Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Magazines are one of the many splurging habits girls have.  I personally had been splurging into fashion and lifestyle magazines for the past years.

My fascination in KPOP made me grab the first copy I have, November 2010 issue 2PM and 4 Minute in the back to back cover.   Actually the wait for every issue is like forever.  Then thru Sparkling FB fan page, I learned that the latest issue cover is our very charming Kim Hyun Joong.  Ommo!  I should not miss this one as I was missing him since his visit in the country hehehe.
My Sparkling

So I hurriedly check where I can grab my copy this time, I got my 2 previous copies at Robinson’s Ilocos Norte.  This time they don’t have the 3rd issue…gee I have searched all the possible news / magazine stand here in Laoag. My husby was kinda frustrated since we were hunting for a KPOP mag. LOL He wants to do something more urgent. Hehehe Gladly he knows and acknowledges my madness over KHJ and he can’t do anything about it but give in… talking about a spoiled wifey. 
I love this issue

After I was able to get my copy, I was so excited to read and decided to back out on a scheduled dinner with husby and a long time friend.  Ommo! I was in trouble! But I’ll be fine I think as long as I get to read it ASAP!  I just acted that I’m having a bad headache, but as a lousy actress, he knew… LOL

completes my day

Thank you Sparkling for featuring the ultimate heartthrob, Kim Hyun Joong.  Although I travelled all the way from Ilocos to join the 48 hours in Manila with the Hallyu prince, I was  still very very excited to read your exclusive all-in interview.  High five!!! 
Links to my first ever fan girl experience...

4d Prince

His signature charm as described by the mag.

Bonus…my thirst for Korean madness have been quenched by the magazine.  I get to see updates on what’s going on, the new trends, emerging Idols and Hallyu plus five star recommendations and mini reviews on k-dramas and reality shows.  Talking about Seoul searching in the heart of Laoag City, Ilocos Norte!!!

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