Monday, April 16, 2012

My 5 Prettiest K-actresses / Kpop Stars

Anneong Haseyo!!!

How's your Monday? I hope it's good... 

I just wanna share my top girl-crushes in no particular order.  I so love them all!!!

(Important Note:  pictures from google)

Shi Min Ah - I love her super innocent with a sexy twist style.  I first saw her on the drama My girlfriend is a Nine-tailed Fox and I instantly admired her.  She got the curves to die for!!! Nice skin, great fashion taste, long legs, pretty face (drool)!!! 

Park Shin Hye - She's a certified CUTY BABE!!! I saw her first on one of the CF's of Etude House. Awww her petite figure, glowing skin and dainty beauty are her bests!!!  I so love her portray GO MI NAM in the drama, You're Beautiful. 

Yoon Eun Hye - How could I forget this pretty baby when I first watched the drama, Princess Hours. I just love her carefree style.  Her smile is worth billions of Won right? 

Hwang bo - Ommo!!! NUNA BRIDE!!! I love her loud laugh and her boyish style.  I am so jealous Kim Hyun Joong treated her well during the We got married Season 1 hahaha.  It's all good though I love them both!!!

Lee Hyori - 100% HOT. Talking about S-E-X-Y.  Awww this SUJU endorser is an epitome of timeless beauty.  I wish to see her conquer the KPOP world again.

So that's it for tonight... Me Rambling non-stop oppps... hehehe



  1. me like Lee Dahae, U should watch My Girl and Hello Miss. ^^

  2. Thanks Elle for visiting. She's indeed pretty too =)