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Etude House Darling Cream (Snail Healing)

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I had been curious about the snail slime / mucous beauty products ever since I stumbled on an article discussing its benefits and wonders in the field of skincare.  From then on, I started reading more and almost all were praising this product. 
This has been creating fuss for a while that’s why I myself want to experience it but it took me a while to decide if I will really get one.  Some said, snail creams are too heavy for the tropics.  I really had to think twice, putting the temperature, my location, and my oily skin into consideration plus the thought that I have to splatter a SNAIL MUCOUS on my face (it gave me goose bumps eoooow).  But since at that moment I was very desperate, I was having a bad break out due to a local derma experience, I decided to get one and discover it myself.

I opted from a brand which my skin is already familiar with, Etude House.  It got its own line, the Darling Cream.

Product Description:

Etude House Darling Cream (Snail healing)
“Nourishing facial cream especially formulated to regenerate and protect skin cells damaged by stress and environment.  This product is void of artificial dyes paraben and alcohol.”
Active Component: Natural Snail Mucin70%
Vol. 50ml (1.69 fl.oz.)
Price: Php1150.00

  • It fires up the ability of the skin to heal itself naturally.
  • It fights skin inflammations and infections.
  • It repairs and regenerates damaged skin cells caused by harmful UV rays.
  • It unclogs the pores and eliminates dead skin cells.
  • It helps the skin replenish damaged skin cells with healthy ones.
  • It gives moisture.
How to use:
  1. Wash and clean your face.
  2. Tone it.
  3. Apply snail cream – instruction says that you have to dispense it on a toner pad then wipe it to your face.  But I prefer to apply the traditional way by using my fingers and gently massaging it all over until the cream is fully absorbed.
It comes in a nice glass pot and comes with a spatula too.
 I have consumed almost half. 
thick cream
I had been using this since December last year after my favorite toner Wonder Pore Feshner.  The cream is really thick and rich.  Since I have super oily skin, I use minimal amount just enough to moisturize my face at night only (super thin layer).  With continued use, I noticed the bumps ceasing.  Of course it was not magic, patience plays a role too.
 swatched it on my hands
so smooth
skin looks supple and moist in a instant

I will share a photo during the "break out".  My skin got irritated by a #3 astringent...huhuhu I know, it was really depressing, with all the peeling, redness, and bumps all over.
Taken after washing my face (months months ago).  The army of ugly pimps that rushed out after applying a very strong astringent.  This was before I started using the Wonder Pore and Darling Cream.  I know, it was a depressing view right?
after months of using, the pimps are clearing out, my scar are ligntening
no make up taken after rising from bed

some scars are still visible without bb cream though

  • gradual healing acne without causing discomfort like redness, peeling, burning or itching
  • it doesn't keep my skin dry like any other acne treatment
  • lightens my scars
  • lightens the black spots and pigmentation
  • laugh lines are less visible
  • good whitening - high 5 on this!
  • smells good
  • easily absorbed by the skin
  • makes the skin glowing and healthy
  • good anti-aging
  • antibacterial and anti-inflammation benefits
  • available locally
  • no skin irritation
  • alcohol free
  • it's Etude House
  • It kinda oils me up when I use it in the morning so if you have oily skin like mine, once a day application (at night time) is enough.
  • The thought that it came from snails hehehe. I hate creepy crawlers that's why LOL.
Over all rating:  Excellent skin care for sensitive skin.  I will definitely repurchase this product again.

That's it.  I hope this will help you guys. 
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  1. hi, wah.....after see wat u wrote about that cream, i think i also want to try too.
    Thank you for sharing about that.


  2. Lucky you!! I also have one but sadly it broke me out. I always get 2 to 3 zits, the cream is too heavy on my skin. I guess instead of using this as a face cream,  will just be using this as a spot treatment. 

  3. been using this as well sis.. really works for oncoming pimples and helps in lightening my acne scars.. but i get itchy sometimes when i use it T_T did u also get any reactions like that? 

  4. EH also said that it was discontinued already... T^T they have a new one .. snail cream and snail gel cream.. kaso its so expensive.. twice the price of this one.. oMOOOOOOO.. 

  5. sis don't put too much if your skin gets irritated... nope naman.  

  6. galleryibu.blogspot.comDecember 20, 2012 at 6:28 PM

    waaa... i've been eyeing this one for quite some time. can't wait to try it..

  7. it's pretty good sis... it helped my skin a lot

  8. ommo... ang mahal naman baka mas madami mucin sis

  9. i hope so sis.. mas mukhang promising nga ee.. lalo na't me gel cream na :D tpos me freebies na bb cream..

  10. Wow... Ipon muna para carry sa budget lol

  11. hey sounds wonderful for my skin...but is there any other brands that u have tried using this snail mucus...??cuz i heard its kinda popular nowadays....

  12. just the tony moly live snail mask  and this one sis.  it can heal gradually sis 

  13. Hi, great review. May I ask if you still use Etude house snail cream? I want to buy it so I need some advice. Thank you.

  14. I got mine 2 months ago and ordered it by email at I was convinced to use it when I saw the effect on my friend’s face. After two weeks of using it, my skin looks fresh and really rejuvenates. The pimple scars also diminished. I have a super sensitive skin that is why I highly recommend Valencia Vita Snail Mucus Gel which I believed was the genuine one because it makes wonders on my skin. I really loved the product; I just put a little gel before I go to sleep and every morning before I put sunblock and face powder on my face. It makes wonders on my face because I do not need to use lots of stuff to make my skin looks younger. By the way I bought the product in the Philippines and I don’t know if it was available in other country. It cost 2,500 pesos when you buy one bottle but if you buy 2 bottles, you’ll get it for only P3,600 for 2 bottles.