Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Etude House Drawing Eye Brow - Brown

Good evening,

I know this is not a new product from Etude House and a lot have posted their opinions and reviews on this product.  I might as well write my own say on this.

Etude House Drawing Eye Brow

I had been a fan of pencil eyeliners since high school to tint my eyebrows LOL.  Frequently there are times when one is already fading and I have to rush to retouch the brows or moments when a sharpener is out of reach so I need to sharpen the pencil liners with blade. LOL  Well, those experiences are already last season.

Hubby got me this Etude House Drawing Eye brow from his last haul in Baguio branch.  I must say he did pretty well in choosing what shade to buy…hmmmm.  He got me the brown shade which I think is just right for my skin tone. Brown looks good on Asian skin (not so dark, not so pale, fairer than the “morenas”) plus I do love coloring my hair brown so it is but right to match it with my hair.
hahaha you can't actually see my eyebrows...

This eyebrow liner is very affordable, convenient and really handy.  I love the twisting part (like a lipstick you can twist it up and twist it down afterwards to prevent it from messing), no sharpening worries...
you can twist it down when not using to prevent it from breaking

plus it comes with a brush which is helpful in grooming the brows  and blending.
 as well
it comes with a mascara-like brush

The lead is cut diagonally so it is easy to draw the eyebrows getting the natural shape and shade that you want. 

shaped for easy contouring of eyebrows

Frozen Blossoms thoughts…

I like everything about it.
Really affordable.
Available in any Etude House stores and online stores.
Very handy.
It comes with a brush for eyebrow grooming and also for untangling the lashes after mascara application.
It gives a natural look.

I will repurchase! Definitely! 

Till here... Annyeong!!!


  1. hi there,
    i am enjoying reading your blog, speciaclly because it seems like we have the same favourite products (skin food, etude house, innisfree and any other korean brands) and i found your review of some products i wanted to try. check out my blog too and you'll see what i mean. :)

  2. Hi galleryibu, thank you so much for the visiting!!!