Sunday, May 6, 2012

Review: Benetint by Benefit

Hello Sunday!!!

This afternoon, I will share a review of the very famous Benetint from Benefit.  I got this as a birthday gift from my friend who works for Benefit overseas.  Isn't she sweet? Thank you so much "kumadre".
Product Description
Benetint... "The sexiest flush you can get from a bottle.  Innocent yet provocative, our rose tinted cheek stain is see through color that endures it all... even in the thralls of passion."  From the back part of the box.
Volume 12.5 ml / 0.40 US fl oz
Price Php1800.00
Availabilty... sold locally - this product is available at Benefit Greenbelt 5 and can be ordered online as well.

The box says it is a cheek stain but it can be used as lip stain as well.  This is one of Benefit's best sellers and now I know why.  I love the natural sheer flush it gives the bare cheeks and and the sexy stain it gives the lips. 

It comes in a breakable / glass bottle - very handy and cute.  The applicator is soft and the material is just enough to gather the stain (looks like and feels like a nail polish brush).
Swatches of the rose-tinted stain. It is very sexy on all complexion.  Looks very pigmented right? Almost bloody red hihihi... =)
 But once blended, it gives a faint natural rosy tint. :)
Just make sure to blend it quick once you drop a few on your cheeks;  it dries up, sets, or absorbs by the skin really quick.  
 A swatch which I left within 3 seconds.  I tried to blend it but the streak was still visible.
Frozen blossoms' thoughts:
This stain is very ideal for all skin types and all skin complexions.  I am honestly applying this on top of my BB cream hahaha because I don't have that "good" skin.  And mind you, this thing doesn't scrape off or flake my bb cream.  It sets well especially when i'm done blending it (that's why I love it).

I like this because...
  • it has a nice scent
  • the packaging is cute and handy
  • it gives a natural flush, not very red 
  • it fixes the bare face in an instant
  • it lasts long on lips
  • it does not bleed
Neutral... it is expensive but it's Benefit anyways. =)

Dislike... you have to blend really fast to avoid streaks coz it really dries quick.

So till here...good afternoon.

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  1. Hi manang, didn't know you review skin care + make-up stuff! Love it! Ammok to ti gatgatangekon! Haha! 

  2. Thanks for droppin by marianee... :) wen it is a hobby of mine...