Sunday, April 29, 2012

Review: THE FACE SHOP Sebum Control Soothing Mask Sheet

Good afternoon Sunday!!!

How's your weekend so far?  Honestly, I just got up from a noontime nap (that felt great). 
Lemme just share a mask I just used while's the Face Shop Clean Face Sebum Control Soothing Mask Sheet.  I have been breaking out lately and I needed something to heal and refresh my skin.  The hot weather is making my skin really oily plus I am in a lot of stress,  I always stay up late as in really late for the past days and I am not eating healthy lately hehehe.  Bad bad bad. So here goes my review...

Product description
The Face Shop Clean Face Sebum Control Soothing Mask sheet is of course part of the Clean Face line formulated for oily and acne prone skin.  It is an improved version which contains Green Tea to control sebum and to sooth the skin.  

Green Tea is a very popular agent in the skincare world because of its ability to control excess sebum which causes acne.  It has good anti-bacterial, anti-itching and antiseptic properties to help heal and reduce whatever swelling or inflammations.

This mask, I must say is specifically formulated not only to relax and refresh the skin but to help calm skin irritation.

Price Php165.00 per sheet.  One pack contains one sheet
Availability - available at all The Face Shop outlets.  This sheet was bought at Robinson's Galleria Branch (Thanks to my Mareng Maan).

Please see back part, contents are in English =).
It comes in a sealed pack, the sheet is soaked in herbs and essences. =)  I suggest to chill it first before applying unto clean face to feel more relaxed and energized.
I love masks!!!  Our skin deserves a weekly treat!!!
Me with the mask on... hehehe

A stolen photo by my kiddo while I am enjoying Sparkling Magazine's spring issue.  I love Kpop!!! This magazine is definitely a must have for me.  Lookin' forward to more copies!!!
Me, browsing the net with mah oldie IPAD.  I love it though... wishlist...upgrade to IPAD 3 lol.  Fell asleep after the reading and net surfing =).

Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
I love this mask because...
  • it instantly refreshed my skin
  • it contains healing herb 
  • it controls oil
  • it comes with a relaxing scent
  • it is available locally
  • it reduced the swelling and redness
This mask is highly recommended for oily, sensitive and acne prone skin.  I will definitely buy it again. =)

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Review: Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB #1

Anneong haseyo!!!

It has been days since my last post... I am actually spending my nights re-running the kdrama, A Love to Kill.  I miss BI (Rain) so much lol!!!  His sexy style, good acting and sense of humor lightens my mood.  You know work is exhausting lately and sometimes I do feel like quitting hayyysss.   I guess everybody comes to this point. Atleast I have my 4th dimensional world to console me...K-WORLD!!! =)

So for tonight's review... Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB SPF20 PA++
Product Description
This BB cream is formulated in a jelly sort, water-charged / based to keep skin moist and radiant while providing perfect coverage and exceptional hydration.

Sun Protection - SPF 20 PA++
Volume 40ml
Price Php685.00
Availability - online...I got it from KKOCHIPIDA (facebook)

It comes in refreshing aqua blue box plus a glass bottle shaped like a "jelly ace".  It has also   a free sponge intended for blending the BB (ooopppssss please don't mind the sponge, took a pic after I swatched the BB for this review,  I do wash my sponges everytime I use them: fact.)
The cover comes with the applicator which is helpful in gathering the BB before applying to skin.  It is but right to use an applicator to gather the BB since it's jelly type. I love it!!! Talking about germ control hihihi.  Just imagine dipping your fingers from time to time if it doesn't come with this one ryt? mentioned many times, it's in jelly like bb (it wiggles hehehe just exaggerating though).  It looks thick on the pic but it's not.  The marine jelly held it actually.  If not for this content this BB would be runny / watery. =)
The tone is just right for Asian ladies with fair complexion.  I got the #1 bright which is the lightest shade.  For darker skin tone, go for the #2 natural shade.
I say coverage is medium sheer but you can build it if you have obvious imperfections.  For minor cases, 1 coat is enough though... (hehehe) 
This BB provides a really really dewy finish.  You might want to set it with your loose powder.
Oil control is manageable... since this product is really moistful, expect that it will oil you up (remember it was designed to give the glowy look).
Pore coverage? I'm pretty satisfied. =)
Frozen Blossoms' thoughts...
I like this BB because...
  • it provided me a dewy, radiant finish... as Kuya Tante, our office messenger described...glowy)
  • it concealed my acne marks, note: not the bumps though.
  • it made my pores disappear, I thought so hehehe
  • it didn't break me out, I mean no additional =)
  • it felt light on skin
  • SPF20 PA++
  • it has  light babyish scent... love love love =)
  • average oil control

Overall... it is highly recommended!!!
Really dewy...=)  

Till next time...mwah

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Event: Etude House Playhouse Pink Fair 2012 - Day 1 and Day 2

Hello ladies!!!

I still have the Etude House Playhouse event hangover.  I know my post is a bit late.  I just arrived here in Ilocos Norte this morning...a little bit exhausted but I'm still all smiles.  The event was worth all the effort and travel (actually went to visit husby na rin who is currently enjoying his summer studies at ADMU).

