Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Review: Tony Moly Crystal Light Pink Beam

Good morning ladies!!!

I was scheduled to write this post yesterday, Labor Day, an official non-working holiday here in the Philippines but a long time friend invited me out.  How could I resist? It has been a while since the last time we hanged out (tagging with us is my kiddo ofcourse).  We had lots of eating and shopping that made my baby whiny from time to time lol.

Before I blab non-sense let's proceed to my review on Tony Moly Crystal Light Pink Beam...very ideal this summer.  Just imagine your sun-kissed skin gleaming.
Product Description
Tony Moly Crystal Light Pink Beam is a volume make up highlighter that provides gleaming shine to the skin especially on areas that are hit by the sun first like the brow bone, nose bridge and cheekbones.  This highlighter provides a combination of lemon gold shine and luminous faint pink luster that makes the skin blooming and lively.  It also contains honey to keep the areas moist and supple.

Volume: 0.35 Fl. Oz. 10 ml
Price: Php498.00
Availability: all Tony Moly Outlets.  I got this one at Tony Moly SM Mega Mall Branch.

This line I guess is more on the glamorous side.  It comes in a sophisticated small glass bottle and box making it look really expensive =).
 It is also very handy. This will not consume much space of your vanity kit when going out so you can bring along with you anytime.
The cover comes with an applicator to heap the highlighter before applying it to skin.  Since the small glass bottle has a tiny mouth, you'll have no trouble in gettin' the thing out. The makeup is also quite thick so it is a good idea to slot in a spatula =).
As mentioned above, the consistency is quite thick but the texture is really really soft.  Blending is never troublesome.  
Swatches on my arm so you can see the pearly pink gleam it has.  
 I apologize for the sloppy pictures but I am telling you how radiant it is on skin.  When the sun hits the areas with the highlighter on, they just sparkle naturally like the Cullens =).
Frozen blossoms' thoughts:
I am a fan of volumizers, beams and highlighters.  They add life to a dull skin.  Among the others that I have tried, I love this because...
  • it doesn't scrape or flake off the bb cream or foundie when applying on top.
  • it doesn't oil up the skin
  • it doesn't emphasize the pores
  • it blends well with whatever make up
  • it gives a lustrous shine
  • it can go with a fair or dark skin tone
  • it smells good
  • it is available locally
Neutral:  It is Php498.00 =).  It will go a long way though. =)
Please don't mind the "too much" bronzer which made my neck whiter than my face. =)  

Till here... I hope you guys enjoyed this post.
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  1. After bb cream sis... It is a liquid type highlighter

  2. i love the packaging!! and i think it's affordable.. i hope i can try this one soon :)


  3. Thanks for droppin by Hazel, yes d packaging is kinda classy!!! :)

  4. Wow I wan to try this too.  When must this be applied? After BB Cream or before?  I use just BB Cream everyday :)