Friday, March 30, 2012

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Good morning ladies!!!
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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Etude House I Need you, Red Ginseng Mask Sheet On Restday!

Good afternoon ladies,

Time keeps bothering me at the moment.  I am always in a hurry. Remus seems to grow every minute and he is turning into a big boy without me noticing it.  I guess that is the drawback of a busy mom like me.  Almost most of my time were spent outside home.  Sometimes I do regret missing a lot of moments with my boy. Waaahhhh surely time flies too soon.  If only I can buy something to freeze it and enjoy good memories again.

Well that’s life… along the passing of everything, the skin too is going along with the time aigoo.  I keep looking at a photo of me hanging by the wall taken when I was turning 18 years old and I can absolutely see the changes.  Ohhhh please I beg to disagree that I have aged.  Hahaha, the truth? Yes, I did. I don’t have the super wrinkly skin naman, I mean visible wrinkles. But I do see fine lines…laugh lines, my puffy eyes are beginning to sag (eooowww).  In addition to that, I haven’t out grown the zits caused by hormonal changes.  Hay naku naman. =).

So on rest days, I try to relax and enjoy a bit.  I love putting on a chilled mask sheet after lunch while I get myself ready for siesta.
Etude House I Need You, Red Ginseng Mask Sheet
Just apply after skincare routine and let it stay for 20-30 minutes.
Pat the remaining essence until fully absorbed by the skin.

I got this Etude House "I need you", Red Ginseng Mask Sheet at Mega Mall.   This mask contains 1,000mg of 6 year old red ginseng which is good in restoring skin strength.  This mask is also used for maintaining the firmness and smoothness of the skin.  You see, our skin is expsosed to damaging elements everyday like stress, pollution, heat and sleepless nights.  So it is good to revive it once a week.  Mask  is like food for the skin.  It is full of nourishment needed to at least slow down aging process. =)
Full of 6 Red Ginseng essence
  • Oh my, the chilled mask felt so refreshing
  • Relaxed me big time
  • Prepped me for the sleep therapy =) I love sleeping after lunch
  • Remus says the mask smells like carrots hehehe
  • Eased my sore zits

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Latest Collective Haul


Waaaahhhh can someone help me and initiate an intervention?  I am so addicted with Korean sin-full.  I have been shopping like crazy and I'm dead broke hihihi.  I have been controlling myself to tone down the habit a bit but I just can't hold the "green scarf" in me (certified shopahollic).  I am in serious trouble once husby finds out my expenses. =)

Anyways...I want to share the additional stuff to my overly crowded dresser.  I got them from Gailygirl of Ebay and Kkochipida of Facebook.  Both online shops sell authentic cosmetics from Korea, accept pre-orders, ship via JRS (super fast and hassle-free) and give out samples and freebies.

love love love make up

Holika Holika Highheel Magicara

Tony Moly Haul =) Goddess Aura collection!!!

Tony Moly Luminous Goddess Aura Beam

Nothing much to say... I'm just full of excitement.  I hope I can try all at once lol...not a good idea though.  The skin needs to rest ayt?

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Clean Fresh Look with That Gal by Benefit and CoverGirl Clean

Good morning sunshine!!!  

Sunday morning is always the best, get to spend it with love ones.  I could not ask for more.  
It's past 1pm and today's forecast is 29 degrees!  I'm loving it, not too warm compared with the burning 32 - 33 degrees, very ideal for outdoor activities. 

I just figured out to share my foundie routine today.

Here is my fresh simple to start with...

