Thursday, May 31, 2012

Frozen Blossoms' Back to School Giveaway (CLOSED)

Hello ladies!!!

It's gonna be back to school soon so I decided to share some of my stuff.
  • To join... just follow the steps on the Rafflecopter
  • 2 winners will be receiving a simple loot 
  • a special loot will be given to the first who will be joining (with valid entry)
  • Please drop a  comment with your facebook name, twitter account name, email address and name used to follow via GFC
  • Philippine residents only
  • Winners will be announced 24 hours after the giveaway has ended
  • Shipping cost will be shouldered by Frozen Blossoms
 First Loot...
1 Lucy - Merry Ghost in Korea Planner
1 heart notebook clip
1 One Love Pink Pocket Mirror
1 Pink Polka Dot Pencil Bag
1 Kawaii Sleeping Eye Cover
1 Tony Moly Luminous Goddess Aura Beam 1.05 oz / retail size
1 Dr. Jart + Water Fuse Blemish Base BB - travel size 
1 Maybelline Babylips SPF20 Lip Balm - Energizing Orange
1 Baviphat Apple Lip Balm 
1 AC Clinic Skin Care Kit
1 Kawayi lashes
 Samples: (2 Skinfood Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore Cream, 1 Lioele Secret Pore Rich Balm,1 Missha Signature Radiance Pore Primer, 1 Missha Signature Real Complete BB Cream and 1 Etude House Total Age Repair Royal Essence)

Second Loot...
1 Lucy - Merry Ghost in Korea Planner
1 heart notebook clip
1 Gentle Rain Blue Pocket Mirror
1 Blue Polka Dot Pencil Bag
1 Kawaii Sleeping Eye Cover 
1 Tony Moly Premium Eyelash
1 Skin79 Super BB Triple Functions - travel size
1 Skin79 VIP Gold Super BB - travel size
1 Dr. Jart + Regenerating Blemish Base BB - travel size
1 Nature Republic Petit Cherry Rouge M27 - Moisture
1 Nature Republic Star Lip Balm
1 Maybelline Babylips SPF20 Lipbalm
1 Etude House Collagen Moistfull Trial Kit
Samples: (2 Skinfood Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore Serum, Lioele Secret Pore Rich Balm, Missha Signature Radiance Pore Primer, Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer, Etude House Total Age Repair Royal Essence)
Special Loot
1 Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream 03
2 Missha Point Make Up Remover Tissue
1 Skinfood Rice Mask Wash Off
1 Skinfood Blackberry Eye Cream
1 Jericho Body Butter
1 Etude House Missing U, Be Happy! pen
1 Red Dot Kawaii Stuff
I am giving away my Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB SPF20 Pa++ instead of blog sale (95% left) with new sponge provided. 

Thank you so much. 
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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Review: Etude House Shini Star Clear Pact #2 Shinee Special Edition

Hello ladies!!!

I am sharing another loved pact from Etude House...the Shini Star Clear Pact in #2.  I got this Shinee Special Edition as a gift from a friend.  It was sent to the office right after my birthday.  Thank you so much and you really know what will make my day =).
Product Description
Etude House Shini Star Clear Pact #2 Lavender is part of the Shinee Special Edition collection.  This is my second product from this line.  First, was the BB lotion which I reviewed here.

It is a luminous pressed powder formulated to keep the skin moist and hydrated while suppressing facial sebum.
Net weight 10g (0.35 oz.)

Available Shades:
#1 Peach - for natural look
#2 Lavender - for brighter looking skin (I got mine in #2)
Availability - Available in all Etude House Branches (my friend got this in Mall of Asia Branch). 
Price -ranging from Php400.00 - Php500.00 

As mentioned, this was a gift from a good a friendIt got me so so excited. 
Honestly when I opened it, I was surprised to find out that the powder was in lavender.  I was like, how in the world will I look like in a purple talc?  So I immediately tried it on and I was really amazed by how luminous and bright it is. It did not give me the purple finish I was imagining at that time =).  
It is actually a very nice powder to set any liquid foundie or any favorite bb.  But since I got the bb lotion from the same line,  I prefer to use it after.
The talc is very fine and soft with really pretty shimmers in it.   It makes the face extra brilliant.  If you have a super clear / free from imperfection skin, this pact can give you a sheer fresh coverage. But then again, if you have blemishes to conceal then this pressed powder can't be used SOLO hehehe.
Swatch... can't barely see it.  It is good to set the bb lotion and to touch it up.  It pretty controls oil (love love love it) without drying up or flaking or caking the make up.
Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
I super love it because...
  • it is paraben free
  • it feels so light as if the skin can breathe through it
  • it controls oil
  • it does not cake
  • it is so sheer
  • it brightens the skin
  • it has a mild scent
  • it is Etude House =)
  • it has super cute and handy packaging...really tiny
  • it is sold locally is limited edition =)

A simple photo which I took with my mobile phone. =) just another day in the office =)

That's it for tonight!!! Annyeong!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Event: Unveiling Polka Dot

Hello ladies!!!  Any plans for your Saturday night?  Since the weather is gloomy here in Ilocos Norte, I have decided to enjoy the weather at home with my bebe boy.  I went out last night though... wanna know about it?  Well here goes my Friday night with friends...

