Sunday, February 26, 2012

Etude House Wannabe Style Nails #1 So Hot Chic

Hello ladies!!!

Do you have any plans tonight?  Well… I wish to unwind and just enjoy my Saturday night, free my mind from worries, recharge myself, laugh, and party like it’s my last…(a draft I did last Saturday)

So to add zest to my night out, I tried the Etude House Wannabe Style Nails #1 So Hot Chic.  This is a nail color twosome in Chic Black and Hot Pink for a trendy mix and match impression.
The nail art set contains…
#1 Chic Black
#2 Hot Pink
Nail Sticker Tea

Vol. 7g x 2 (0.23 fl. oz. x 2)
Price Php328.00
Available in all Etude House Outlets
Limited Edition!!!

The instruction says to alternately paint the nails in black and pink, daring and very upfront style and add the stickers on top but I decided to just paint my nails in hot pink only with stickers on.  I like to keep it simple yet sexy and fun.  The art in different shapes make it exciting.
First clean your nails, you may ask somebody to remove your cuticles and trim them or just keep the length…depending on your style.  I usually keep my nails short and clean (not a fan of removing the cuticles).

I like to coat my nails first with any natural or white polish as my base.  In this way the shade would be more solid and vibrant.

Apply the desired color, you can alternately paint it with black or pink as instructed and choose what suits your style.
I used the hot pink… the color is so vibrant even on one coating only.  It is girly and kinky.  Just the way I like it.
Let it dry for a few minutes then start sticking the designs.  The best part ever!!!  I like to stick different designs on each nail. My ultra favorites are the stars that reminded me of Taekyung and Go Mi Nam and the timeless hearts!!! Ommo they are simply adorable.  The stickers are of right thickness, easy to peel, they don’t break off easily and they stick really well.
Lastly, top it off with natural / clear polish to seal the stickers, keeping them intact.  The top coat will keep them from peeling easily.  You can also use the clear nail polishes with glitters to add bling. 
So that’s it for tonight…another easy nail art!!!

Time to party!!! Muah!!!