Tuesday, November 15, 2011

SKINFOOD Good Afternoon Peach Green Tea BB SPF20 PA+ #1

I just can’t contain my happiness today aside from the hype in the office.  Unlimited data, call and messaging services sell like hot potatoes lately and everyday is a fulfillment.  Aside, from the good numbers our branch is producing lately, I’m quite excited of something else and soon, within this week, I will tell you guys about it.

And for ladies always on the move, I just want to share something good tonight.  Another first-rate BB cream from SKINFOOD, Good Afternoon Peach Green Tea BB!!!

Overview (from the box itself)

-            - Oil-Controlling and Mattifying BB cream
-            - A long lasting BB cream that helps maintain bright morning skin throughout the day without darkening and smudging
-           -  An oil-controlling and skin-mattifying BB cream that keeps skin fresh and matte with vitamin-enriched pach extract and sebum-regulating green tea
-          -   Sunscreen effect – SPF20 PA+

            I had always been a fan of not so thick not so creamy BB’s and that is what I LOVE most about this line. Let me just explain why I always go for fluid like BB’s.  Blending is as easy as 1-2-3 avoiding an uneven and unnatural look.  It pretty covers my blemishes well without giving me the dramatic finish (I have minimal dark spots from occasional break outs).  Just apply as needed for worse cases of blemishes.

not so creamy
easy blending
pretty matte
            Oil control is superb, this BB contains rich green tea extract which is good in regulating the skin sebum and vitamins from peach extract which maintains surface moisture thus maintaining bright morning skin all throughout the day (if you notice after you wake up from a good sleep, your skin is glowing with fine pores).  I love how it keeps the skin fresh and matte thus preventing it from breaking out.

            It has sunscreen effect with SPF20 PA+, the higher SPF the oilier the product gets so I think this is great if most of your day is spent inside the office. If you’re more into outdoor / field activities then a separate higher sunscreen is needed.

            The scent of green tea with a soft touch of peach is just lovely but it gradually fades as the BB cream sets, so you need not worry about overwhelming scent.

Frozen Blossoms’ thoughts…
-                -  Great oil control
-                 - Matte finish
-                 - Natural and almost sheer coverage
-                 - Available online and in SKINFOOD outlets
-                -  Very affordable
-                 - No break outs
-                 - No caking
-                -  Best for fair skin (#1 light beige)

At break time after my lunch, as I was fixing myself to go onboard again and softly blotting my face with a tissue paper, an officemate just asked if I just washed my face and retouched my make up…well I did touch up my lipstick and eyebrows LOL.  Happy thoughts plus good BB cream sums up into a Nice day!!!

Good night!

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  1. really love your reviews :) we have the same oily skin type so the products that you use help me decide which one to buy haha

  2. Thank you Crystal...have a nice shopping =)

  3. thank you for posting a review about this baby!. i just ordered one and I'm so glad I choose this over other BB cream!. Thank you! But I bought the #2.. still hoping for the best.. :P

  4. waah u surely got fine complexion with the bb cream on, and I totally LOOOOVE the packaging of this good afternoon BB Cream~~~!!! thanks for sharing, and thanks for your comment on my blog too <3 <3

  5. Thanks for the review~~ I'm thinking to get a new bb cream :)

  6. is this better than the peach sake bb cream? i think i am darker now and the peach sake looks a bit too light on me nowadays ~_~ i suppose i'd have to wait a bit before i use these skin food bb creams, even in shade #2 because of that.

  7. Hi Clair I haven't tried the Peach Sake BB cream, yup skinfood's bb creams are pretty light. i love them though coz im really really acidic. (i need a room for adjustment while the bb sets lol).

  8. hi!:) would like to ask which is better? this skinfood good afternoon peach green tea or the tony moly dear me petite cotton bb cream? your reviews helped me to decide which bb cream should i choose since i also have an oily skin :( more reviews to come!:)

  9. Hi Ellenwad. Thanks for droppin by. The tonymoly dear me is suitable for all skin type coz it is pretty light. The skinfood good afternoon peach green tea is formulated for oily skin with green tea extract to prevent your skin from breakin out

  10. i'm thinking of getting this in apple cinnamon but i will be wearing it with nivea spf50 face fluid, which casts a bit of a white cast. i would normally get this in #1 but with sunblock underneath, would that still be ok or should i get the number 2? i don't want to suddenly look like a ghost LOL

  11. Hi melissa, i don't use a separate sunblock under my bb cream... Incase it turns really white, i guess you can top it off with any bronzer. I guess the number 2 is darker but skinfood bb creams are kinda pale.

  12. i actually bought this after i've read your blog about this. I'm happy with this BB cream really. thank you for the great reviews! :))

  13. Hi Karen! Thanks for droppin by always...this line from the Skinfood is really affordable compared to their other bb products yet very satisfying. I'm glad your skin loves it. :)