time but it is only now that I got a hand of it.
Product Description
TheFaceShop Face It Power Perfection BB Cream...
from THEFACESHOP official website
  • is a 3-in-1 bb cream with perfect coverage.  It claims to be an anti-wrinkle, skin whitening and with sun protection (SPF37/PA++).
  • is a Total Skin Treatment BB Cream which is specifically formulated to address skin worries like dryness, uneven skin tone, stressed out skin and loss of firmness.
Variants - it is available in two shades  (I got mine in #2):
#1  -  Light Beige
#2  -  Natural Beige

Retail Sizes:
20 ml
40 ml
I got mine in 10ml the travel size that goes with the Face It Power Perfection Make Up Kit (Php500.00).

Availability - all TheFaceshop branches, Korean Cosmetics online shops.  I got my set at the Red Dot during an event which I was lucky enough to join.
This bb cream is surprisingly runny.  I had no trouble blending it with my fingers (I am always in a hurry and I find it more convenient hehehe).
As promised by this product, coverage is exceptional and quite dewy.  I love how it concealed my blemishes on my jawline, below my lip / chin area and forehead without making my skin feeling suffocated.  Its airy / light feeling makes this BB really lovable and the staying power is a bonus.  Thanks goodness I can still look decent despite the zits.  
please pardon my very poor snapshots =)
This bb cream keeps my skin moisturized all through out. So, I usually skip my moisturizer and my sunblock to avoid gettin' really greasy (it's SPF37 anyways).  If you're more into matte make up then this BB is not suited for you since it is really dewy and really moist-full.
atleast I looked presentable with this BB on...;)
The oil control is acceptable. I oil up fast a bit but a few blots will make it okay.

Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
I like this because...
  • it has a full coverage
  • it feels light on skin
  • SPF37/PA++ - no need for a separate sunscreen
  • quite dewy
  • mild scent
  • it keeps the skin moisturized
  • long lasting - it does not come off when blotting the oil with face paper
  • no additional zits =)
  • evens out my skin tone especially on oozing red areas
  • doesn't cake or flake
  • just the oil control - can be solved by setting it with a loose powder though
So that's it for tonight...Anneong!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Frozen Blossoms' Back to School Giveaway Winners

Congratulations to the winners!!!

Thank you so much for always droppin' by!!!  I wish I could share much to everybody who joined. 
 First Loot Winner is Kim.
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 Second Loot Winner is Krischia Saporantos.
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 The special loot for the first commenter!!!
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Thank you so much again.  And guys please continue visiting my site and please stay connected.

Have a happy weekend!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Review: Etude House House Made Essence Mask Vitamin E

Good morning Sunday!!!

I had been through a lot these previous days, really stressful life and work aigoo!!!   I can feel my skin aged 1 million years from the sleepless and unhappy nights...grrrr!  Is this what you call love sickness or separation anxiety?

So today, while everybody is going crazy over Pacquiao's fight. I decided to stay home and give my skin a good treat with Etude House House Made Essence Mask Vitamin E.
Product Description
Etude House House Made Essence Mask Vitamin E is a sheet mask packed with Vitamin E essence to promote skin vitality and and elasticity. 

Available variants for the Etude House House Made line:  
(I got the Vitamin E)
  • Vitamin A
  • Collagen
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Hyaluronic Acid
Net Wt. 20g / single sheet per pack
Price Php58.00
Available in all Etude House branches and Korean cosmetics online stores.

Key Ingredient
Vitamin E - we all know this is very good for our skin so I sited its helpful effects

  • It is a good anti-oxidant.
  • It has anti-inflammatory effect on skin.
  • It improves skin moisture, softness and smoothness.
  • It prevents cell damage caused by aging, stress, pollution and sun exposure.
  • It helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
  • It helps reduce scars.
How to use:
  1. Skincare routine (cleanse and tone).
  2. Slightly pat face to dry it.
  3. Open the chilled mask and put it on face (of course hehehe)
  4. Let it stay for 20 minutes or more.  I usually let it stay until the sheet dries up.
  5. Peel it off and pat the skin so the essence will be fully absorbed by the skin.

The sheet is pretty soaked in rich essence.
Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
I super love this mask because...
  • it instantly relaxed my super tired skin
  • it kept my skin hydrated
  • it brightened my dull skin caused by always sleeping late at night
  • it eased my oozing red zits from PMS
  • it is very affordable
  • it smells good
  • it is available locally
  • it is Etude House

I love sheet masks!  For me, it is the most convenient and most affordable way to get my skin pampered. 
So guys, when having a bad week, treat your skin at the convenience of your bedroom!

So that's it for today!!! Have a blessed Sunday everyone!!!

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Review: Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit N02

Hello ladies!!!

It's been a while since I reviewed a bb cream.  So here I am again sharing another wonderful innovation in the make up industry. Behold, the improved formula of the Precious Mineral from Etude House...Precious Mineral Bright Fit.  Actually I had the first collection which I reviewed here (one of the firsts I have tried) Precious Mineral Collection.
Product Description
Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit N02 - promotes silky complexion with pearl infused sheer coverage. Contains adenosine & arbutin for anti-wrinkle & whitening efficacies. SPF for UV protection (box description).

There are 4 shades / variants available for this line.  I got mine in N02 Light Beige which of course is the lightest shade.
  • N02 - Light Beige
  • W13 - Natural Beige
  • W24 - Honey Beige
  • W15 - Sand Beige
Net Wt. 60g (2.11 oz.)
Price Php798.00 (more or less $19.99)
Availability - all Etude House branches, online shops, online resellers

Highlights of the new formula
  • Zero Oil
  • More pearl extract than the old formula for a brighter coverage
  • Improved texture and consistency for a soft, smooth and pearly skin
  • Balanced moisture
It comes with a nice / working pump for a controlled and hygienic dispensingThis is actually an Etude House signature. Love it!!! =) 
This new formula is easier to blend.  I had my previous Precious Mineral in sheer silky and it was quite matte.  I must say the consistency and texture really improved well (previously I had to work fast in blending because it "mattifies" fast) from thick cream to not-so-thick-just right feel.
Since my skin is really oily and acidic, I always choose the lightest shade just in time when the cream sets.  My skin has always been like that, I get dark when i get oily (only my face though hahaha).
The coverage of this bb cream is quite sheer and really dewy but you can build it without getting the "too made up" look.  This is a good news to the ladies out there who have visible or obvious imperfections they want to conceal.  It would still look like the skin even when layered, just get the right shade for your skin color.

I love the sheerness of this cream since I only have minimal blemishes / seasonal acne traces hehehe to cover.  I only put a little just to brighten my dull stressed out skin.  I also love the dewiness that makes the skin look glazy and almost pearly.

Oil control is acceptable since this improved formula is designed to keep the skin moist as well.  Ilocos Norte is very very humid so that explains too... =)
sorry for the blurry pic
Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
I love this because...
  • it has SPF 30 / PA++ just enough to protect the skin from harmful UV rays that can cause premature aging and pigmentation
  • it has whitening properties with continuous use - it lightens the dark spots / acne marks
  • it has anti-wrinkle properties - (i am not super wrinkly pa naman but i have super super fine lines around the eye area)
  • it has zero oil - less oilier and does not attract zit causing germies hehehe
  • light and airy feeling - it does not feel heavy or thick on skin
  • no zit add ons hehehe
  • hygienic pump - love love love it
  • sheer and dewy coverage
  • it's not caky 
  • pearl powder infused BB cream 
  • fits perfectly like a real skin
  • just the oil control =)
  • price =(
So that's it on rainy Sunday... I hope you guys enjoyed your weekend.   Bye bye

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