Last night I attended the unveiling of Polka Dot, a new line from the Red Dot Stores (Red Dot actually offers super fun, chic, lovely and "affordable luxury" to the locals). Officially, the new collection is also exclusively available at  Red Dot online store

Thank you so much again for the invitation.

Frozen Blossoms in action... thanks to Kei for the pictures.  Honestly, I am one lousy photographer who doesn't even own a decent camera hahaha.

We were greeted by Polka Dot billboard outside...featuring our very own local celebs and style icons Ericke Tan, Ivon Domingo and Lovely Abadilla, so nice to be young and pretty.

F4 - short for Fab Four of Smart Laoag Retail Store =) hahaha Smartees agree? I know...
 Meet Steph, "ME" and Ria (Kei took the photos with her Samsung Galaxy Note)
 Polka Dot is a hit, everybody was very eager to grab the first collection.  This pic doesn't give justice to how stylish, edgy and playful the designs are.  I got excited and started shopping like crazy with Steph and Kei... there were pumps, chunks, satchels, accessories, dresses and dresses... heaven as the girls call it hihihi.
I was super caught excited again!!! Ria what's the fuzz? Everything is so stylish yet budget friendly.  Well, many will agree that sometimes you pay for the quality right?
Pretty vavavoom Kei, Laoag's very own Kim Nana or Lee Min Ho hahaha... =) On the other hand, we lost Steph.  She was so busy all over the place grabbing everything wahhhh that girl can surely buy the store.  =)
 And then...I saw paradise!!!  am I seeing The Face Shop, Baviphat and Benefit?  This is outside the Polka Dot line of course.  Red Dot also resells authentic cosmetics. Awesome!!!
I found something KPOP yahoo!!! I love Kim Hyun Joong and I love The face Shop =)  I am more than happier, it is so seldom I see these kinds of stuff in my hometown.
The best part of my evening... I got to take photos with my most admired top bloggers of Ilocos, the very pretty Ms.Ericke Tan of Surprisingly Kitsch, Polka Dot muse, and a recognized fashion blogger and her mom Ms. Tina Tan of BlauEarth, a respected lifestyle blogger.
 Thanks to Steph, I got to meet the very chic owner, Ms. Mary Ann Cua - Macaraeg.
I am a fan of her very artistic eye for details and angles, dashing Marianne Pasion of MarMaryaneeephotography.
Pictures, pictures, pictures... that is why we were created girls hehehe. 
Polka Dot also treated us with super sumptuous buffet, I love the cupcakes, the pink macaroons, the icing coated lollipops... ahhh sweets are just my bestfriends. =)
Kei and me with the boyfriend's shirt inspired outfit.  I saw this actually from Project Vanity and fell in love with it.
 When was the last time, we hanged out? I couldn't even remember... how I missed these girls.  It was a good night to laugh and reminisce. Well, I know make ups and fashion will bring us together ayt?
 My first Polka Dot purchase!!!  Thanks for the cute freebie :).  A comfy maxi dress, love it!!!
 And of course The Face Shop Power Perfection Make Up Kit and...
 The Face Shop Face It BB Special Kit.

Frozen Blossom's forecast:  shopping on payday LOL!!!

Visit WWW.SHOPREDDOT.PH and check out the fashion line for the chic and stylish. 

It was a fun fun fun night.  Congratulations to the people behind Polka Dot!!!

Good night!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Event: Polka Dot Launch...we dare you to be young!!!

Another anticipated event will color our ways tomorrow--brace yourselves as Red Dot will officially launch a new line, POLKA DOT!!!  Block your calendars and get, first hand, their chic and stylish collections at 6:30 pm, May 18, 2012 at the Red Dot Tent.

Thanks to Ericke Tan of and Maryanne Pasion of maryaneeephotography for sending the invites.  I am more than excited to check out what's in store for the young-at-hearts like me =)... talking about sinful splurging.

so chic
Thanks for the Eco Bag
May 18, 2012 Red Dot Tent, 6:30pm 
press kit
the faces of Polka Dot:  Playful Ericke Tan, sweet Lovely Abadilla and Edgy Ivon Domingo
Polka Dot is exclusively available at or visit their Facebook Account Red Dot

See yah there!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Review: Lip Plumping Shop

Good evening ladies!!!

I would like to apologize to Krissie, Cindy and Shannon of Lip Plumping Shop for this long overdue post. 

