Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday with Skinfood Aloe Mask Sheet and Sparkling Winter 2012

Good afternoon Sunday!!!

How was your week ladies?  Mine was pretty tough, really stressful and energy draining.    I badly need a breather.

Fun-filled Sunday is always anticipated, thank you Lord for this day I can always enjoy unlimited sleep, good laughters with family and a moment for myself.  I enjoyed my after lunch with Skinfood Aloe Mask Sheet and Sparkling Magazine, just what I needed to treat my skin from the bad days.
I got this mask for free, as usual from my purchases online from Gailygirl.  Skinfood or gailygirl did not pay me to write about this product.  I am just always grateful and I want to tell everybody about it. 
      I bought the Sparkling magazine from a local reseller here in Ilocos.
After taking a bath, I got myself ready for a good relax mode.  I put on the chilled Aloe sheet mask and read my favorite Sparkling magazine. 

Aloe Sheet Mask Product Description
back part - everything is in Korean hehehe

22 ml sheet mask filled with Aloe essence formulated to moisturize and heal the skin from its exposure to tiredness, pollution, and heat.

We all know that Aloe Vera has been used to treat burns, cuts and other skin diseases because of its moisturizing, healing, soothing and antibacterial properties. 
sealed mask sheet filled with Aloe essence

Frozen Blossoms thoughts…
  • I love the scent of Aloe, really relaxing!!! After reading the magazine, I actually slept with my mind filled with happy thoughts.
  • I love the cooling effect.  It refreshed my tired and stressed out skin. 
  • I love the Aloe essence.  It quenched my thirsty skin, just the nourishment I needed to regenerate it and the healing factor it just needs. 
  • I love how it moisturized my worn out face and aging skin.  The office dilemma had been keeping me awake and restless making me look haggard.
  • Over all, I love how it brightened my skin, making it looking healthy and radiant again.
I actually wear the mask while excitedly read the Sparkling Winter 2012.  What a serene way to spend my Sunday, getting updates from my K-Pop world.  It featured a royalty in the music genre I love the most, TVXQ duo, Yunho and Changmin plus another exclusive interview with the certified lucky guy himself, my “numero uno” idol, Kim Hyun Joong.  Indeed a well deserved treat!!!  
My HJ...=)
TVXQ's Yunho and Changmin

The magazine also featured must have items from Korean cosmetics which I am dying to try and showcased Korean inspired fashion tips.  
Definitely a magazine, that caters to my wants and interest, anything about KPOP you can find it here.

Well that’s it for today… have a nice day!!!


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer #2 Brilliant

I have always been a fan of Korean skin. It is very radiant, clear and really porcelain like.  I wish I do have the "white" skin instead of just fair hehehe.  Anyways, I still got lucky. :)
I got Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer #2 from my latest haul.  Actually, I had inquired this product previously at Etude House at MOA but the lady told me that it is not suitable for oily skin type but after few months of thinking i decided to give it a try.  Anyways, the powder From the Nymph line that husby got for me was loved by my skin which I reviewed here... Please click Etude House Nymph Aura Loose Powder #1 Natural Pearl Aqua.
Product overview...
It is  a make up multi cream which maximizes the radiance and glow on skin, plumps it up with moisture and completes it with flawless finish. 
Php750 to 800
Net Wt. 25g (0.88 oz)
I must say it is between liquid-like and creamy.
Not so thick, just light but not runny.
It is actually pearly pink.
Glazy, the cream looks radiant itself.
volumer alone - tried on my arm, please bear with my "d freckles".
Apply it evenly to skin with 1:3 portion of your favorite BB cream or foundation.  You may use foundation brush, BB brush or blending sponge to get the perfect glowing dewy coverage that you have been dreaming. It can also be used as your highlighter, just apply an adequate amount on your  nose bridge, forehead and cheekbones (with volumer alone).

Frozen Blossoms' experiences...
Let me site three different /memorable occasions with different activities and locations where i used the volumer.  
First, I have attended a dinner wedding for 3 hours (hotel with good air conditioning)  I just sat the whole time and only stood when I went to the buffet table to get myself food.  I mean no heavy sweating.  So far, I was pleased at how it kept my skin literally radiant.  I actually felt blooming. My high school teachers were also there and they kept on complimenting how i looked hahaha, so conceited of me!  No kidding... :). The only not so good compliment  I got was that me gettin' big aigoo. 

Then after the event, we went to  my friends house (night, good ventilation) to eat again, for another 3 hours (sit, laugh, eat).  I must say  my skin stayed dewy. 
Second, i went malling (good airconditioning) with the boys for like 2 hours only.  Minimal walking and dinner, it was pretty good it didn't oil my face up.

