Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Etude House Silk Scarf Repair Hair Essence

Good evening,

I have been one of the many girls not blessed with a black silky hair.  But honestly, I never envied those who have (I admire but not a fan) mainly because I am an anime fan and I do a lot of hair styling, curling, perming, rebonding and hair coloring (I get bored easily).  So you see, my hair had been exposed to different chemicals which worsen its dryness aside from the fact that I got a wavy, almost brown hair which I got from my mother’s side, talking about hereditary (not the typical Asian silky hair).

Tonight, I just want to share a short review of Etude House Silky Hair Repair Essence.

It is a concentrated leave on oil complex specially formulated to coat split ends, to bring lustrous shine and to provide long lasting moisture leaving the hair instantly looking healthier, silkier, and smoother.  Its scent is floral which keeps the hair smelling good all through the day.

Frozen Blossoms thoughts…

The essence comes in thick oil, not runny.  I love to apply it after I towel-dry my hair while it is still damp from bathing. I apply what is needed with due concentration to tips and dry areas.  I don’t apply too much on the roots because our scalp produces natural oil and adding an essence will make it limp. 

As had been mentioned above, I had been into a lot of chemicals and my hair has been stressed out too.  This one is like a daily nutrition to bring back its normal bounce and life.  I have been using this for quite some time, more than two weeks I guess, and I can really see the improvement on the texture.  I look healthier actually and not haggard (dry hair can make you look haggard).

I also love to keep my hair smell good always.  The floral sweet scent, which I also find irresistible, makes me confident that even on a hectic day when I get a little bit sweaty at work, my hair is still sweet-scented. Just imagine getting a hug from your love one anytime… that would be so embarrassing if you smell otherwise right? =)

Lastly, the packaging is pretty Etude House’s style, very girly and handy.  You can fit it in your handbag.  It comes in a small-mouthed pump which will control the amount you want to dispense.

The price is pretty decent for only Php378.00 (almost USD 10), available at any Etude House outlets or you can pre-order it online. We got many resellers of Korean products lately.

Overall rating, I love it and I will definitely buy this one again.

Goodnight peeps!!!


  1. super jelly.. have u tried the serum version of this ate? :)

  2. not yet... is it good? have you tried it? =)

  3. I got this item today and I was searching the web for a review and came across your site. I think I did good in buying this based on your review. Thanks!

  4. hello, is this suitable for oily hair? thanks