Thursday, May 10, 2012

Review: Bella Bamba by Benefit

Good evening ladies!!!

Still up?  I'm about to sleep but the weather is keeping me up hehehe.  Ilocos temperature lately can bake someone's skin hihihi. It's summer anyways... so if you wanna get a fabulous tan in the easiest most natural way visit Ilocos Norte!!! 

Blabbing...Okay,  I wanna share something handy tonight that can give you the sexiest flush while visiting our place. =)
Product Description
Bella Bamba by Benefit - "The triple dimension of pink...brightening, sculpting, and defining."
80g Net wt. 0.28 oz.
Price - Php1,800.00
Availability - sold locally, Visit Benefit Philippines at Greenbelt 5.

Again, let me thank my "kumare" for sending me this much loved blush on along with other Benefit products which I posted here...Benefit Loot from a Certified Benebabe.

Blush ons are one of my make up staples, fourth to my foundie or bb cream, eyebrow pencil and lipstick.  Honestly, this product has been my favorite ever since it was sent to me.  I love the soft pink color it gives my cheeks plus the natural shimmers that instantly brightens my skin even in its dullest moment.  

The 3d effect defines the apples of the cheeks making it higher.  I mean they make your cheeks pop!!! I admit 5 years ago my cheeks don't need defining, if you know what I mean hahaha (talking about signs of aging hmp).   

This photo doesn't really give justice to how nice the powder looks actually =).  It is soft and really fine.  It is pigmented but blends well and it gives a soft touch of healthy pink.
The packaging...I describe it as playful yet sophisticated art.  The shimmery box can be mistaken as a wedding ring box =).  When you ask a man to get this blush on inside your crowded hand bag he wouldn't have a clue. 
Compact type in an elegant box with a mirror (essential), blush brush and a divider / separator.  The separator keeps the brush from direct contact with the powder blush.
 I super love this brush, it is so soft and spreads the blush evenly on the skin.  
 The contents, for your reference.
 a swatch of Bella Bamba,  pretty shimmery pink!!!
 No need for a separate highlighter!!! 

Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
I am so in love with my Bella Bamba, on bad days, this baby never let me down. Honestly!!!
  • soft pinkinsh flush
  • highlights and brightens the face in an instant
  • very natural
  • it comes with a fine brush
  • a very handy elegant packaging

No complains!!! Thank you Benefit for the great products!!!

Just sharing a quick pic at the office.  Rayabebe, sowi got yah doin' your eyes at my back.  Morning scenario at the office. =)
Till here...

Goodnight peeps!!!

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