Then third, I used it on my regular office day (some units were not working) for more than 10 hours with all the walking, stress,  lunch out (walking out underneath the burning sun). First half of the day I still look okay, radiant but after lunch break i have to retouch it hehehe it is making my face already oily.  I had to blot it with tissue and set it with powder.

Frozen blossoms' thoughts...
I love how it flattered the skin.
I love how it made the skin glow.
It didn't emphasize my pores.
I love the scent.
I love the packaging, it comes with a pump.
It is available in all Etude House branches.
It is also available online, you may check some of the online resellers, my favorite is ebayer, Gailygirl.
Though this product is full of moisture, it didn't break me out.
Though it easily oils me up on regular /work days I still love it.  I can use it when malling or attending parties instead.  Anyways, glowy look is too much for the office i think :)

Ps. sorry for the blurry pics, i'll get myself a better camera soon. =(
Till here!!!  Annyeong!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Lunar New Year bits and pieces...

Happy Lunar New Year to all!!!

It has been two sweet days spent with family and I am always thankful for moments like these.  Yesterday was a blast. I went out with my boys.  It is usually a “mall day”, we ate and shopped a little…petty things that make me cherish my day.  Sometimes, I do wish to stay home and just take care of them for the rest of my life. Just a wish though. =)

I just want to share few good stuff I found…

I got myself a Belle de Jour.  It was my first power planner ever.  I was really happy when I found one here in Ilocos.  I always want it ever since.  This planner got all the tools a woman needs. 
  • Pages of discount coupons (leisure and lifestyle, food and drinks, beauty, health, and fashion) – can be used within the year of course
  • Inspirational quotes in almost all pages – my favorite is “Finish each day and be done with it.  You have done what you could.  Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in, forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day, begin it well.” – Ralp Waldo Emerson. 
I am a very random person which is a drawback sometimes.  I forget to keep track of everything…dates, finances, events, etc.  This BDJ planner is like a road map to me.  It helps me put everything into order. It is quite expensive though (Php598.00) but it’s worth it. 

Second great find is a buy-one-take-one purse from Tomato for only Php100.00 designed with traditional Korean women dressed in hanbok.  I am a fan of their culture so as soon as I saw it, I grab myself a set, one for me and my sis.  We both share the same fetishes so I might as well save one for her.   
Hehehe sharing the gifts I got for myself this year!!!   
Till here!!!
Going out with the boys...=)

Friday, January 20, 2012

My first online haul for 2012 (Volumer, Primer, BB Creams)

Hello ladies!!!

How’s your day? I bet you are ready to chill tonight?  Well, I just got home from work…tired but so excited because I just got my first online haul for 2012.  Aigoo, my new year’s resolution list includes lessening my shopping habit but I had been splurging over and over again.  It makes me happy big time! So why not treat myself right?  I have been working hard, I deserve all the best…. =)

So I will give you a glimpse of my BB cream and primer haul from my trusted online ebay reseller gailygirl (ebay).  She packs all my orders in a bubble wrap for safety, gives a lot of  freebies and samples and ships orders via JRS (always on time and hassle free).  You may want to check her ebay or Facebook account here… Cutie Beauty Shoppe

Another from Nymph Aura line of Etude House…
My Baviphat Sugar Girl Haul…
This are the gifts / freebies she gave me… Skin79 The Oriental Mini Lip Gloss Plus and samples fromI.Myss.
I can’t wait to try each asap and write about them. 
See you on my blog again…


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Etude House Lucidarling Nail Polish 7

Hey ladies, it has been a while!!! How’s it going?  I hope you guys are havin’ a great time.  As for me, the previous days have been tough.  You know, in the corporate world the demands for accuracy and expectation is great.  Sometimes, it burns me down but that is life right?  I am still thankful though I can still splurge on the stuff I love.

It is actually my rest day today. Thank you Lord!!!  Dang… sleep… did I miss it so bad that I have been spending my precious day on bed hehehe.  Anyways, it is good for the skin though, anything for it I am most happy to embrace it. =)

To start with after I woke up, I was rearranging my things, I bumped into a Ben10 lunch box.  Aigoo, I actually turned my son’s stuff into a nail art keeper hehehe.  I only have a few of it.  I usually go to my favorite salon to get my nails done, pedi mostly.  I am not a fan of manicure.  I prefer it clean.  I always get a weird compliment in the office.  I remember one time, a subscriber told me my hands looked like that of a pediatrician hahaha.  I don’t know if that was a compliment or what, I don’t grow and paint them, not so typical office girl.  That was before I accidentally stumbled on nail arts.  From then on I started painting my nails and loving the craft.  It thrills the artist inside me.  I had my first from The Faceshop which I posted in my blog…. click here 

My friend, Tina, actually gave me a metallic / frosted peach nail polish from Etude House, my first.  Thank you, I love it!!!  It is really pretty. It has been with me for while.  I have used it many many times and as of today it is still in its usable condition.  Unlike other nail polishes, after opening them it actually solidifies turning into something really sticky and you won’t be able to apply it as smoothly as when you first opened it.  I am really impressed ha.  It has been left in the box for months and the texture is still the same.

