Monday, January 2, 2012

Frozen Blossoms' 2011 Chronicles – Highlights

Happy New Year everyone!!!

Time flies really fast!!!  It was indeed a rollercoaster year for me… experienced fun and aches, met a lot of great friends and stumbled on rotten people along the way. To top it off…many lessons were again learned.  That is life anyways!!! 

Reminiscing the best of Frozen Blossoms' ...

 2011 indeed was very rough on me.   I had been badly bullied online.  I am very thankful to this person though… you actually made me into a better person and through you, Frozen Blossoms came to life (July 2011).   I actually started focusing on good things rather than concentrating on someone very unhappy who found joy on stalking and mocking me.  I just hope he/she gets a life and be happy.  Remember, “Picking on somebody’s flaws will not make you prettier.”  

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     August 25 – 26, 2011 I had my most thrilling fan girl experience.  I was able to see one of my favorite idols, Kim Hyun Joong in person.  I may not have had the luck of touching him or getting a close encounter but still this is one of  the highlights of my year.  Seeing him upclose though makes me feel young and dream LOL. I love KPOP bigtime!!!

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Kim Hyun Joong Lover Part 2
 November 2011 – I was thrilled to get my first ever message from a cosmetic company (Missha Philippines) about sending gifts to my blog readers.  It was my first ever.  It was unexpected since my blog had been struggling LOL.  I have hopes and expectations for being only human, peeps. =)

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I met and made a lot  of friends online…Let me take this opportunity as well to thank the girls I have met through this blog and girls I really admire for their unique styles… very nice, great girls, cheers!!! (No particular order…sorry to those I failed to mention).
a.    Lina Kim of Sparkle Apple 100% Kawaii -
b.    Len of Cominica Beauty Blog -
c.    Jane Unnie
d.    Marge of Travels of Kikay Trekkie -
f.     Abegail of Cutie Beautie Shoppe and Gailygirl -
g.    Charmaine of KKohi Pida -
h.    Myh Bautista
i.      Erika Byeol
j.      Katherine Oroceo
k.    Jeli
l.      And a lot

The best part of blogging indeed… I hope and pray that I will have the courage to continue writing about the things I love and be able to inspire and help others as well.
2012 please be nice to everyone!!!


  1. Happy new year dear!!! Thank you so much and keep writing, it's my pleasure to meet you too. ^-^

  2. Thank you len!!! Happy new year too!!!