1. prep skin by washing. use your favorite soap or cleanser
2. tone it.
3. moisturize and SPF.
4. Prime

I got my That Gal Brightening  face Primer by Benefit samples from my friend who works for Benefit Dubai along with some other items which I posted here Benefit Loot - for review soon.
the sample / trial pack 
This primer can be applied alone unto face.  It is faintly tinted, somewhat between peachy to old rose.  I love to wear this as my primer. First and foremost, I love how it brightens my skin.  It gives me the supple smooth look and natural glow.  The sample pack lasted for more than a week, thanks God no break out.  Oil control is exceptional granted  that it is formulated for brightening.  
looks glazy
love the tamed shimmer
sadly i am not fully equipped with my macro shots, but this one got tiny shimmers hihihi...i'll have to get myself a camera soon

Highly recommended for girls with oily skin.  Hoping to get the retail size though. =)

5. apply foundation with your brush -  I usually use my fingers especially when I'm in a hurry, but for hygienic purposes and better blending I recommend the use of brush.  
This is my first liquid foundie ever,  Covergirl Clean Sensitive Skin in Buff Beige (#225).  This one is good for daily use and highly recommended for oily, sensitive, acne prone skin.
I super like because it is...
- 100% fragrance-free and oil-free
- hypoallergenic formula which is best for highly sensitive skin
- lightweight coverage

Though this is creamy, the coverage is super sheer and it feels like you have a bare face.  Coverage is buildable though if you wish to conceal mild traces of blemishes but for obvious  imperfections a separate concealer is needed.

6.  brighten the eye area - Genetically I have the puffy eyes, I always look swollen whether I lack or I over sleep so I never skip this part. I use the Missha The Style Eye Brightener to make my eyes look alive and awake.

7. Set it with pressed powder

To get the fresh finish, just lightly press the puff unto face.  I like to set my foundie that way to keep it from sliding off.
Covergirl Clean Sensitive Skin Pressed Powder in Buff Beige (#225) is an ultra light barely there formula that goes well with any foundie.  

the Covergirl products featured here were gifts from my granny

8. lastly, put on your favorite lip gloss for the complete fresh clean look.  Since i don't have the nicest pink lips I usually use the Etude House Color Me Nude then top it off with a tinted gloss.

That's it for my fresh look routine...
gettin' old aigoo

Till here...mwahhhhhhhhhhh

PS...while I am busy with my blog, husby was being interviewed over the phone by a local radio station,  he is actually an active airsofter and an active ambassador of the said game hihihi

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Etude House Shini Star Clear BB Lotion - Shinee Special Edition


I have always been a fan of fine, dewy, clear, almost porcelain-like skin.  It has always been a matter to me if it was purely genetic.  I know Asians especially the Japs and the Koreans have super white or fair skin, but did it never cross your mind that the glow it emits might be a result of cosmetics? I, having a drop of the yellow race too, have a quite fair skin but all through my life I never experienced a notable glow.  Not until, of course, when I discovered the most talked about blemish balm creams.  Those who have been reading my post certainly knew that I have been obsessed with this make up plus skincare thing. This time, I have another skin favorite… Etude House Shini Star Clear BB Lotion.
Product Description

Etude House Shini Star Clear BB Lotion – Shinee Special Edition

To give you an overview, along with Dara Park of 2ne1, Shinee currently endorses Etude House.  Shinee is a KPOP male group with 5 extremely adorable members.  I particularly loved them because one of their song has been featured as OST for the Boys Over Flowers, Stand by Me. Subsequently, when I saw this Special Edition line, I am very much happy to buy and try the BB cream.
pic from Etude House April press kit
The Shini BB Star Lotion is a moisturizing foundie which promotes moist, brightened and natural coverage.

Product Features (from Etude House press kit):

1. Soft Focus Effect - Moist texture with smooth, soft finish and veil coverage.
2. Brightened Coverage - Moist, oil absorbent coverage
Contains Bovine Colostrum (First Milk) - Nourishes, protects and softens skin
3. Hypoallergenic Formula - Void of Paraben, Benzophenone, Mineral Oils and Ethanol

Net Wt. 3og (1.05oz.)

Price Php498.00 – official price from Etude House website

Availability – all Etude House Outlets.
But I got this one from ebayer, Gailygirl. 

This new line is charmingly packaged in mint green with baby pink accent at the middle of the box.  The concept is really adorable, so Shinee!  Honestly, I just wanna put it on my dresser and just leave it there hahaha.  I super love the combination of colors. Like most BB creams of Etude House, this one comes in tube with pump for easy and hygienic dispensing.
I am all hopes when I tried this for the first time (I have this attitude of trying out BB creams).  I do have a lot of expectations and I usually don’t entertain disappointments hehehe especially when I’m buying from one of the brand that I trust so much.

The lotion is pretty thick, more on the creamy side I should say.  At initial application it dries up pretty quick, or should I say my skin feels it mattifyng so I have to work on the blending part faster.  I am impressed at how the skin easily absorbs it without creating a gray cast.  I don’t have to wait for a few seconds to let it set.  It has a natural finish, it is between matte and dewy.  It doesn’t give the tight and dull feeling because of the moisturizing effect.  It has this exceptionally healthy glow that I love.
The coverage is sheer.  It pretty covers minimal traces of blemishes without giving you the overly made up look (obvious layers of thick foundie). This one is buildable for skin cases with worse blemishes though.

I love the light after shower scent.

Despite, the moisturizing and brightening it gives on the skin, the oil control is outstanding.  I went out with family yesterday to look for my boy’s “mint green” long sleeves, what a coincidence hehehe.  We have walked from one bazzar to another in spite of the traditional way of shopping here in Ilocos under the blazing temperature, super hot and humid at 4pm. Really impressive, it didn’t oil me up ha!  And I get to have my skin protected with the SPF 20 / PA++ plus continuous use can whiten my dark spots and acne traces.  Very nice indeed!!!

I super love it, highly recommendable.  Plus, it is Shinee special edition!!!  Over bonus right? 

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Tony Moly Back Stage Gel Eyeliner #3

Good afternoon ladies!!!

I was never a fan of eyeliners before.  I always love my look to be laid back.  Just like that.  But as they say, when you start to love KPOP, you embrace a lot of changes.  As for me, I am experimenting on eyeliners.  I’m still scared to go for the super dark ones.  I am still getting used to the look.

I have always wanted to try dark gel liners but for reasons I opted to get the brown almost bronze gel liner from Tony Moly. 
I was thinking since my hair is brown, my eyebrows are super light brown also and my eyes are almost brown, a bronze or brown gel liner will flatter it.  Hehehe wrong… I should have read more blogs or watched more tutorials before purchasing one.  Anyways, Tony Moly Gel eyeliner #3 is not a waste of money so far.  I love that it is not overwhelmingly dark on me.  I love to use it every day to lightly accent my eyes without too much drama.
Product description
Tony Moly Back Stage Gel Eyeliner #3 (bronze) – is more on a cream type use to line the eyes for a more defined but subtle look. 
a find it creamy rather than gelly =)
It comes in stylish small pot with a free brush which was mounted on the cover.  I like the concept since I hate bringing along my make up brushes.
just retract the brush from the tip of the cover, such a clever design
the brush can be extended a bit for a more convenient application
Price Php498.00

Availability - All Tony Moly Outlets

  • It does not smudge
  • It glides well creating a clean line
  • It is bronzy – almost like an eye shadow
  • Good for day make up
  • Stays well – no worries of getting a “zombie eye bags" after a few hours, I mean it does not fall off the lower lid.
  • Hehehe It is pricey, anyways I will get to use this one for a long time though
  • I got shaky hands, I find it hard to apply and to control it.
  • I like that it is light but I should have chosen the black one. =)
super light gel liner, right?
By the time I’m finished with this post, I was still thinking of how I can maximize this one.  Your suggestions will be highly appreciated. Mwah Please feel free to post your thoughts.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Baviphat Indi Girl Tea Tree Trouble Catch BB Cream

Good evening!!!

Yaaayyyyy, almost weekend I can already feel it.  I miss hangin' out with my boys.  It was a busy week with countless dramas and sleepless nights.  My skin has been stressed out lately (husby's and PMS' fault). That is why I opened this BB cream from Baviphat hoping it will help me conceal the zits while healing them.  The verdict please read more... hehehe  
refreshingly cute packaging =)
Product Description
Baviphat Indi Girl Tea Tree Trouble Catch BB Cream
"BB cream which makes a skin trouble to calm with containing tea tree oil." exactly seen on the tube. Aigooo I was deeply confused! Seriously.  On my own understanding, I think this BB line was formulated for troubled skin.  The fact that it contains tea tree oil, it aims to help heal and prevent imperfections.

