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Review: Benefit the POREfessional

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I am soooo blessed I have a very generous “kumadre” who sends me handful of Benefit products that were previously posted on my blog.  Some of the stuff I received are Benefit Finding Mr. Bright and others (itemized on this post Benefit Loot)…awwww my heart is singing out loud.  Thanks Miles!!! 
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So tonight, I decided to make a review on the most yearned for Benefit product, the POREfessional!!!
Product description
Benefit the POREfessional…
  • Is a PRO balm to quickly minimize the appearance of pores.
  • Is a Dual-action to prime and touch-up during the day, talking about hitting two birds with one stone.
  • Oil-free  - very ideal for a sensitive and acne prone skin. 
  • Lightweight - it felt as if you have nothing on your face, barely there matte non-greasy feeling.
  • Translucent - it is very very sheer yet it minimizes the visibility of the pores.
  • Silky - it gives a very sleek, soft and smooth skin prior to make up application.           
How to use…
As a primer
  1. Apply to washed / cleansed, toned, lightly moisturized skin.
  2. Pat gently to areas with enlarged or visible pores like the t-zone
  3. And blend with fingertips.
As a touch-up / over make up
  1. Pat on lightly over your makeup routine like liquid foundie or bb cream to seal the gloss.
  2. Blend gently.
Volume 22.0 ml / 0.75 US fl.oz.
Price  USD 29.00 from the Benefit Website
Availability – available locally at Greenbelt 5 and Rustan's Shangri-la, online stores.
 silky creamy
 skin tone
 it made the lines less visible ayt...
 very handy squeeze it tube
 no spill, easy dispensing
with the POREfessional underneath my usual BB Cream routine
Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
  • I find this primer great simply because it gives my skin the matte feeling.  I am impressed by how superb the oil control is.  Honestly, with this thing underneath my bb, I oil up lesser and my make up stays put during my usual long day.
  • As for the pore coverage,  it doesn't really do magic (I mean not total zero visibility lol).  It actually fills in the pores and fine lines which makes the skin smooth and ready for the liquid foundie or bb routine.  
  • And since it is very translucent and silicone-y,  it does not make the skin look overly done when topped with make up.
  • The packaging is simply adorable. It comes in a very handy tube that can fit in your purse for an instant touch up anytime.
  • Lastly, it doesn't clog the pores and it doesn't break me out (just removed it thoroughly though)

The things I do not appreciate are...
  • it scrapes off my make up when I tried to use it on top or as my touch up (I prefer it as my primer)
  • the price is really high end-ish hehehe.
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