Monday, March 5, 2012

Summer finds…Billabong Bikini and Etude House Summer Vanity


How’s your weekend? I hope it went well.  Have you decided on how to spend your summer break?

I haven’t decided where and how the family will be spending it.  But I have started preparing stuff, handy items needed for outings incase.

I will just share some of the must have I have decided to buy in preparation hehehe.  I always find time to treat my family for summer.  Everybody deserves to take a break remember that.

First is a good bikini find, I gained weight so some of my precious bikinis will have to stay in the closet.  I got myself a new Billabong bikini in black with Hawaii-type prints hahaha.  I’m still working on my GUTS though, but who cares anyway.  I’ll just have to find a good cover-up right?

Second, is to keep the skin fresh and clean while on a trip, on the beach, or on a stroll. 
Here is a list of the good Etude House must have, they are all handy and very very convenient to carry anywhere.

Etude House Oil Control Film – It absorbs surface facial oil while leaving skin’s natural intact.  I got it for only Php128.00 at Etude House Mega Mall.

Etude House Happy Teatime Green Tea Cleansing Tissue – If you decide to go on day time tour, this handy packed cleansing tissue in wet-wipes type with Green Tea extract will be very ideal to clean the skin, remove make up and dirt traces in an instant while keeping it moisturized. I got it for only Php98.00 at the same branch.

Etude House Dress Room Sweet Look Shower Cologne – I made a post here click this link… A splash will give you immediate fresh whiff anytime anywhere, not too strong just very ideal for summer.

Etude House Polka Dot Umbrella – It gives additional protection from the harmful rays of the sun in fun and chic pretty pink folded type.  It is light-weight and really handy that it can fit just right in your summer tote bag.  It was a gift from my hubby long long time ago hehehe.

Etude House Organizer in cute baby pink – It has mesh pockets which will keep all your kikay stuff in order.  It was a freebie from Gailygirl last December.

Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner – I made my review here please click this link…  Since it comes in an enormous bottle, you can buy those spray type containers, available in drugstores and beauty shops.  It’s great to give your face a spritz while enjoyin the heat to keep it hydrated.

Always bring with you a sunblock.  I haven’t bought the lotion type yet but I actually got myself a mist type which I posted here…please click this link

Lastly, prepare a nice hat as well and a cute eyewear!!!

I hope my tips will be helpful!!!


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