Friday, January 20, 2012

My first online haul for 2012 (Volumer, Primer, BB Creams)

Hello ladies!!!

How’s your day? I bet you are ready to chill tonight?  Well, I just got home from work…tired but so excited because I just got my first online haul for 2012.  Aigoo, my new year’s resolution list includes lessening my shopping habit but I had been splurging over and over again.  It makes me happy big time! So why not treat myself right?  I have been working hard, I deserve all the best…. =)

So I will give you a glimpse of my BB cream and primer haul from my trusted online ebay reseller gailygirl (ebay).  She packs all my orders in a bubble wrap for safety, gives a lot of  freebies and samples and ships orders via JRS (always on time and hassle free).  You may want to check her ebay or Facebook account here… Cutie Beauty Shoppe

Another from Nymph Aura line of Etude House…
My Baviphat Sugar Girl Haul…
This are the gifts / freebies she gave me… Skin79 The Oriental Mini Lip Gloss Plus and samples fromI.Myss.
I can’t wait to try each asap and write about them. 
See you on my blog again…



  1. can't wait for the review of etude house nymph aura and baviphat bb cream!!

  2. hi galleryibu, thanks for droppin by always:)