Here is a peek of my "pink girl" experience...

I am so thankful I received the official invite from Ms. Rea Uy, Marketing Officer of Etude House.  She was very accomodating and really really helpful.  She actually spared me 4 invitations. I raffled  / shared 3 to interested readers. I was touched since my blog is not that popular but God knows how much I love Etude House. =)

The entrance was a thrill in all pink, very girly, very pretty!!!  The pink beetle car was an attraction.
Meg's booth - it's where you can get the free magazine after liking their FB PAGE.
The photobooth was a hit... my goodness the line must have stretched forever.  Good thing I was early!!!

A playhouse is not complete without the cool games ha.  I have enjoyed every bit and won freebies and Shinee merchs!!! Love love love
Several sponsors like Tous Les Jours served the heavenly pink macaroons.  I can't get over them!!!
There was selecta with their famous Cornetto, just in time for the Summer... I got the delicious vanilla...yum =)
Popcorn and cotton candy stand also made everybody crazy.

The skincare display made me drool...awww 
They showcased high quality, reasonably priced, very effective and colorful products.
I wasn't able to get a picture of the cosmetics, everything was just lovely.  A lot have been flocking actually to get a glimpse of the wide collection.

The freedom wall, it was huge but it was packed with signatures and messages.
The make over counter was a blast.  I wanted to try it but everybody was so crazy to try.  I never got the chance... hoping for next Pink Fair =).
The pink bunny ladies were very friendly!!! High five to customer caring.  They were all well-mannered, very courteous and properly trained.  No wonder Etude House has been a HIT through the years.

The photobooth!!! I enjoyed it a lot.  Talking about "feeling Etude House babe" LOL.
Thanks, Lora (one of my ticket giveaway recipient) for sharing your slot with me. =) I looked big or you looked tiny beside me LOL.

I met these two sweet young ladies, Lora Chan and Margaret Gomez.  Thank you so much for joining the Ticket Giveaway.  I hope to see you somewhere again. =)

The highlights of my day 1.  I was lucky enough to meet bloggers whom I really admire.
Andy of Shimmering Thoughts - She was very pretty and really tall in person.
Marge of The Travel of Kikay Trekkie - what a flawless skin you got there sis.
Clair Ching - she has been a very active KOREAN Cosmetics and Skin care fan like me.  Thank you sis for the warmth.
I hope to meet you again.
I've seen a lot of bloggers but I was a bit shy to approach some since I am very very new to this.

Day 1 - Mr. Boram Kim - Etude Global Specialist
Skin Care Habits
Skin Care Talk Day 1

L.A. Ferriols
Fashion Assistant of Meg Magazine
Fashion Trend Report 2012

Ning Hilario
Beauty Editor of Meg Magazine
Beauty 101

Levenson Rodriguez
Personality and Image Consultant
The Fashion Academy Manila
Visual Poise
Personality Development Talk day 1

Day 2 Host Jeanne Harn - Miss Philippines Earth
Boram Kim - Skin Care Talk Day 2
Acne Vulgaris

Day 2
Younhee Kang
Etude House Global Make Up Artist
Beauty Class 101 Workshop
Levenson Rodriguez
Personality Development Talk Day 2  - Confidence

The very beautiful Ms. Rea Uy
and the very handsome Mr. Boram Kim.
(I regret I never went to check myself  before I got lucky to have a pic with them.  My goodness I need to touch up here waaaa).

My day 1 - I went there stag so I never had the chance to approach all the stars and have a pic with them.  Next time I'll bring with me a buddy to do the picture taking LOL.

Day 2 - It was exhausting.  I was all sweat during the event but I enjoyed. It was on the 2nd day I decided to play all the games.
My Etude Playhouse 2112 Press Kit which contained Milk Talk Body Wash in Choco,  Belle Dress Shower Cologne,  Missing U Hand Cream #2 and a CD which contains products to drool for.
Congratulations Etude House for a very successful event!!! You have helped a lot with this kind of activity.  The workshop was indeed very appropriate to all ages.

Till next time!!!

Good afternoon!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Review: Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Sleek Mist

Ilocos sunshine can boil you down at 33 degrees average every day.  So you can just imagine how sweaty people can get at this season lol. 

At the office, it is already a habit to pig out with officemates during lunch break (12noon to 1pm).  We usually spend the one hour break eating really QUICK (like 15 minutes) then spend the rest thrift shopping or bazaar hopping…just picture how we look like when we get back to the office lol. 

