Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Review: Etude House Shini Star Clear Pact #2 Shinee Special Edition

Hello ladies!!!

I am sharing another loved pact from Etude House...the Shini Star Clear Pact in #2.  I got this Shinee Special Edition as a gift from a friend.  It was sent to the office right after my birthday.  Thank you so much and you really know what will make my day =).
Product Description
Etude House Shini Star Clear Pact #2 Lavender is part of the Shinee Special Edition collection.  This is my second product from this line.  First, was the BB lotion which I reviewed here.

It is a luminous pressed powder formulated to keep the skin moist and hydrated while suppressing facial sebum.
Net weight 10g (0.35 oz.)

Available Shades:
#1 Peach - for natural look
#2 Lavender - for brighter looking skin (I got mine in #2)
Availability - Available in all Etude House Branches (my friend got this in Mall of Asia Branch). 
Price -ranging from Php400.00 - Php500.00 

As mentioned, this was a gift from a good a friendIt got me so so excited. 
Honestly when I opened it, I was surprised to find out that the powder was in lavender.  I was like, how in the world will I look like in a purple talc?  So I immediately tried it on and I was really amazed by how luminous and bright it is. It did not give me the purple finish I was imagining at that time =).  
It is actually a very nice powder to set any liquid foundie or any favorite bb.  But since I got the bb lotion from the same line,  I prefer to use it after.
The talc is very fine and soft with really pretty shimmers in it.   It makes the face extra brilliant.  If you have a super clear / free from imperfection skin, this pact can give you a sheer fresh coverage. But then again, if you have blemishes to conceal then this pressed powder can't be used SOLO hehehe.
Swatch... can't barely see it.  It is good to set the bb lotion and to touch it up.  It pretty controls oil (love love love it) without drying up or flaking or caking the make up.
Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
I super love it because...
  • it is paraben free
  • it feels so light as if the skin can breathe through it
  • it controls oil
  • it does not cake
  • it is so sheer
  • it brightens the skin
  • it has a mild scent
  • it is Etude House =)
  • it has super cute and handy packaging...really tiny
  • it is sold locally
Neutral...it is limited edition =)

A simple photo which I took with my mobile phone. =) just another day in the office =)

That's it for tonight!!! Annyeong!!!


  1. whoa ! its sooo cute ! <3

  2. Thanks for visiting =)
    The compact is full of cuteness =)

  3. wah now i kinda want to try this! the peach one, sounds amazing coz i have oily skin hehe but the thing is its sheer with glitters, Great Review ;3

  4. Thanks for droppin by, i think the peach one aims to give u the natural look, it doesnt have shimmers sis.

  5. wah really? i have to check that one out then :D thank you for telling me :)

  6. Oooh nice. I have one of their purple powders from EH but not of this line. I like it as well.  :)

  7. Thanks for droppin by Dawn :) purple powder Is something new to me :)

  8. I hope you don't mind that I posted a link to this post over at myown review of this product in Peach over here: