Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner


How’s your day going on?   I bet you still have the holiday hangover.  Well, I have been dragging myself out of the bed for the past two days.  Going to work after the long vacay is so “pain-full”.  Aigoo!!!

Thankful I have my thing after work, I’ll be sharing one miracle I just experienced.  As a brief overview why I am all praises with this product, it was last week of November when I tried to visit the local derma and have my skin treated.  Sad to say my super minimal blemishes were aggravated.  Oh my God!!! I got my skin burned with all the heavy peeling plus, small pimps were rushing all their way out on my jaw line and forehead.  It was so frustrating.  They said it was an initial reaction to cleanse my pores.  It did work for a pretty officemate of mine but I think it was too strong for me.  I rested my skin for a while and started using Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner.

The name says it all, it does wonders!

Cool blue!!! The packaging is as refreshing as the solution itself.

gentle and mild toner

I super love this 7 in 1 total pore solution.

Unclogs, cleanses and moisturizes the pores!

  •        Deep cleanses pores – I use make up everyday like foundation and  BB cream so after cleansing, this toner removes all traces of anything I applied.

  •        Maintains ph 4.5  +1  -  It helps balance the acidity of my skin. 

  •        Controls large amount of sebum – I have super oily skin and this toner keeps my skin healthy by controlling its oiliness that causes break out.

  •        Minimizes appearance of pores – It tightens my pores and with continuous usage I must say my skin condition improved a lot.

  •        Refines the skin tone - I had dark spots and marks from the break outs, I must say they are gracefully evening out, keeping the marks at my jaw line less visible now.  And it keeps my skin fine without experiencing painful peeling.

  •        Keep the elasticity of pores – It improves my skin texture, fine laugh lines on my eyes and mouth are less visible as well.

  •        Moisturizes inside and out of skin – balanced moisture that keeps my skin healthy looking, not greasy but dewy.
I recommend this to all ages, it is super mild does not cause any peeling, redness or burning sensation.  I use it every day at morning and before bedtime.

It also says that you can dispense it to a smaller container and use it as a facial mist.  You can spray it anytime when you feel your face turning greasy or when you feel itching. 

Frozen Blossoms’ thoughts…

-       I love how it keeps my skin refreshed and cleansed everyday especially before bedtime.  It felt so relaxing.
-       It is so mild I don’t have to worry turning super red and burning my skin.
-       Mild fragrance
-       It actually healed the previous bumps and continuous to heal the PMS zits
-       Sold locally, you can find it in any Etude House Store
-       You can get it for only 700plus for 500 ml which can be used for months

The biggest toner I have ever seen so far. =)

-       Packaging is really cute!!! Etude House trademark.

-       I love the dispenser, just press the cotton on the pump and the solution will be dispensed thus you can control the amount you want.  No worries of spilling it.

pump / dispenser

Just press the cotton on the pump...

solution is dispensed on the cotton 

-       I honestly don’t have any regrets or complaints with this solution.
-    Bye bye break outs!!!
-       I will definitely buy it again.
-       Highly recommendable to all skin types.

Till here, I’ll be meeting my friend and have some coffee!!! 



  1. i hope i can save up money to buy this... i'm using their be clear toner but the formula is a bit sticky...

  2. this one is refreshing...
    very mild
    plus 500 ml for the the price...

  3. i think this is just what i need..hehe.. do they have the set for emulsion/cream?

  4. wala yata sis eh... i use a separate moisturizer

  5. I saw this at Etude today. Do you have acidic skin? I do, that's why I'm very particular with my toners. I think I'll give this a try. Thanks for this review!

  6. Hi lady e! Yes I have acidic skin too... This product did a good job for me. Thanks too.

  7. Hello, I just wanna ask if this also lessen the appearance of blackheads or whiteheads? Im currently looking for a toner for my skin which is oily around t-zone area. Im currently torn between this or their skin malgem fresh toner. =)

  8. Hi sis! Thanks for droppin' by, this is actually formulated for the pores, with continuous use it can help lessen skin problems. =)

  9. Hello =) how was your skin before and now? Are you still using it? I guess i'll try this first beofre skin malgem.

  10. I had consumed two bottles on this sis.
    Before I started using it, late last year if I am not mistaken, my skin was in a very bad shape coz of an irritation from a very strong peeling astringent. I must say it helped me a lot...honestly. =)
    It is not magic though. =)
    You can try the smaller size. I think EH has the 250ml. =)

  11. So now your face is smoother na? No bumps or blackhead/whiteheads? Does it also helps on having a more toned skin?

  12. awww sis i test a lot of prods... so from time to time my skin would react differently. i do have very oily skin and i still have PMS break outs. =)
    I hope my insights were helpful in makin u choose on what toner to purchase =)

  13. Like your review on this product...I think I might try this product :D

  14. Hi Ivy, thanks for visiting. I love the mildness of this toner =) I have consumed 3 bottles already =) I hope your skin will love it too.

  15. Hi. Thanks a lot for the preview. I really love Etude house product compared to other korean cosmetic/skincare product. Been thinking to buy this one as I'm looking for toner right now. However, may I ask if this toner can be used with other product as well? like bio-essence? cause currently just looking for toner. Anyway, I follow your blog. Hope u can follow mine :)

  16. Hi NaZha, thanks for visiting and following. (Sure, i'll follow back.) BTW, I use this after I cleanse my face (different cleansing oil brand and different facial wash brand). So far, I never had any adverse reaction. But if you have a super sensitive skin, it is always best and safe to consult your dermatologist. =) Thank you.

  17. ah, i see.. glad to hear that :). so far i never have senstive skin. so i believe it won't have adverse effect to me as well :). Thanks for following back. And thanks a lot for the reply. I'm still new to cosmetic and skincare as i don't have much problem with my face except for some fine line has started showing on my face >_<.

  18. it makes me think to buy this! very convincing!! how i wish the have smaller ones of these so i could try them first. :)

  19. Hi Karen, Etude House released a smaller bottle for this, I am not sure though if it's available locally ( Etude House branches)

  20. we have the same toner! :D i fell in love with it the moment i saw it on etude house and i have no idea pa before na i have to read reviews first before buying one. I keep it in the fridge and use it before BB cream. Hehe! No need for a smaller size of this kasi sulit na sulit ka sa 700+php = 500ml! 

  21. Thanks to you I discovered this. :). Ria mentioned you have this big blue toner from Eh so I searched the net for the name. :) yes super sulit!!! :) i'll try refrigerating it thn... Mwh :)

  22.  The skinfood parsley mandarin toner just a regular toner I think, so I want to try some better one :) hope etude wonder pore will work well on me too

  23. Thanks for following, followed you back. :) is the skinfood toner good? Lemme know about it thanks :)

  24. Hello nice review :)
    I've been eyeing this wonder pore product for months. Guess I'll try it next.
    I have big pores and acne prone, now I'm using skinfood parsley mandarin toner.
    Thanx for sharing

    This is me : and I followed ur lovely blog ^^

  25. Nice review! It really helped. Can you please tell me what cleansing product you use? I have really oily skin too and I plan to buy the same toner and emulsion products as you do. Currently, I use Neutrogena deep cleaning foam and that by itself is already very drying. So I'm afraid using this toner will make it more dry. Can you tell me yours since it seems to be doing pretty well with this toner. THANKS A BUNCH! :)

  26. I just started using this product 5 days ago and I can really tell that it does wonders to my skin ^___^ Great review~! New follower here. Follow back on GFC?:>

  27. Hi! I just wanna know if girls aging 15 can use this toner ... :")