Saturday, April 7, 2012

Review: Baviphat Sugar Girl All in One Collagen BB

Hello ladies!!!  It's been a while... How's the vacation so far?  I hope you are all havin' a blast.  
Me and my fam decided to spend it at home, I just love it.  I had been working a lot and going out on a long break is the last thing on my mind.  I always enjoy hanging out with my boys.  Hihihi I'm sneaking for a short post though...

Product overview
Baviphat  Sugar GIrl All in One Collagen BB is a primer which covers pores and wrinkles, also a collagen for boosting the skin's elasticity and a bb cream.  It contains highly refined powder which makes the skin looks smooth and balanced and highly recommended for sensitive skin.  Pretty offers a lot ha? 

Since I am a busy working mom and putting a lot of make up before goin' to work is a hassle  plus I do have a sensitive skin, I decided to give this one a try.  
The coverage is really really sheer and dewy.  I have tried to build it but it's too translucent.  
  • This one is pretty for ladies with clear skin (which I don't =( have). 
  • It's good for covering light freckles though.
  • For skin with mild to noticeable acne traces, a separate concealer is needed underneath.
  • It rendered the skin a healthy glow which I love yeeeyyyy.
The oil control is acceptable, considering that this is a collagen infused bb. 

How to use 
  1. skincare routine (wash, tone, moisturize)
  2. apply evenly unto face and neck
Volume 30 ml
Price Php340.00
Availability - online, I got this one from ebayer, Gailygirl
 Pretty in pink - love the packaging
 I super love the metallic soft pink tube 
 It comes in a squeeze-it type tube for easy control and dispensing
 swatched - color is nice for fair skin
 just blended well with my color
super translucent and dewy - husby's nasty comment "oily" =)
very affordable
sheer / translucent coverage
super cute packaging
the glow it gives the skin
doesn't feel sticky or heavy on skin
collagen and moisturizer

way too sheer for my skin condition
oil control

It's a good primer though,  due to my skin condition I need to use a separate liquid foundie or bb cream on top.

If you got the super clear skin then this one will be great for you. It's mild and it's all in one.  But then if you have imperfections to conceal then this alone will not be appreciated.  It's a great primer though... =)

That's it for tonight!!! Mwah!!!

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  1. galleryibu.blogspot.comDecember 20, 2012 at 6:23 PM

    thanks for this review.. i wanted to buy this last time but i didn't because i couldn't find any blogger reviews about this. i think i'm gonna try the primer from this line.. have you tried baviphat primer?

  2. Hisis, I super love the primer, you may visit my review here... Thanks