Saturday, February 11, 2012

Etude House Anti-Shine Dual Primer (Moisture and Pore Coverage)


Four days more to go and it will be Valentine.  I just heart this day!!! Until now I can’t still pick which one to wear, where to celebrate it, what present to give husby and how to keep my skin from breaking out.

Just sharing... for a fine day, uncomplicated look, no shimmers, just a shine-free clean skin, another part of my daily routine…Etude House Dr. Oil Solution Anti-Shine Dual Primer.  I am a fan of the Dr. Oil Solution line, my second bottle of the bb lotion, soon my second pact, soon my second mist.   I have posted a short review of each here PLEASE CLICK…one of the firsts that I have tried.
Product Overview
Anti-Shine Dual Primer (Moisture and Pore Cover)
“Moisturizing and pore coverage make up primer improves foundation make up expression and longevity.”
Net Wt. + Vol. 1.5g +35ml

  1.            Prep skin by washing with your favorite cleanser.
  2.     Tone / clarify it with your favorite toner.
  3.            Dispense moisturizer unto hands and massage it to face. Fear not coz it is non-greasy, super light and easily absorbed by the skin.
  4.           Apply balm-like primer on areas with visible and enlarged pores.  I used it mostly on my t-zone and cheekbones.
  5.     Top it off with your favorite BB cream or liquid foundation.
1.5 gram pore cover - balm, As you can see... I have almost used it up.
The primer / moisturizer
it looks like any other moisturizer...lotion-like
it is not thick, it is actually almost watery
easily absorbed by the skin with no greasy trace
after the balm was applied
  •         My morning skincare, serves as my moisturizer which provides moist but controls sebum.
  •    Great oil control.
  •        It does not break me out.
  •         It is oil free.
  •        It is paraben free.
  •        It feels light on skin.
  •         It does not leave with a sticky feeling.
  •         Mild powdery fresh scent.
  •         Nice dainty tube plus the cap filled with the balm which makes it handy.
  •   From Etude House =)
  •        Availability – can be found locally in all Etude House outlets and can be ordered online.
  •         Price – affordable (you may check Etude House’s website for official price but you can get it lower from online resellers, very minimal price difference though).
  •         It extends my bb cream and make up.
I honestly don’t have complaints on this product, as I have mentioned I am a fan of this line and I will definitely repurchase.
Highly recommendable for oily, sensitive and acne prone skin.
Good night!!! Mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Happy Hearts' Day


  1. I can't get that dr. oil dual primer or other dr.oil's products, the online shop said that dr.oil is discontinued. Is it available in your country? or where do you get it online? Thank you.

    1. Oh ill check on that... Keep you posted .