Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sneak Peek to our closet sale!!!

Good morning!!!

It’s been a while since my last post… My days were filled with the thrill of Christmas rush like shopping, groceries, my daddy’s birthday and our closet sale.
Well, I had unpacked some of my things to give my closet new room for new ones.    Some of my unused stuff needs to find their new owner… my once loved bags, purses, pouches, clothes, belts, shoes, etc. 

It was fun selling in front of our porch with all the kids and neighbors flocking to get a piece of my super sale.  Items range from Php2.00 – 100.00.   That affordable!!! Designer bags for Php50.00 I must be crazy LOL.  I found happiness on the people with all smiles to take home the “unwanted stuff”,  to let my things go, knowing that they will be loved the same when I got them first.   You see, I’m quite very sentimental when it comes to my things.  This is actually my first ever closet sale ever since!!!

Just want to share a peek of our sale on its 3rd day!!! It was a blast... I took photos on our lunch break...

all Php50.00

a must have bag for Php50.00

a few left of my bags and purses for Php20.00 - Php50.00

my old Moschino Bag now Php 50.00

Assorted Tshirts Php 20.00

all denims for Php20.00

make up freebes for Php20.00 and Php5.00

Php5.00 - Php30.00

hahaha infront of the house

dresses by our window pane

Merry Christmas everyone!!!  Come visit us!!!


  1. wee ate can i buy ur moschino bag? how big is it?

  2. hi crystal - its a big bag - if only you're nearby... =(
    I'll try to have a separate online sale next time. TY TY and Merry Christmas!!!

  3. I wish you'd have an online sale :D