Saturday, March 10, 2012

Benefit Loot from a certified Benebabe

Good evening ladies!!!

How’s your week?  Mine is as always busy, nothing new. Husby is yanking me out but I decided to pass.  I feel under the weather because Ilocos is scorching hot right now.  I just want to spend my night relaxed in our comfy room and share a surprise I got from a friend overseas who works for Benefit. A quick post before bedtime won’t hurt… =)
I am feeling certified Benebabe right now!!!

This is actually my second gift from her, she gave me the Benefit Finding Mr. Bright collection last time which I posted here click here  and this time she gave me a loot which contained Bella Bamba, The PORE fessional and “that Gal” brightening face primer (samples).  I’m feeling really heaven…there is no way I can afford these stuff with my own money. 

She actually knows what would tickle my fancy, I am a KPOP enthusiast and definitely skin brighteners are at the top five of my list.

I can’t wait to try each… I hope my skin will love the products just like the first she sent.

Goodnight!!! , Mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…


  1. wow~~ so lucky! All of them look so tempting *w*

  2. Yes sis im falling inlove with benefit but it is very expensive here

  3. excted for ur review about this sis.. kaso even if i wanted to buy even a single benefit product its sooo expensive T^T hanggang tingin nlng ako ng pics at basa ng review haha.. r

  4. Me too Crystal... Just got lucky someone sent me items from Benefit.