Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday with Skinfood Aloe Mask Sheet and Sparkling Winter 2012

Good afternoon Sunday!!!

How was your week ladies?  Mine was pretty tough, really stressful and energy draining.    I badly need a breather.

Fun-filled Sunday is always anticipated, thank you Lord for this day I can always enjoy unlimited sleep, good laughters with family and a moment for myself.  I enjoyed my after lunch with Skinfood Aloe Mask Sheet and Sparkling Magazine, just what I needed to treat my skin from the bad days.
I got this mask for free, as usual from my purchases online from Gailygirl.  Skinfood or gailygirl did not pay me to write about this product.  I am just always grateful and I want to tell everybody about it. 
      I bought the Sparkling magazine from a local reseller here in Ilocos.
After taking a bath, I got myself ready for a good relax mode.  I put on the chilled Aloe sheet mask and read my favorite Sparkling magazine. 

Aloe Sheet Mask Product Description
back part - everything is in Korean hehehe

22 ml sheet mask filled with Aloe essence formulated to moisturize and heal the skin from its exposure to tiredness, pollution, and heat.

We all know that Aloe Vera has been used to treat burns, cuts and other skin diseases because of its moisturizing, healing, soothing and antibacterial properties. 
sealed mask sheet filled with Aloe essence

Frozen Blossoms thoughts…
  • I love the scent of Aloe, really relaxing!!! After reading the magazine, I actually slept with my mind filled with happy thoughts.
  • I love the cooling effect.  It refreshed my tired and stressed out skin. 
  • I love the Aloe essence.  It quenched my thirsty skin, just the nourishment I needed to regenerate it and the healing factor it just needs. 
  • I love how it moisturized my worn out face and aging skin.  The office dilemma had been keeping me awake and restless making me look haggard.
  • Over all, I love how it brightened my skin, making it looking healthy and radiant again.
I actually wear the mask while excitedly read the Sparkling Winter 2012.  What a serene way to spend my Sunday, getting updates from my K-Pop world.  It featured a royalty in the music genre I love the most, TVXQ duo, Yunho and Changmin plus another exclusive interview with the certified lucky guy himself, my “numero uno” idol, Kim Hyun Joong.  Indeed a well deserved treat!!!  
My HJ...=)
TVXQ's Yunho and Changmin

The magazine also featured must have items from Korean cosmetics which I am dying to try and showcased Korean inspired fashion tips.  
Definitely a magazine, that caters to my wants and interest, anything about KPOP you can find it here.

Well that’s it for today… have a nice day!!!



  1. hi sis.. hahah im so kulet im always asking you questions but i just love reading your blogs kasi tpos ur so nice in answering my question. what sunblock do you use for your face? im looking for one kasi because the one i have now feels like its suffocating my skin

  2. Hi sis, i dont apply sunblock na since i started using bb creams. Enough na sa akn yun, maliban na lang pag outdoor activities like swimming ganun.

  3. Hi.. I am from Laoag also. and I am dying to buy that winter issue.. GAD! tatak lang naamwan gamin. :(

  4. Thanks for droppin by... You can grab a copy at Robinson's Ilocos is a small magazine stand at the ground floor. :)

  5. They don't have it any more, :( Can I buy yours? :) or borrow it for a day or 2? please please. I just wanted to read the TVXQ part... oh please! :)