Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Baviphat Sugar Girl All Skin Collagen Primer

Hello ladies!!!

The sun is already up and honestly I just got up (me and my sleepy head).  Today is my rest day, the most sacred day of my week.  I decided to spend it by sleeping hahaha.  I have been depriving myself from it few days ago and my skin really deserves a treat.  Remember, the best anti-aging is still a good sleep mwah!!!  Aside from sleep, good quality skincare and beauty care products contribute to it. So I’ll be sharing today a short review of a  primer I got from my trusted reseller Gailygirl.

I got something from Baviphat this time.  It is from their Sugar Girl line, Baviphat Sugar Girl All Skin Collagen Primer.
Product Overview

It is a collagen based primer which aims to cover pores and wrinkles with a silky finish.

Collagen has been known as a very good anti-aging.  It helps improve the elasticity of the skin and rejuvenates it. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles and minimizes scars from break outs.
almost used it that's why
Volume 30ml
Price Php340.00
Availability online resellers / online shopping stores. Brand is not yet available locally.
You can check the brand’s official website…

Apply enough amount evenly to skin after your favorite skincare.  Just a thin layer will do. Let it set for few seconds then apply your liquid foundie or your favorite bb cream.
nice tube, just squeeze it. easy to control the amount you want to dispense
silicon-like, transparent cream easily absorbed by the skin
swatched it for your appreciation
smooth, silky finish
  • I have been using this almost everyday, thanks God no break outs.
  • It keeps my skin young, it covers the pores and wrinkles.
  • I noticed changes on my skin after continued use, I felt the surface turning smoother when I wash my face before bedtime.
  • It keeps my skin moist and not oily.
  • It extends my make up and bb cream.
  • It comes in silicon-gel-like, so it doesn’t look too much when I add my bb cream on top.
  • I love its faint citrus scent.
  • It is easily absorbed by the skin.
  • The skin felt smooth immediately afterprimer is applied.
  • It doesn’t give the suffocating feeling.  It is ultra light.
  • It is very affordable.
  • I love the packaging, it is so cute.
  • It is very ideal for all skin types.
Honestly for my second Baviphat try, I don’t really have complains this time. I was pretty impressed with this primer .

I will definitely repurchase this item!!!

It is highly recommendable. 

And I’m up for other Baviphat products.



  1. ur skin looks so great.. sis would it be oK to do a post about ur skin care routine? also have u tried sun powder cotton touch by EH? i wanna get know ur opinion muna sana before i buy coz its a bit pricey.. :)

  2. Thanks crystal. Ok i will try to make a post about my routine... I had my shares of bad days though. Regarding sun powder, i havent tried it pa, ill check it out thanks ulit :)

  3. thanks alot din sis <3 more power.. i really love reading ur posts.

  4. Because of you, I tried the Baviphat primer! Thanks so much and will you please give me Gailygirl's link? I bought mine for 500! I've been ripped off!
    Thanks and keep up the wonderful blog!

  5. Hi, thank you for the review! but does it really helps minimizes the pores and acne scars, etc?

  6. It got collagen to help the skin sis...

  7. Haven't used a primer before. This one looks good and is affordable! :) Thanks for sharing! :)

  8. To fros... here is gailygirl's ebay link -  I hope your skin will love it. Thank you. =)