Volume 50 ml

Price Php400.00 resellers
the back part - everything in Korean
 The BB was quite runny / watery.
 You can see on this pic how runny it is.
 I swatched too much
awwww... caky
or i just applied more than what is needed?

I love Baviphat, no doubt. That is why I grabbed a full sized bottle of this BB but then this line didn't work for me (I gave it to my Aunt so it won't be wasted).

  • The coverage is really good.  A small amount can conceal blemishes. 
  • Buildable coverage.
  • No need for concealer. 
  • It has between matte and dewy finish.  
  • It has tea tree oil for blemish control.
  • It is very affordable, Php400.00 for 50ml.
  • The shade is overwhelmingly pale.  I need to add a darker liquid foundie to tone down the shade a bit.
  • As the song goes, "too much of something is bad enough" hehehe. Just apply a little if you don't wanna be called geisha.
  • It has a strong combination of minty and waxy scent.  It fades though but it bothers me. (sowiii)
  • It is not sold / available locally.
  • Oil control - manageable. 
  • I used this bb always with a volumer.
  • My skin is breaking out during the period I'm using this because of monthly "Auntie Flow" visit, stress, lack of sleep and worries. No additional bumps though.
Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
Sad to say, I'll have to skip on this one.  Remember though, what is not okay with me might do well on your skin.

Till next post...

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Etude House Look at My Lips #10


I have been ridiculed many times because I have such strong features.  Well, as the saying goes, “Nobody is perfect” right?  I knew a lot who find joy in bringing down others.  My thoughts… Why bother bring down someone when you think you are better?  Maybe that person you are mocking is better and it makes you desperate right?  So next time you do that… face the mirror first. =)

So that was my food for thought for today…I have such big mouth hehehe which I love and makes me conscious as well.   I don’t mind those who scorn me for it. =)
I love Etude House’s Look at My lips collection and I posted my first review here, Look at My Lips by Etude House. You'll find my reasons why I love this line so much.  This is my second lipstick from the same line. I got the #10 in nude at the Sm Mega Mall branch.  This creamy lipstick conceals my lip’s dark pigments making it look supple and velvety.  It keeps my lips moisturized preventing it from cracking and drying. I don’t need anything for plumping. It does somewhat silhouette it, keeping it toned a bit and not flattering it.

  • It is available at any Etude House outlet for Php328.00.
  • Semi-matte but moisture full
  • no chapped lips
  • makes it soft  
  • plumps your lips (I don't need though)
  • super natural color, it's nude
  • conceals my dark pigments
  • it does not bleed 
It does not stay so well - it is the mousse / cream type that's why=)

I just love it!!! I will definitely buy another shade on my next visit.

Till here… Anneong!!!

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Big eyes with Lancome Le Crayon Khol Black Ebony

Tonight, I am updating this post because I was not satisfied with the result of my first mobile blogging using this third application Blogspace.  I had  been searching for a tool I can work with my Iphone 4s that is very friendly and powerful.  I tried the official Blogger for Iphone but I am not very happy too since I cannot customize the photos I want to upload ( I mean, I cannot position the photos on the area I want).  Blogspace actually promised more than what others can offer (other free applications).  So I was really hopeful when I tested it.  Here was the post...

Good morning!
I am tryin to drop a quick post through this free application blogspace. I
Get bigger eyes with this classic from Lancome Le Crayon Khol in Black Ebony.

this was the photo uploaded through Blogspace, it was instantly resized making me look "different" hmp

Thanks to my granny for my make up piles before I even discovered Korean cosmetics.

The only thing I hate is the traditional way of sharpening it. But this thing really glides well without smudges and the staying power is a high five. I never had worries of havin this eyeliner fallin down my lower lid.

So thats it for this morning.
Enjoy the rest of the day ladies and don't let your day get ruined by the "stepsisters", if you know what I mean. Mwahhhh