You’ll see on the shots how short my nails are hahaha. Aigoo maybe I need to grow them a bit, what do you think? 

  • I don’t really want to get my cuticles removed.  It will only grow thicker. =)
  • I did one coat, I want to have the light dainty peach effect.  Isn’t it pretty?
  • It dries really quick and doesn’t give the intoxicating smell of nail polishes.
  • A bit pricey compared to the local brands, php148.00.
You'll see below, I have completed my nail art with a good find from a Taiwanese owned shop here in Ilocos which I got for Php6.00 only.  These are pretty and tiny stickers for the nails.  They are so thin though, you need to slowly remove them coz they tear / break so easily.  

I hope you enjoyed my ramblings tonight… till here!!!


Monday, January 16, 2012

Etude House Happy Tea Time Green Tea Cleasing Foam

Good evening ladies!!!

I had been super busy lately that almost everyday my back aches aigoo.
So tonight i will drop another quick post from my mobile phone. Hehehe I got myself a new mobile so I am tryin out this blogger pocket application for the first time.

For tonight's topic, my must have cleanser which I got from my last Etude House MOA visit.

  • It is super mild.
  • It is very ideal for sensitive and acne prone skin.
  • It is very safe for daily use.
  • It contains green tea extract for clarifying the skin.
  • It is very affordable, I got it for Php148.00 for 150ml.
  • It is available at any Etude House Outlets and can be ordered online.
  • I have always been a fan of skincare with green tea extracts because of its ability to fight inflamation. 
  • It is a natural antibacterial. No more zits fighting!!!
  • It keeps my skin matte and not dry, moist and not greasy.
  • It is a good prep during mornings before I apply my make up.
  • It retains my skin's natural moisture.
  • It prevents break outs and helps heal existing ones.
  • The green tea scent is just refreshing, reminds me of the Elizabeth Arden classic.
I just love the simplicity of this skincare... perfect for somebody as busy as me. =)

So sleepy na, Goodnight ladies!!! Muah!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Holika Holika Peach Girl BB cream SPF 37++

Hi ladies!!!   It has been a pretty exciting day!!! I enjoyed spending it with my family and friends, attended a wedding and went over to friend’s house for another dinner.

We just got home, so I’ll just drop a quick post tonight.

I got this Holika Holika Peach Girl BB cream tester tube from my trusted online reseller gaily girl.  It has been sitting in my dresser for a while… the actual bb comes in a tube with a mirror and the blush. 

If you always visit my blog then you’ll know how addicted I am to bb creams ever since.  I am a big fan of this cosmetic and skincare in one.

This is my second BB product from Holika Holika, so far, the brand did not let me down. 

So to start with…

This is a their bb for the peach girl collection, the packaging says it all.  Dainty peach… just lovely.

The cream is quite thick and creamy but I never had trouble blending it out.  The coverage is somewhat sheer, it is buildable though if you want to cover blemishes.

Though the cream is thick (as shown above), it gives a natural, fine and matte finish.  The tone is ideal for fair skin.  Just perfect for my complexion. =)  

It comes with a light scent.
Oil control is superb.
SPF37++!!! Just perfect for summer!!!

Frozen Blossoms' thoughts....  I will definitely buy one!!!


Saturday, January 7, 2012

Holika Holika Clearing Petit BB Cream SPF 30 PA++

 Hello ladies!!!

Thanks God it’s Friday!!! So do you have some plans in mind?  Mine would include staying home with my boys…sweet. 

Well, before I do my stuff.  I will share a quick post tonight.  It has been months since my last BB cream review and I miss doing my favorite.

Holika Holika Clearing Petit BB Cream SPF 30 PA++… This is actually the first product I tried from Holika Holika, a brand I came to know when I saw Mary Stayed Out All Night which starred one of my favorite idols, super cute and charming Jang Geun Suk.  The logo of this cosmetic line was being flashed after every episode.  So when I saw an affordable line for oily skin on my trusted ebayer, Gailygirl, I automatically added one to my virtual cart.

Holika Holika Clering Petit BB Cream SPF 30 PA++, this one is specially formulated for oily / acne prone skin in 30 ml with tea tree oil and sebum control powder.

