Thursday, January 19, 2012

Etude House Lucidarling Nail Polish 7

Hey ladies, it has been a while!!! How’s it going?  I hope you guys are havin’ a great time.  As for me, the previous days have been tough.  You know, in the corporate world the demands for accuracy and expectation is great.  Sometimes, it burns me down but that is life right?  I am still thankful though I can still splurge on the stuff I love.

It is actually my rest day today. Thank you Lord!!!  Dang… sleep… did I miss it so bad that I have been spending my precious day on bed hehehe.  Anyways, it is good for the skin though, anything for it I am most happy to embrace it. =)

To start with after I woke up, I was rearranging my things, I bumped into a Ben10 lunch box.  Aigoo, I actually turned my son’s stuff into a nail art keeper hehehe.  I only have a few of it.  I usually go to my favorite salon to get my nails done, pedi mostly.  I am not a fan of manicure.  I prefer it clean.  I always get a weird compliment in the office.  I remember one time, a subscriber told me my hands looked like that of a pediatrician hahaha.  I don’t know if that was a compliment or what, I don’t grow and paint them, not so typical office girl.  That was before I accidentally stumbled on nail arts.  From then on I started painting my nails and loving the craft.  It thrills the artist inside me.  I had my first from The Faceshop which I posted in my blog…. click here 

My friend, Tina, actually gave me a metallic / frosted peach nail polish from Etude House, my first.  Thank you, I love it!!!  It is really pretty. It has been with me for while.  I have used it many many times and as of today it is still in its usable condition.  Unlike other nail polishes, after opening them it actually solidifies turning into something really sticky and you won’t be able to apply it as smoothly as when you first opened it.  I am really impressed ha.  It has been left in the box for months and the texture is still the same.

You’ll see on the shots how short my nails are hahaha. Aigoo maybe I need to grow them a bit, what do you think? 

  • I don’t really want to get my cuticles removed.  It will only grow thicker. =)
  • I did one coat, I want to have the light dainty peach effect.  Isn’t it pretty?
  • It dries really quick and doesn’t give the intoxicating smell of nail polishes.
  • A bit pricey compared to the local brands, php148.00.
You'll see below, I have completed my nail art with a good find from a Taiwanese owned shop here in Ilocos which I got for Php6.00 only.  These are pretty and tiny stickers for the nails.  They are so thin though, you need to slowly remove them coz they tear / break so easily.  

I hope you enjoyed my ramblings tonight… till here!!!



  1. I like this color, Senzy! <3 And you're not the only one who doesn't want her cuticles removed. Ako rin haha. I sometimes grow out my nails pero not too long kasi mahirap mag-type di ba? :)

    Lucky you for having a shop with cute nail art stickers <3 Medyo mahal yung sa Face Shop kaya di ako bumili hahaha. Mura yang nasa Ilocos ha! Nice find :)

  2. Hi clair, yup the stickers are super pocket-friendly, konting ingat lang sa paglagay. :) ty ty
    Regarding cuticles masakit pati pag tinanggal hahaha

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