Friday, April 27, 2012

Review: Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB #1

Anneong haseyo!!!

It has been days since my last post... I am actually spending my nights re-running the kdrama, A Love to Kill.  I miss BI (Rain) so much lol!!!  His sexy style, good acting and sense of humor lightens my mood.  You know work is exhausting lately and sometimes I do feel like quitting hayyysss.   I guess everybody comes to this point. Atleast I have my 4th dimensional world to console me...K-WORLD!!! =)

So for tonight's review... Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB SPF20 PA++
Product Description
This BB cream is formulated in a jelly sort, water-charged / based to keep skin moist and radiant while providing perfect coverage and exceptional hydration.

Sun Protection - SPF 20 PA++
Volume 40ml
Price Php685.00
Availability - online...I got it from KKOCHIPIDA (facebook)

It comes in refreshing aqua blue box plus a glass bottle shaped like a "jelly ace".  It has also   a free sponge intended for blending the BB (ooopppssss please don't mind the sponge, took a pic after I swatched the BB for this review,  I do wash my sponges everytime I use them: fact.)
The cover comes with the applicator which is helpful in gathering the BB before applying to skin.  It is but right to use an applicator to gather the BB since it's jelly type. I love it!!! Talking about germ control hihihi.  Just imagine dipping your fingers from time to time if it doesn't come with this one ryt? mentioned many times, it's in jelly like bb (it wiggles hehehe just exaggerating though).  It looks thick on the pic but it's not.  The marine jelly held it actually.  If not for this content this BB would be runny / watery. =)
The tone is just right for Asian ladies with fair complexion.  I got the #1 bright which is the lightest shade.  For darker skin tone, go for the #2 natural shade.
I say coverage is medium sheer but you can build it if you have obvious imperfections.  For minor cases, 1 coat is enough though... (hehehe) 
This BB provides a really really dewy finish.  You might want to set it with your loose powder.
Oil control is manageable... since this product is really moistful, expect that it will oil you up (remember it was designed to give the glowy look).
Pore coverage? I'm pretty satisfied. =)
Frozen Blossoms' thoughts...
I like this BB because...
  • it provided me a dewy, radiant finish... as Kuya Tante, our office messenger described...glowy)
  • it concealed my acne marks, note: not the bumps though.
  • it made my pores disappear, I thought so hehehe
  • it didn't break me out, I mean no additional =)
  • it felt light on skin
  • SPF20 PA++
  • it has  light babyish scent... love love love =)
  • average oil control

Overall... it is highly recommended!!!
Really dewy...=)  

Till next time...mwah

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  1. Hello, nice review, so it has dewy finish, well,  I have oily-combi skin, I want to try it but I'm afraid that it will make my face oilier

  2. Yes sis, blotting or setting it with a loose powder will help. :)
    Ideal when the office or the school has good air conditioning atleast your skin will be hydrated :)

  3. lovely dewy finish! :)

  4. Hello! If I'm a creamy natural on my powder, what color of BB cream should I pick?? I have never tried this type of product but I would love to have one.
    -Jinny, Puerto Rico

  5. Hello! If I'm a creamy natural on my powder, what color of BB cream should I pick?? I have never tried this type of product but I would love to have one.
    -Jinny, Puerto Rico

  6. You're welcome sis thank you too for droppin by :)

  7. Bb's my favorite make up!!! We share the same l-o-v-e sis... Thanks for droppin by :)

  8. Thanks for sharing! I was a bit interested on this BB, but didn't know if it was good or not. Now I know. :)

  9. thanks for the review know how addicted i am w/ bb cream'