Friday, March 23, 2012

Tony Moly Back Stage Gel Eyeliner #3

Good afternoon ladies!!!

I was never a fan of eyeliners before.  I always love my look to be laid back.  Just like that.  But as they say, when you start to love KPOP, you embrace a lot of changes.  As for me, I am experimenting on eyeliners.  I’m still scared to go for the super dark ones.  I am still getting used to the look.

I have always wanted to try dark gel liners but for reasons I opted to get the brown almost bronze gel liner from Tony Moly. 
I was thinking since my hair is brown, my eyebrows are super light brown also and my eyes are almost brown, a bronze or brown gel liner will flatter it.  Hehehe wrong… I should have read more blogs or watched more tutorials before purchasing one.  Anyways, Tony Moly Gel eyeliner #3 is not a waste of money so far.  I love that it is not overwhelmingly dark on me.  I love to use it every day to lightly accent my eyes without too much drama.
Product description
Tony Moly Back Stage Gel Eyeliner #3 (bronze) – is more on a cream type use to line the eyes for a more defined but subtle look. 
a find it creamy rather than gelly =)
It comes in stylish small pot with a free brush which was mounted on the cover.  I like the concept since I hate bringing along my make up brushes.
just retract the brush from the tip of the cover, such a clever design
the brush can be extended a bit for a more convenient application
Price Php498.00

Availability - All Tony Moly Outlets

  • It does not smudge
  • It glides well creating a clean line
  • It is bronzy – almost like an eye shadow
  • Good for day make up
  • Stays well – no worries of getting a “zombie eye bags" after a few hours, I mean it does not fall off the lower lid.
  • Hehehe It is pricey, anyways I will get to use this one for a long time though
  • I got shaky hands, I find it hard to apply and to control it.
  • I like that it is light but I should have chosen the black one. =)
super light gel liner, right?
By the time I’m finished with this post, I was still thinking of how I can maximize this one.  Your suggestions will be highly appreciated. Mwah Please feel free to post your thoughts.

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  1. galleryibu.blogspot.comDecember 20, 2012 at 6:28 PM

    hi there, i have this one too but in black colour ! yeah i think it's light because of the brown colour. because the black one is bold and definetely not light! too bad i didn't write a review about that in my blog yet..

  2. Hi sis,  i hope you can post your review soon. You're right this one is too light no?  I wanna get the black one too but I need to consume this one first hehhehe...