Monday, November 21, 2011

Innisfree Trouble Care BB Cream (SPF27, PA++)

My goodness, Monday will always be my most hated day since the day I entered school and the day I started to work.  I know many will agree with me right?  It will always be an exhausting day (lol)!  Thank you now because we can take pleasure from the thrilling social world.  Honestly, I get relaxed from blog hopping, chatting with friends and online shopping and BLOGGING.

So I’m dropping a review of an online find again – Innisfree Trouble Care BB Cream.

First, Innisfree is a brand that created a wide range of natural and organic product line which includes skincare, body care, hair care and cosmetics which aims to correct problematic skin types.  This brand is currently endorsed by Yoona, member of the popular girl group in Korea, Girls’ Generation.

So let’s get started...

I was immediately drawn to purchase this BB cream because it says trouble care and it contains elements to make skin smooth and clear.

quite thick
creamy but blending is easy
 1. Tea tree oil has been proven to make wonders in the field of skincare as it disinfects the skin and is very effective against bacteria and in treating common acne.  I, having occasional break outs, badly need something like this.
2. Herbal essences hydrate the skin, keeping it moisturized and preventing it from aging.
 3. American Mint refreshes and calms tired and stressed skin making it energized and beautiful.
4.  Vitamin A repairs skin from sun damage.

Frozen Blossoms’ thoughts…


-                 - It has good buildable coverage depending on skin condition.
-                 - Dewy and glowing finish
-                 - Not so thick and creamy texture
-                 - Easy blending
-                 - Scent easily ceases after the bb cream sets
-                 - SPF 27 PA++ for enough protection against hamful UV rays
-                 - 35 ml tube that comes in a pump
-                 - No additional bumps so far
-                -  Ideal for normal to oily acne prone skin


-                - Not so good oil control, it made my face oily but blotting it once in a while will do, In fairness to the BB cream my skin is really really oily (maybe I need to set it with a powder)
       - Php 600.00 - not so affordable

  So that’s it, have a wonderful evening peeps, annyeong!!!


  1. Looks nice on u :) 
    So the oil control is average. I never try innisfree brand before, I'd love to try this one too but guess the shade is way too fair for me 

  2.  Thanks for droppin by sis, this one is really fair especially at initial application.  I actually gave it to my sister in law who is way darker than me and honestly she loved it.  She only puts a little and waits for a few seconds till the bb adjusts to her skin tone. Funny, she bought 2 bottles before leaving the country. =)