Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What’s up Laoag…

Christmas is just around the corner… I had my third run of shopping yesterday and decided to continue today but I am not feeling well due to an insect bite turned really reddish at my left elbow.  I had to visit our company doctor and my dermatologist to have it examined.  Aigoo… what a day… it has been a nuisance, the pain is making me irritable and really really moody.

Well… I am just hoping to get a peek at the opening of first ever SAVEMORE here in Ilocos. LOL Most of you might be laughing but yeah it’s true.  We had been living laid back in our humble city for decades with the Indian, Ilocano and Chinese owned bazaars and shops.  Slowly, the conservative Ilocos Region is opening its heart to urbanization and everybody is thrilled, some are hesitant though.

Well, for some cases, like me and my hubby who had enjoyed the city as kids.  He grew up in Fairview area, I grew up in the old streets of Manila.  I honestly miss this kind of ambiance though nothing compares to the serenity of living in the province.

After the pain relievers kicked off, I decided to take a peek and whoahhh… excited Ilocanoes like me were flocking outside the grocery LOL.  I passed and just took a pic.  I won’t risk my strength for good frozen chicken… =)  I’ll go check some time… not this week hehehe.

I snapped a shot from my Smart Netphone.

Aigoo!!! Expectators are very excited.

I decided to check Lacasa, a shop owned by a very prominent family in the Philippnes whose roots were from Ilocos Norte.  It showcased local and imported brands.  I’m so happy to find Basic House there, a Korean brand which collections were endorsed by Kim Hyun Joong and Yoon Eun Hye (for 2010 collections) and Won Bin and Moon Geun Young (for 2011 collections).  The items are really really affordable, they got pretty limited stocks though. The shop also got stuffs from Folded and Hung, Wade Shoes and Accessories, and the very trendy Jellybean.  Aside from these, Filipinianas, native bags and accessories, assorted imported brands from Ralph Lauren to Vera Wang can also be found here.

My Basic House Haul

My JellyBean Haul - just in time for Christmas

I am very thrilled that things from the big city can now be slowly found here in the province.

 Way to go Laoag!!!

Good night!!!


  1. haha looks like u've been very busy ate ^_^ but still looks like ur enjoying everything.. i'm also looking forward to our trip to the province next week.. merry christmas to u and ur family ♥

  2. Merry Christmas too!!! Christmas rush in the province is pretty exciting too... =)