Monday, May 14, 2012

My ZALORA Wishlist

I have been working for almost nine years now and to tell you honestly I have never purchased any valuable stuff to treat myself.  Family has been my priority, so shopping really "high end" has always been a fantasy.

So, I'm grabbing this opportunity to post my wishes for 2012.

I have been drooling over Ray Ban signature Gold Craft eversince I saw this on "No other woman" while Anne Curtis is jetskiing!!!  Isn't she the sexiest?  Well, nice accents Ray Ban =)!

Losing weight has been a personal goal for this year and getting a nice of pair of decent shoes is out of the budget, so I'm including this Nike Airmax S2S on my list. 

This nice satchel bag will definitely be a buddy to the office, malls and night outs.  I have been eyeing on satchel bags since I saw Kim Nana sport them on City Hunter.

On denim and tee days, this lovely wedge will instantly hype a boring look.  With the added height and cute designs, surely, I will stand out in a crowd!!!  

Lastly, the girl in me would love this  Freeway pretty little blue dress.  I can just imagine my husby's proud eyes while on a date with me!!!

So there goes my day dreaming!!! Wish me luck ladies...dreams do come true. ;)

Good night!!!

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