Sunday, December 4, 2011

Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Candy, Baby Body Glimmer Swirl Cream

Twenty-one days more to go and it’s already Christmas, my favorite time of the year (everybody’s favorite actually).  I love the breeze, the chilly air that smells like gifts and the wind that calls for layering, Korean fashion alert LOL.

At this month also, the skin tends to get burned from the wind making it really dry, itchy and scaly so daily hydration is a must.  I love this classic from Victoria’s Secret, their Beauty Rush collection which includes Body Glimmer Swirl Cream in CANDY, BABY.

“A sparkling twist on daily hydration!  Super-nourishing body cream with Provitamin B5 and Shea Butter quenches skin with shimmering moisture.  Glimmer up, and sugar-coat it with Candy, Baby scent.”

Helpful Contents
  It contains Sheah Butter which nourishes the skin.  It is also known for its greatness in retaining the natural moisture of the skin. It smoothens uneven skin tone, heals, repairs and rejuvenates skin making it more supple and bright.
     It contains Provitamin B5 which stabilizes the metabolism of the skin surface, it penetrates into the deep layers to stimulate formation of skin pigments making it fair and even.  It retains the natural moisture of the skin and helps it appear soft and smooth.

The cream, when dispensed looked thick and creamy but it is actually light when applied to skin. It is easily absorbed by the skin without the greasy and sticky feeling.

See how luscious it is.  A little bit of shimmer plus very good hydration makes the skin really healthy.

I must say my arm looks supple and velvety.

The product looks really great and glamorous, from the transparent bottle you can see a stripe/ swirly cream in off-white to light peach and bronze cream.  It is pretty exciting. You can actually see that the thick lotion is separate from the body glitter lotion.

I actually dropped it causing the bottom part to blend.

The nice part is the pump which dispenses both cream and glitter.  It is actually in a swirling motion (it’s like when you twist something) as you pump both are combined while pressure is pushed from the bottom of the container.

See the bottom / used part - pressure pushes upward when you dispense an amount

Frozen Blossoms thoughts…

I super like
-       The candy scent,  I smell like a baby  LOL
-       The shimmer, my skin looks bright always
-       The Shea Butter, it keeps my skin young, hydrated and evenly fair.
-       The Provitamin B5, it keeps my skin healthy
-       The light feeling, not greasy and sticky
-       The pump, easy and clean dispensing

I had always been a fan of Victoria’s Secret products ever since.  It makes me feel like an angel as well. LOL Kidding aside, everything is just feminine!!! My hubby loves the VS lingerie as well lol!!!

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