Monday, November 7, 2011

Skin Food Lychee Essence Mist

Good evening Monday!!!
After a tiring day at the office, here I am again, your simple girl (naks) babbling one of her first shopped Korean hair product, Skin Food Lychee Essence Mist.
I decided to get this one three to four months ago since my hair had been overly exposed to different treatments. I had it a few times rebonded through the years, permed it in between and dyed as well.  So, I definitely need something to maintain it or at least keep it from being rough and dry.
goin to Baguio, bad hair day

shopping, another bad hair day... i need a miracle hehehe
It is a hair essence mist made in rich Lychee extracts to smoothen and moisten damaged hair.  Just shake it well and spray the amount you want into damp hair and you get an instant hair treatment plus the fragrance of sweet lychees while on the go.

Frozen Blossom’s thoughts...
-       Budget wise for only 300 plus.
-       It does not make my hair greasy even if I spray more than what is needed.
-       It felt light on hair.
-       It doesn’t flake me out.
-       Available online (since I am from the province with no big malls)
-       Tempting scent that keeps my hair smell like after shower all through the day.
-       It is very very handy in 100ml bottle spray.
-       It helps but it doesn’t do magic. (I mean it doesn’t change the condition of the hair in an instant, you still need hair conditioners or intensive restoring treatments.)
I always have my bad or should I say worst hair day and just a spray makes my heart at ease. LOL Talking about confidence booster.
Good night!

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