Saturday, May 19, 2012

Event: Unveiling Polka Dot

Hello ladies!!!  Any plans for your Saturday night?  Since the weather is gloomy here in Ilocos Norte, I have decided to enjoy the weather at home with my bebe boy.  I went out last night though... wanna know about it?  Well here goes my Friday night with friends...

Last night I attended the unveiling of Polka Dot, a new line from the Red Dot Stores (Red Dot actually offers super fun, chic, lovely and "affordable luxury" to the locals). Officially, the new collection is also exclusively available at  Red Dot online store

Thank you so much again for the invitation.

Frozen Blossoms in action... thanks to Kei for the pictures.  Honestly, I am one lousy photographer who doesn't even own a decent camera hahaha.

We were greeted by Polka Dot billboard outside...featuring our very own local celebs and style icons Ericke Tan, Ivon Domingo and Lovely Abadilla, so nice to be young and pretty.

F4 - short for Fab Four of Smart Laoag Retail Store =) hahaha Smartees agree? I know...
 Meet Steph, "ME" and Ria (Kei took the photos with her Samsung Galaxy Note)
 Polka Dot is a hit, everybody was very eager to grab the first collection.  This pic doesn't give justice to how stylish, edgy and playful the designs are.  I got excited and started shopping like crazy with Steph and Kei... there were pumps, chunks, satchels, accessories, dresses and dresses... heaven as the girls call it hihihi.
I was super caught excited again!!! Ria what's the fuzz? Everything is so stylish yet budget friendly.  Well, many will agree that sometimes you pay for the quality right?
Pretty vavavoom Kei, Laoag's very own Kim Nana or Lee Min Ho hahaha... =) On the other hand, we lost Steph.  She was so busy all over the place grabbing everything wahhhh that girl can surely buy the store.  =)
 And then...I saw paradise!!!  am I seeing The Face Shop, Baviphat and Benefit?  This is outside the Polka Dot line of course.  Red Dot also resells authentic cosmetics. Awesome!!!
I found something KPOP yahoo!!! I love Kim Hyun Joong and I love The face Shop =)  I am more than happier, it is so seldom I see these kinds of stuff in my hometown.
The best part of my evening... I got to take photos with my most admired top bloggers of Ilocos, the very pretty Ms.Ericke Tan of Surprisingly Kitsch, Polka Dot muse, and a recognized fashion blogger and her mom Ms. Tina Tan of BlauEarth, a respected lifestyle blogger.
 Thanks to Steph, I got to meet the very chic owner, Ms. Mary Ann Cua - Macaraeg.
I am a fan of her very artistic eye for details and angles, dashing Marianne Pasion of MarMaryaneeephotography.
Pictures, pictures, pictures... that is why we were created girls hehehe. 
Polka Dot also treated us with super sumptuous buffet, I love the cupcakes, the pink macaroons, the icing coated lollipops... ahhh sweets are just my bestfriends. =)
Kei and me with the boyfriend's shirt inspired outfit.  I saw this actually from Project Vanity and fell in love with it.
 When was the last time, we hanged out? I couldn't even remember... how I missed these girls.  It was a good night to laugh and reminisce. Well, I know make ups and fashion will bring us together ayt?
 My first Polka Dot purchase!!!  Thanks for the cute freebie :).  A comfy maxi dress, love it!!!
 And of course The Face Shop Power Perfection Make Up Kit and...
 The Face Shop Face It BB Special Kit.

Frozen Blossom's forecast:  shopping on payday LOL!!!

Visit WWW.SHOPREDDOT.PH and check out the fashion line for the chic and stylish. 

It was a fun fun fun night.  Congratulations to the people behind Polka Dot!!!

Good night!!!


  1. for how much did you get that 
    The Face Shop Power Perfection Make Up Kit?? seems interesting...

  2. Thanks for droppin by... I got it for Php500.00. What d u think? :)

  3. love this entry! fashion, makeup and food!! awesome ;D


  4. Wow I have that blue one BB cream as well. ^^,

    BTW I am having my first ever giveaway maybe you and your friends wants to join. ^^,