So, here goes my review of the Exclusive Luxury Collection Lip Plumping Shop all the way from Australia!!!  Thank you so much. =)
Product description
Lip Plumping shop specially designed this for women who wants to achieve the most luscious, soft and extra plump lips ever without the aid of injections.

Package Inclusions:
1 piece Lip plumping device
2 pieces 30ml Ultra Lip Desire Gloss
See contents for your reference:
The 2 pieces Ultra Desire glosses
For a detailed description of this gloss, please click here.
This gloss is formulated to make the thin lips swell making it look more pouty.  It also contains Vitamin E to help nourish the lips and prevent it from drying and chapping. 
The gloss plumps the lips through hydration. I suggest to put just a small amount coz it is quite tingly.  I felt a little discomfort but it is tolerable though. 
The lip plumping device is a little bit intimidating.  They say lip locking or kissing can make the lips fuller.  This thing simulates that process.  It acts as a suction to stretch the surrounding areas of the lips.  This is great if you want to achieve the model type big pouts.  Honestly, I skipped this part since I am born naturally with a "big" pout (embarrassed a bit coz it's not actually the trend in my country.)
Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
The Lip Plumping device  is really effective to get the natural full lips without getting the expensive and painful lip enhancement procedures.  I personally like the gloss coz it made my lips less chappy.  I often skip the suction device since I don't really need it.

This product is recommended for ladies who have thin lips who wants extra volume and trot a sexier pout. 

For inquiries you may visit the website Lip Plumping Shop

Good night!!!

Review: SKINFOOD Apple Can Multi Blusher #2 Apple Orange

Good morning ladies!!!

It’s a wistful morning here in Ilocos Norte.  The morning drizzle makes it tranquil and I just love to spend my day cuddling my baby.   My rest day yahoo!!!!  

Well, a quick post won't get much of my time, here goes my review of another favorite blush on from Skin Food.
Product Description
Skin Food Apple Can Multi Blusher 
This multi-colored blusher functions as a cheek blush and a highlighter giving a three dimensional look.

Key ingredient:
It contains apple extract which has been proven as one of nature's best antioxidants.
There are three variants available for this blush on.  I got mine in Shade #2.
  • Shade #1 Apple Pink
  • Shade #2 Apple Orange
  • Shade #3 Apple Lavender
Availabilty - all Skin Food outlets (sold locally).  It is sold online as well.
Price - Php500.00
Net Weight 8.5 grams
This is a three-toned blusher (light beige, soft peach and light pink), not orangy actually instead it is more on the soft peachy shade.   
The powder is very fine and felt almost velvety.  It is not very pigmented though but that makes it very pretty.  It gives a natural peachy glow on the cheeks.    The swatches below show how light the shades are and how bright they can be.  So just imagine them blended well on your cheeks right? 
Aside from the blush on factor, I also use the soft peach to contour my face  and the light beige to highlight my brow bones, cheek bones and nose bridge hehehe.  Though I still need a lot of practicing I am pretty pleased by how this thing works on me.
Packaging is loved as well coz of it's handy cute orange tin can shaped like an apple container.  It comes with a free soft cottony puff too.  Very lovely indeed!!!
Frozen Blossom's thoughts:
I super love this blush on plus highlighter plus contouring.  It saved me a lot. =)  I had been a "pink blush" fan and it was a risk for me to buy this...I am pretty overjoyed with the effect though.  No complains and highly recommendable.

  • handy compact type packaging
  • soft peach tone 
  • very natural
  • 3 in 1  - blush on, highlight and contouring
  • semi-bronzer
  • soft puff
  • Quite pricey but it's Skin Food anyways.
So that's it for today.  Please do follow Frozen Blossoms if you want updates on Korean Skin care and cosmetics!!!


Monday, May 14, 2012

My ZALORA Wishlist

I have been working for almost nine years now and to tell you honestly I have never purchased any valuable stuff to treat myself.  Family has been my priority, so shopping really "high end" has always been a fantasy.

So, I'm grabbing this opportunity to post my wishes for 2012.

I have been drooling over Ray Ban signature Gold Craft eversince I saw this on "No other woman" while Anne Curtis is jetskiing!!!  Isn't she the sexiest?  Well, nice accents Ray Ban =)!

Losing weight has been a personal goal for this year and getting a nice of pair of decent shoes is out of the budget, so I'm including this Nike Airmax S2S on my list. 

This nice satchel bag will definitely be a buddy to the office, malls and night outs.  I have been eyeing on satchel bags since I saw Kim Nana sport them on City Hunter.

On denim and tee days, this lovely wedge will instantly hype a boring look.  With the added height and cute designs, surely, I will stand out in a crowd!!!  

Lastly, the girl in me would love this  Freeway pretty little blue dress.  I can just imagine my husby's proud eyes while on a date with me!!!

So there goes my day dreaming!!! Wish me luck ladies...dreams do come true. ;)

Good night!!!