Tea tree oil is good for troubled skin.  It has been known for healing inflammations caused by bacteria.

The texture is pretty thick and overwhelmingly creamy. 

 I even tilted my fist and it didn’t move or drip a bit. 

See the difference?  the lower pic shows a nice coverage, you can no longer see the lines of my hand.

It made me hesitant at first, I am not a fan of thick creams.  I hated the feeling of something thick or sticky on my face and the trouble of blending it out.  Good heavens, this one has proven more than what I have expected, it actually glided well, my bare skin is healthier now a days and it actually felt light on my skin!

I am pretty impressed with the coverage as well, it concealed my blemishes and acne marks with a porcelain finish…remarkable indeed.  It is between matte and dewy.  I love it!!! (Just don’t put on too much, it’s quite fair. The shade is nice for fair skinned ladies.  It may seem pale at initial application but after it sets you will not actually notice it.)

I must say oil control promise is acceptable.  I wore  it yesterday while malling, minimal activity… just ate lunch had a few shopping and a coffee…7 hours total I didn’t retouch a bit.  But today, it was really toxic in the office had to move and sweat, ate out for lunch, I had to blot it with the tissue thrice just to let it absorb the shininess.  It still looked healthy though not greasy.

It comes with a lovable green tea scent, refreshing.

Frozen blossoms’ thoughts…
Very affordable, I got it from my trusted online reseller for Php350.00
No break out so far
I love the tea tree oil, helped heal zits and prevent as well.
I love the dewiness, almost glossy / glowing – different from greasy.
SPF 30 PA++
Highly recommendable.

Enjoy your night.. annyeong!!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner


How’s your day going on?   I bet you still have the holiday hangover.  Well, I have been dragging myself out of the bed for the past two days.  Going to work after the long vacay is so “pain-full”.  Aigoo!!!

Thankful I have my thing after work, I’ll be sharing one miracle I just experienced.  As a brief overview why I am all praises with this product, it was last week of November when I tried to visit the local derma and have my skin treated.  Sad to say my super minimal blemishes were aggravated.  Oh my God!!! I got my skin burned with all the heavy peeling plus, small pimps were rushing all their way out on my jaw line and forehead.  It was so frustrating.  They said it was an initial reaction to cleanse my pores.  It did work for a pretty officemate of mine but I think it was too strong for me.  I rested my skin for a while and started using Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner.

The name says it all, it does wonders!

Cool blue!!! The packaging is as refreshing as the solution itself.

gentle and mild toner

I super love this 7 in 1 total pore solution.

Unclogs, cleanses and moisturizes the pores!

  •        Deep cleanses pores – I use make up everyday like foundation and  BB cream so after cleansing, this toner removes all traces of anything I applied.

  •        Maintains ph 4.5  +1  -  It helps balance the acidity of my skin. 

  •        Controls large amount of sebum – I have super oily skin and this toner keeps my skin healthy by controlling its oiliness that causes break out.

  •        Minimizes appearance of pores – It tightens my pores and with continuous usage I must say my skin condition improved a lot.

  •        Refines the skin tone - I had dark spots and marks from the break outs, I must say they are gracefully evening out, keeping the marks at my jaw line less visible now.  And it keeps my skin fine without experiencing painful peeling.

  •        Keep the elasticity of pores – It improves my skin texture, fine laugh lines on my eyes and mouth are less visible as well.

  •        Moisturizes inside and out of skin – balanced moisture that keeps my skin healthy looking, not greasy but dewy.
I recommend this to all ages, it is super mild does not cause any peeling, redness or burning sensation.  I use it every day at morning and before bedtime.

It also says that you can dispense it to a smaller container and use it as a facial mist.  You can spray it anytime when you feel your face turning greasy or when you feel itching. 

Frozen Blossoms’ thoughts…

-       I love how it keeps my skin refreshed and cleansed everyday especially before bedtime.  It felt so relaxing.
-       It is so mild I don’t have to worry turning super red and burning my skin.
-       Mild fragrance
-       It actually healed the previous bumps and continuous to heal the PMS zits
-       Sold locally, you can find it in any Etude House Store
-       You can get it for only 700plus for 500 ml which can be used for months

The biggest toner I have ever seen so far. =)

-       Packaging is really cute!!! Etude House trademark.

-       I love the dispenser, just press the cotton on the pump and the solution will be dispensed thus you can control the amount you want.  No worries of spilling it.

pump / dispenser

Just press the cotton on the pump...

solution is dispensed on the cotton 

-       I honestly don’t have any regrets or complaints with this solution.
-    Bye bye break outs!!!
-       I will definitely buy it again.
-       Highly recommendable to all skin types.

Till here, I’ll be meeting my friend and have some coffee!!!