Thursday, March 29, 2012

Etude House I Need you, Red Ginseng Mask Sheet On Restday!

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Time keeps bothering me at the moment.  I am always in a hurry. Remus seems to grow every minute and he is turning into a big boy without me noticing it.  I guess that is the drawback of a busy mom like me.  Almost most of my time were spent outside home.  Sometimes I do regret missing a lot of moments with my boy. Waaahhhh surely time flies too soon.  If only I can buy something to freeze it and enjoy good memories again.

Well that’s life… along the passing of everything, the skin too is going along with the time aigoo.  I keep looking at a photo of me hanging by the wall taken when I was turning 18 years old and I can absolutely see the changes.  Ohhhh please I beg to disagree that I have aged.  Hahaha, the truth? Yes, I did. I don’t have the super wrinkly skin naman, I mean visible wrinkles. But I do see fine lines…laugh lines, my puffy eyes are beginning to sag (eooowww).  In addition to that, I haven’t out grown the zits caused by hormonal changes.  Hay naku naman. =).

So on rest days, I try to relax and enjoy a bit.  I love putting on a chilled mask sheet after lunch while I get myself ready for siesta.
Etude House I Need You, Red Ginseng Mask Sheet
Just apply after skincare routine and let it stay for 20-30 minutes.
Pat the remaining essence until fully absorbed by the skin.

I got this Etude House "I need you", Red Ginseng Mask Sheet at Mega Mall.   This mask contains 1,000mg of 6 year old red ginseng which is good in restoring skin strength.  This mask is also used for maintaining the firmness and smoothness of the skin.  You see, our skin is expsosed to damaging elements everyday like stress, pollution, heat and sleepless nights.  So it is good to revive it once a week.  Mask  is like food for the skin.  It is full of nourishment needed to at least slow down aging process. =)
Full of 6 Red Ginseng essence
  • Oh my, the chilled mask felt so refreshing
  • Relaxed me big time
  • Prepped me for the sleep therapy =) I love sleeping after lunch
  • Remus says the mask smells like carrots hehehe
  • Eased my sore zits

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