Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Review: Lip Plumping Shop

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I would like to apologize to Krissie, Cindy and Shannon of Lip Plumping Shop for this long overdue post. 

So, here goes my review of the Exclusive Luxury Collection Lip Plumping Shop all the way from Australia!!!  Thank you so much. =)
Product description
Lip Plumping shop specially designed this for women who wants to achieve the most luscious, soft and extra plump lips ever without the aid of injections.

Package Inclusions:
1 piece Lip plumping device
2 pieces 30ml Ultra Lip Desire Gloss
See contents for your reference:
The 2 pieces Ultra Desire glosses
For a detailed description of this gloss, please click here.
This gloss is formulated to make the thin lips swell making it look more pouty.  It also contains Vitamin E to help nourish the lips and prevent it from drying and chapping. 
The gloss plumps the lips through hydration. I suggest to put just a small amount coz it is quite tingly.  I felt a little discomfort but it is tolerable though. 
The lip plumping device is a little bit intimidating.  They say lip locking or kissing can make the lips fuller.  This thing simulates that process.  It acts as a suction to stretch the surrounding areas of the lips.  This is great if you want to achieve the model type big pouts.  Honestly, I skipped this part since I am born naturally with a "big" pout (embarrassed a bit coz it's not actually the trend in my country.)
Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
The Lip Plumping device  is really effective to get the natural full lips without getting the expensive and painful lip enhancement procedures.  I personally like the gloss coz it made my lips less chappy.  I often skip the suction device since I don't really need it.

This product is recommended for ladies who have thin lips who wants extra volume and trot a sexier pout. 

For inquiries you may visit the website Lip Plumping Shop

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