Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Etude House Look at My Lips #10


I have been ridiculed many times because I have such strong features.  Well, as the saying goes, “Nobody is perfect” right?  I knew a lot who find joy in bringing down others.  My thoughts… Why bother bring down someone when you think you are better?  Maybe that person you are mocking is better and it makes you desperate right?  So next time you do that… face the mirror first. =)

So that was my food for thought for today…I have such big mouth hehehe which I love and makes me conscious as well.   I don’t mind those who scorn me for it. =)
I love Etude House’s Look at My lips collection and I posted my first review here, Look at My Lips by Etude House. You'll find my reasons why I love this line so much.  This is my second lipstick from the same line. I got the #10 in nude at the Sm Mega Mall branch.  This creamy lipstick conceals my lip’s dark pigments making it look supple and velvety.  It keeps my lips moisturized preventing it from cracking and drying. I don’t need anything for plumping. It does somewhat silhouette it, keeping it toned a bit and not flattering it.

  • It is available at any Etude House outlet for Php328.00.
  • Semi-matte but moisture full
  • no chapped lips
  • makes it soft  
  • plumps your lips (I don't need though)
  • super natural color, it's nude
  • conceals my dark pigments
  • it does not bleed 
It does not stay so well - it is the mousse / cream type that's why=)

I just love it!!! I will definitely buy another shade on my next visit.

Till here… Anneong!!!

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  1. Hmm, am looking for dis kinda nude, barely there lipstick. Me gonna try dis one! :)

  2. Gah! I wish I had pretty lips like yours! Never mind about those people.