Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Baviphat Indi Girl Tea Tree Trouble Catch BB Cream

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Yaaayyyyy, almost weekend I can already feel it.  I miss hangin' out with my boys.  It was a busy week with countless dramas and sleepless nights.  My skin has been stressed out lately (husby's and PMS' fault). That is why I opened this BB cream from Baviphat hoping it will help me conceal the zits while healing them.  The verdict please read more... hehehe  
refreshingly cute packaging =)
Product Description
Baviphat Indi Girl Tea Tree Trouble Catch BB Cream
"BB cream which makes a skin trouble to calm with containing tea tree oil." exactly seen on the tube. Aigooo I was deeply confused! Seriously.  On my own understanding, I think this BB line was formulated for troubled skin.  The fact that it contains tea tree oil, it aims to help heal and prevent imperfections.

Volume 50 ml

Price Php400.00 resellers
the back part - everything in Korean
 The BB was quite runny / watery.
 You can see on this pic how runny it is.
 I swatched too much
awwww... caky
or i just applied more than what is needed?

I love Baviphat, no doubt. That is why I grabbed a full sized bottle of this BB but then this line didn't work for me (I gave it to my Aunt so it won't be wasted).

  • The coverage is really good.  A small amount can conceal blemishes. 
  • Buildable coverage.
  • No need for concealer. 
  • It has between matte and dewy finish.  
  • It has tea tree oil for blemish control.
  • It is very affordable, Php400.00 for 50ml.
  • The shade is overwhelmingly pale.  I need to add a darker liquid foundie to tone down the shade a bit.
  • As the song goes, "too much of something is bad enough" hehehe. Just apply a little if you don't wanna be called geisha.
  • It has a strong combination of minty and waxy scent.  It fades though but it bothers me. (sowiii)
  • It is not sold / available locally.
  • Oil control - manageable. 
  • I used this bb always with a volumer.
  • My skin is breaking out during the period I'm using this because of monthly "Auntie Flow" visit, stress, lack of sleep and worries. No additional bumps though.
Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
Sad to say, I'll have to skip on this one.  Remember though, what is not okay with me might do well on your skin.

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  1. new follower here :) thanks for posting this. i'm contemplating on buying this bb cream but since i've seen your swatch and review, i think i'm gonna pass on this too. :)

  2. Thanks for following, i gave it to my auntie, sad to say my skin didnt like it :(

  3. Just what I was looking for, excellent content!