Luckily, I got myself a Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Sleek Mist.
Product Description

It is facial mist formulated to…
  • Eliminate the shine and oil
  • Hydrate skin
  • Energize tired skin
It contains… (Tony Moly Official FB)
  • French Celtic Water purified by several layers of stones. 
  • Minerals to keep skin healthy.
  • Cabbage, Pineapple and Lemon extracts that effectively controls excessive sebum and refreshes skin.
Volume 60 ml for Php448.00
Availability – all Tony Moly Outlets and online

How to use…
Note: I usually use this after my lunch break (after too much walking under the Ilocos sun).
  1. Spritz the mist from your face at least 20-30 cm away…with eyes closed of course.
  2. Let it dry / set for a few seconds or pat it to let the skin absorb the “juice”.
Frozen Blossoms’ thoughts:
I like…
  • How it keeps the skin cool and refreshed.
  • The cooling sensation, it is very relaxing.
  • How it controls the sebum
  • It makes the skin dewy and not oily
  • The super cute bunny container
  • The super fine spray
  • The handy packaging
Much Much love!!!

Till here.

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Monday, April 16, 2012

My 5 Prettiest K-actresses / Kpop Stars

Anneong Haseyo!!!

How's your Monday? I hope it's good... 

I just wanna share my top girl-crushes in no particular order.  I so love them all!!!

(Important Note:  pictures from google)

Shi Min Ah - I love her super innocent with a sexy twist style.  I first saw her on the drama My girlfriend is a Nine-tailed Fox and I instantly admired her.  She got the curves to die for!!! Nice skin, great fashion taste, long legs, pretty face (drool)!!! 

Park Shin Hye - She's a certified CUTY BABE!!! I saw her first on one of the CF's of Etude House. Awww her petite figure, glowing skin and dainty beauty are her bests!!!  I so love her portray GO MI NAM in the drama, You're Beautiful. 

Yoon Eun Hye - How could I forget this pretty baby when I first watched the drama, Princess Hours. I just love her carefree style.  Her smile is worth billions of Won right? 

Hwang bo - Ommo!!! NUNA BRIDE!!! I love her loud laugh and her boyish style.  I am so jealous Kim Hyun Joong treated her well during the We got married Season 1 hahaha.  It's all good though I love them both!!!

Lee Hyori - 100% HOT. Talking about S-E-X-Y.  Awww this SUJU endorser is an epitome of timeless beauty.  I wish to see her conquer the KPOP world again.

So that's it for tonight... Me Rambling non-stop oppps... hehehe


Frozen Blossoms' Birthday Giveaway 1 Winner

Good morning ladies!!!

Thank you so much to those who have joined my mini birthday giveaway.  I am very grateful to the few who had participated and supported it.  As much as I wanna give gifts to everyone, one winner has been selected.

Congratulations to Ticket #38!!! And that is MS. Rina Chan!!! Please send me an email within 24 hours for your name and mailing address. 

Thank you again for joining.  I hope you guys won't unlike or unfollow. =)

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Review: Benefit the POREfessional

Good evening!!!

I am soooo blessed I have a very generous “kumadre” who sends me handful of Benefit products that were previously posted on my blog.  Some of the stuff I received are Benefit Finding Mr. Bright and others (itemized on this post Benefit Loot)…awwww my heart is singing out loud.  Thanks Miles!!! 
image from google
So tonight, I decided to make a review on the most yearned for Benefit product, the POREfessional!!!
Product description
Benefit the POREfessional…
  • Is a PRO balm to quickly minimize the appearance of pores.
  • Is a Dual-action to prime and touch-up during the day, talking about hitting two birds with one stone.
  • Oil-free  - very ideal for a sensitive and acne prone skin. 
  • Lightweight - it felt as if you have nothing on your face, barely there matte non-greasy feeling.
  • Translucent - it is very very sheer yet it minimizes the visibility of the pores.
  • Silky - it gives a very sleek, soft and smooth skin prior to make up application.           
How to use…
As a primer
  1. Apply to washed / cleansed, toned, lightly moisturized skin.
  2. Pat gently to areas with enlarged or visible pores like the t-zone
  3. And blend with fingertips.
As a touch-up / over make up
  1. Pat on lightly over your makeup routine like liquid foundie or bb cream to seal the gloss.
  2. Blend gently.
Volume 22.0 ml / 0.75 US fl.oz.
Price  USD 29.00 from the Benefit Website
Availability – available locally at Greenbelt 5 and Rustan's Shangri-la, online stores.
 silky creamy
 skin tone
 it made the lines less visible ayt...
 very handy squeeze it tube
 no spill, easy dispensing
with the POREfessional underneath my usual BB Cream routine
Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
  • I find this primer great simply because it gives my skin the matte feeling.  I am impressed by how superb the oil control is.  Honestly, with this thing underneath my bb, I oil up lesser and my make up stays put during my usual long day.
  • As for the pore coverage,  it doesn't really do magic (I mean not total zero visibility lol).  It actually fills in the pores and fine lines which makes the skin smooth and ready for the liquid foundie or bb routine.  
  • And since it is very translucent and silicone-y,  it does not make the skin look overly done when topped with make up.
  • The packaging is simply adorable. It comes in a very handy tube that can fit in your purse for an instant touch up anytime.
  • Lastly, it doesn't clog the pores and it doesn't break me out (just removed it thoroughly though)

The things I do not appreciate are...
  • it scrapes off my make up when I tried to use it on top or as my touch up (I prefer it as my primer)
  • the price is really high end-ish hehehe.
Till here…mwah

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